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   Chapter 18 No.18

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"An angry crowd is helpless without a man who leads it. It is never able organize itself on its own. Furthermore, it can not be convinced by arguing, because crowds are always driven by instincts and emotions. This is the first rule of every revolution!

Moreover, the crowd is not able to think objectively. It thinks only in categories of "good" or "evil", "black" or "white" – and so on. Our propaganda must consider this, if it wants to be successful. Artur Tschistokjow is always right and good, the World Government is always evil and wrong. This is the first rule of propaganda!

A true revolutionary movement does not want to change a wrong system, because it can not be changed. It always wants to destroy and replace it! We shall never make compromises and we shall never tolerate the wrong faith! Our faith is the only true faith! Our truth is the only truth! Therefore, the first principle of a revolutionary movement is: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me!"

Without considering these maxims, we will fail. They have always been valid and will always be vaild!", lectured Wilden.

Tschistokjow tried to follow these rules and especially among the young men he found more and more supporters, who joined his organization.

The harvest had begun in Ivas and the young men and women had worked for days on the fields around the village, in order to take as many fruits from the soil as they could for the winter. Today the were working on the farm of the Westermanns, who cultivated potatoes.

"Do you really think that Artur Tschistokjow will ever be successful?", asked Frank, panting and digging out a thick tuber.

"Well, he just impresses me. He can talk to the people like a real leader. I would say, he is a born leader!", said Sven and wiped the sweat off his disfigured face.

"Yes, the demonstration has been impressive, but it is nothing but a little stitch for the system", answered Kohlhaas soberly.

"I have already been on the road with the other activists, several times, and we have distributed leaflets and so on. Artur has really grown in popularity, even if the media constantly slander and berate him as a madman or even terrorist", replied the blond man who obviously enjoyed it, to be a part of Tschistokjow`s movement.

"Don`t chat about politics – work!", said Julia Wilden with a charming smile behind them.

"Yes, Hasi! We work hard since hours!", returned Frank and winked at her.

Sven cleared his throat and looked with his remaining eye at him, then he continued: "When I was in Minsk with the others, we ha

ve met some activists from St. Petersburg. In Western Russia are already a few cells of Tschistokjow`s organization – as they have told us. Believe me, this man spins his threads everywhere and he has a lot of underground contacts to Russia and the Ukraine. He is a genius!"

"I think he is very clever and also courageous, but a rebellion always needs a bang. If you know what I mean?"

"No!", answered Sven.

"It must go a jolt through the masses. An event that makes them very upset and awakes them. One thing, that brings the anger to overflow - a new tax hike or something like this..."

"But millions of people are already very poor. They have hardly a Globe in their pockets anymore. Two months ago, I have been with the others in Minsk. The city is rotting! Thousands of beggars fill the streets. Many people are hungry and find no more jobs...", elucidated Sven puzzledly.

"Yes, but they have not the courage to stand up, because they think that they can`t achieve anything alone. And some of them still have enough money to live and they would never take a risk which could ruin their life.

Believe me, every rebellion needs a ignition spark. Probably, the time has not come yet", said Kohlhaas.

Sven murmured: "Maybe you`re right. But until then, we must preach Artur`s ideology to the people. We must give them a new hope - and this hope is called Artur Tschistokjow!"

"Well said, my friend. He also seems to be your hope", joked Frank, eyeing a rotten potato.

"Yes, he is!", returned the blond man

"How do you do, beside that? What`s about your depressions? Can you handle them?", Frank suddenly asked and his words pierced into Sven`s tender spot.

The young man hesitated for some seconds and twisted his mouth. He looked, as if someone had simply removed half of his facial skin. His remaining eye turned to Frank and stared at him.

"Well, just look at me, then you got the answer. I am crippled, but I try to accept it. I have not fought in Japan, where they have smashed my ass, to give up the fight now, Frank. Apart from this, I have nothing to lose!", opined Sven with a sad face.

"All of us are nothing but outlaws! Some of us have visible wounds, others have crippled souls – like me. You will overcome your pain, and I will overcome it too. Just visit us in the next days and we`ll have a booze. That`s a good idea, isn`t it?"

"This is always a good idea!", replied Sven, smiling.

Frank clapped the young man on the back and carried a sack of potatoes into the storage room behind the house of the Westermanns.

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