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   Chapter 19 No.19

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Meanwhile, Artur Tschistokjow had planned a major event in the northwest of Belarus. He had chosen a barely inhabited village near Maladziekna and hoped that the police would not bother them too much. Wilden was excited and tried once more to convince the other villagers to come with him to the meeting. Most of the young men from Ivas, and even their families, were eager to follow him. They had great expectations, because Tschistokjow had promised them an unforgettable day.

Frank and Alfred were still unsure, whether they should attend the meeting. Meanwhile, Wilden`s permanent planning, arranging, conspiring and his open cooperation with Artur Tschistokjow and his men, worried them more and more.

"If the Russians constantly go in and out here, then I`m curious, when the first GSA agents will visit us", said Frank and B?umer nodded.

"Wilden only talks about Artur and the coming revolution. If the cops get wind of it, we can ask Matsumoto for asylum one day. Maybe the authorities already know about our sweet little village..."

"If this ever happens, we should hope that we have a revolution tomorrow, even here in Lithuania. Otherwise it could become very uncomfortable", grumbled Kohlhaas.

The two men went into the living room of their shabby house and sat down on the old, tattered couch. Alf booted up his laptop and examined the website of the Freedom Movement of the Rus. Then they watched their latest videos. Some Russian activists had filmed the demonstration in Nowopolozk and had made something like an own video review. The video had already over 200000 hits.

"Anyway, they are pretty active!", mumbled B?umer with a touch of respect.

"Look at this! They spray slogans on some walls!", Frank pointed at the bottom of the screen.

Another video showed a group of graffiti sprayers in a foggy night in Minsk. A masked man waved his hand before the camera.

"Artur Tschistokjow gives you work and freedom!", translated Alf quietly.

Other videos were about members of the organization with black hoods, distributing leaflets in an estate of prefabricated houses.

Frank grinned. "For some of these guys, it probably seems to be some kind of adventure!"

"But a damn dangerous adventure!", returned Alf.

"They are daring, these Russians. I somehow like it", said Frank.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. The two men startled and ran into the hallway. It was Wilden. Frank rolled his eyes.

The village boss told them with great enthusiasm about the preparations for the next event. Sven and about 20 other young men from I

vas had driven to Minsk to support the Rus again. They wanted to stay there for another week, said Wilden, and was proud of the young activists.

"Yes, yes! We will come with you, Thorsten. Please no more lectures...", interrupted him Frank and smiled at the older man.

"I knew it! Distributing leaflets and spraying on walls is just below your level, I know this. But this is also a part of the political struggle", said the former businessman and tried to flatter Frank and Alf.

"We can`t be constantly at war - like in Japan. And I`m damn happy about it", answered Kohlhaas soberly.

"If there would ever be one here, I`d know where my best soldiers are! You are the elite of my men!"

"Yes, Thorsten. You say it three times a day", grumbled B?umer, perking his eyebrows up.

"I just wanted to annotate..."

"Okay! We will still watch this freedom movement for a while. If we decide to join Artur`s organization one day, we will do our best. You know that!", remarked Frank.

"Sure!", answered Wilden impatiently. "So you will come with me to the rally?"

"Hell! Yes!", groaned the two.

The leader of Ivas nodded and turned on his heel. Then he went to the front door, opened it and left the house.

"It will be a great thing! Believe me!", they heard Wilden shout from the street.

"He is the world`s biggest gadfly!", moaned Frank.

Great Speeches and New Problems

It was a cold morning and light drizzle came from the sky in thin threads. Frank and Alfred reached the village center, where they were already expected by dozens of men and women. Wilden hastened to welcome them. He grinned broadly and waved them nearer. Julia followed him.

"We`re ready! You can drive with me!", he said and shook the hands of the two men who still looked bleary.

Now the other villagers went to their cars too. The group of young men from Ivas, which was led by Sven, had already left the village to met Artur Tschistokjow and his comrades.

"I`m really curious about all this!", whispered Frank, following the village boss to his car. Alf yawned and said that he wanted to have a nap during the trip to Schtewatj.

"At least, Julia is here!", thought Frank and looked at the blonde woman, who also did not seem to be well rested.

Michael Ziegler, a shy young man, who had shirked the military mission in Japan, drove with them. Frank sat behind Wilden, together with Julia on the backseat. Finally, they started their trip to Schtewatj, where they expected a great event.

"Are you happy to come with us, Julia?", asked Kohlhaas the pretty blonde.

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