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   Chapter 21 No.21

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The politician finally walked away and went to another group, while his friends from Ivas decided to glance around. Some Russians eyeballed them carefully. Obviously, not everyone of Artur`s men liked non-Russian guests. But the most of them had nothing against Germans or other people of European descent. Frank, Alf, Wilden, Julia and Michael soon stood in the middle of the crowd, eyeing the venue a little more closely. Some members of the freedom movement were selling T-shirts, flags and CD`s at some stalls.

Somewhere, a group of young people was singing a Russian song and the raspy voice of the singer of the rock band could still be heard in the background. It was a tremendous bustle and more and more new guests still came to the little village. Now Tschistokjow could be recognized between some Russian activists, looking at his German comrades and waving them nearer.

"This is Viktor from Grodno! He is one of my best men!", explained the leader of the Rus.

A young, athletic man who probably was in the mid-twenties, bowed politely and shook their hands. He even winked at Julia and said, "It is nice to meet such a beautiful person today!"

The young woman smiled and immediately blushed. Frank perked his eyebrows up and gave Viktor an angry look.

"Thanks!", breathed Julia and smiled at Viktor.

"I must speak with a few other people. See you soon, my friends!", said Tschistokjow and disappeared again.

Viktor remained. He was talking to Julia, in English. She giggled quietly and seemed to be quite impressed by him.

The rebel from Grodno was undoubtedly handsome, Frank had to admit this, deep inside. His light brown hair easily hung over his steel-blue eyes and his body was tall and thoroughly fit. He looked like an Olympic athlete.

Viktor finally took Julia to the side, and even told her that he wanted to introduce her to some of his friends. A moment later, she had disappeared with him in the crowd.

Frank tried to dissemble his feelings, but this scenario did not please him at all.

"What does this guy want from Julia?", he asked himself, turning his head to look at Alf.

"Come on, let`s walk around a bit", said B?umer, while Frank pulled a face. He tried to discover Julia somewhere in the crowd, but he had lost sight of her.

Shortly afterwards, the rock band left the stage and the people moved together. A man in a gray shirt checked the functioning of the speakers, then Artur Tschistokjow went to the microphone.

He was welcomed with a deafening applause, while dragon head banners and Russia flags were waved. The dissident politician immediately started to speak, in front of over 7000 men and women.

Tschistokjow was not nervous, to the contrary, he beheld the cheering crowd and was sure that his s

truggle had not been in vain. This event was only a small victory, but a first one, as he thought.

Meanwhile, Frank, Alf and Wilden stood in the first rank, looking up to the leader of the Rus, who delivered his speech with passion.

"You must translate it!", said Kohlhaas to the village boss.

"Yes, no problem", returned Wilden.

Now, Tschistokjow spoke with a powerful voice and a loud murmur went through the audience. He introduced himself to the many new supporters of his organization, thanked them for coming and evoked the unity and strength of the Rus.

Then he promised his followers that the Belarusian revolution would come in the near future, and that the traitors in Minsk would soon lose their power - as Wilden translated. The crowd was clapping.

"He is profoundly persuasive...", remarked Kohlhaas and the village boss looked enthusiastically at the stage.

"He is a brilliant speaker! I love listening to him", said the former businessman, gazing in abstraction at the Russian.

Tschistokjow attacked the Medschenko government with bitter words and explained his audience its crimes against land and people. He furthermore promised that the old Belarus would be born again one day, what his supporters liked to hear.

"This is our land! We don`t want any foreign troops here!", Frank could understand. Again, a thunderous applause surged across the large meadow.

The leader of the Rus became more and more enraged now, and electrified the crowd like a true propagandist. Men and women were hanging on Tschistokjow`s every word and were cheering still louder.

After an hour, the speech was suddenly interrupted by a loud rotor noise. Three police helicopters were circling above their heads and the crowd was shaken by nervousness like a herd of animals. Some guardsmen pointed their guns at the sky and threatened the helicopters which were apparently filming the participants of the event and the parked cars. Tschistokjow vigorously called his followers to order, and asked them to ignore the provocation.

Frank ducked and pushed his black cap even deeper into his face, then he put on his sunglasses. Hundreds of people around him also began to mum.

"Oh, great. I was already wondering that no cops have noticed all this yet. Such a big event, it is impossible to keep it a secret", whispered Kohlhaas.

"The Belarusian cops won`t dare to attack a crowd like this, Frank. Not here in this rural area. They just film us...", muttered B?umer, hiding his face behind a black scarf.

"It is enough if they just collect new informations by filming the people and the license plates of our cars. I`m afraid that some guys here will be visited in the next days and weeks."

"Our license plates are just fakes...", said B?umer.

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