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   Chapter 20 No.20

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"We will see...", she muttered. "My father says, it will be an impressive day."

"He always says that...", replied Frank, clapping on Wilden`s shoulder.

"You will love it! Artur has mobilized a lot of people!", said the village boss and started to whistle silently.

His daughter just grinned. Meanwhile, Frank gaped at her, preoccupied in thoughts, admiring her long, slender legs, quickly looking out the window again, when the young woman started to smile at him.

"You seem to like it, don`t you, Franky?", she joked and opened her blue eyes.

"Uh, yes, yes! I am already looking forward to the...rally...", he stammered awkwardly.

"I hope, that we won`t have as big troubles as in Nowopolozk!", moaned B?umer and closed his eyes to doze for a while.

"No, that`s just unrealistic. This is a quite rural area, far away from any bigger cities. I don`t think that the cops will harass us there", said the village boss confidently.

"Nevertheless, I have a queasy feeling about it", remarked Julia and Frank had the want to hug her for a short moment. But he checked himself and behaved.

"We will protect you, so don`t worry!", he said then.

She just nodded and looked quietly out the window. Frank was bemused and stared at her narrow, red lips which trembled slightly as the car jolted over a badly paved road. Her profile was glorious, thought Kohlhaas, like a statue from ancient Greece, with an aristocratic, long face, a pointed chin and a well-shaped nose. Julia looked like the prototype of a nordic goddess.

"Hmmm...", hummed Frank, beholding her with mouth agape. Suddenly, Julia turned to him.

"What`s up?", she asked.

"What? Nothing! I just pondered...about the rally. Let`s see how many comrades will...uh...come. Important is that... it is important that all men come...", explained the young man nervously.

"Yes!", was her short answer. Wilden`s daughter made her lips to a thin, red line and still looked out the window, ignoring Frank. Her father started to whistle again and lectured at this time, for once, not about world politics. But today, he had still a lot of opportunities to talk about his favorite topic.

The trip to Schtewatj lasted almost seven hours. Sometimes the car drove over ruined streets full of weed, which was sprouting between the large cracks and holes in the asphalt. They drove past Minsk and finally reached an abandoned rural region. Here, the roads were nothing but muddy, long paths. Eventually, they came to a small village.

Anyway, Frank had somehow e

njoyed the trip. He had never been in Julia`s proximity that long and had tried to use the opportunity for longer conversations with her. He had often talked about politics. Thorsten Wilden, Alfred and Michael Ziegler had talked about nothing else too, but the young woman had soon had enough from their revolutionary plans and had tried to find a more interesting topic – without success.

Sometimes Alf had briefly turned around, grinning ambiguously at his friend. But this trip was not the right occasion to flirt with Julia, especially since her father was the driver of the car. However, Wilden had only one thing on his mind, as always - politics!

The village streets were over and over clogged with people. Hundreds, even thousands of visitors had gathered here, and the fields around the village were full of cars.

"My goodness, what a crowd!", called Wilden and drove the car slowly through a group of friendly smiling men.

"The show starts in one hour...", said Alfred eagerly.

The large number of people almost looked like a small army, and Frank rapturously stared at the growing mass around him. Soon after, they parked the car next to a field road and walked to the venue, a large meadow with a big stage. A rock band played here and some Russian youths were dancing pogo and yelling loudly. At some distance, they could see a group of Tschistokjow`s guardsmen who wore gray shirts and black trousers. Apparently the new dress code had already gained acceptance. A few of the uniformed men had rifles and watched out for suspicious people who joined the crowd in front of them.

Wilden called Tschistokjow on his cellphone and the tall, blond man came to them after a few minutes. He happily welcomed the Germans and shook their hands with a broad smile.

"That`s great, isn`t it?", said the Russian proudly.

Wilden was more than impressed. "Yes, this is amazing, Artur!"

"Amazing?", Tschistokjow was puzzled and seemed to think about the meaning of the word.

"This is just great!", explained Frank, still smiling.

"Ah, yes! This is the biggest meeting of our freedom movement that ever was!"

"How many people have come here today?", asked the village boss.

"I think 7000 people, perhaps even more...", replied the Russian.

"Gosh!", exclaimed B?umer enthusiastically.

Artur looked at him quizzically. "What does this mean again?"

"This is great!", translated Frank with a grin.

"Ha, ha! Yes! Very great, my friends! Today is a big day for our organization", said the blond man.

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