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   Chapter 17 No.17

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"John is certainly less enthusiastic, because of his destroyed windshield", muttered Kohlhaas. "And his car has some bullet holes too."

"Oh, the windshield! So what?", laughted Wilden. "This is kid stuff. He can repair it..."

"Thank God that he has previously exchanged the license plates. The car has surely been filmed somewhere", added Frank and switched on the television.

"Don`t you think, that they can track our way back to Ivas, Thorsten?", worried B?umer.

"No, they won`t find us. Keep your head, Alf!", answered Wilden and continued drinking.

As expected, the rally in Nowopolozk was the main topic

In the evening news. The Belarusian television showed some pictures of masked protesters and also the short gunfight with the police, while the journalists screamed bloody murder.

Even sub-governor Medschenko expressed his sorrows and pointed out that the authorities would now proceed more decisively against Artur Tschistokjow and his organization.

Finally, the excited reporter went to the police chief of Nowopolozk and demanded an explanation from him, because of the deficient preparation of his men on the illegal demonstration. The man just stuttered something in front of the camera and gave the impression, as if his days as police chief of the industrial city were already numbered.

At last, television showed a reward poster of

Artur Tschistokjow and asked the people for informations, where he could be. Frank and the others could not resist a sardonic grin. This time, apart from the fact that they had taken a lot of risks, they had beaten the powerful in the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic".

While the media proudly spoke of a "series of arrests", the rebels hoped that all this had been factored in by Tschistokjow, and that the detainees would not tell the police any important things.

But they were wrong. The Belarusian police treated the prisoners with sheer brutality and forced their unfortunate victims to give them a lot of new informations about the Freedom Movement of the Rus. Furthermore, the local officers were supported by foreign GSA agents who were mostly successful with their ruthless methods of interrogation. Some of the men they had caught, were never seen again.

Soon, the authorities knew that Tschistokjow was living in Vitebsk and scoured the city for him to the last corner. But only Peter Ulljewski and a very small number of Artur`s closest friends knew, where the dissident hid. Nevertheless, he moved to Pinsk, for safety reasons, where a discreet sympathizer of his organization had rented an apartment for him outside the city center.

In the next weeks, the young politician came several times to Ivas to work on his illegal Internet sites with HOK`s assistance. Wilden and he "conspired around" and organized one publicity campaign after another, while the young men from Ivas were sent out to Belarus to distribute leaflets. Meanwhile, the underground newspaper of the freedom movement had almost tripled its circulation. And it was the same wit

h the number of supporters of the organization. The intelligently constructed "cell system", whereby each local group received only limited informations, had safed the organization from major damage yet, although the police was arresting new suspects almost every day.

Meanwhile, Frank and Alfred tried to stay away from any political agitation, leaving it to Wilden and the young people who were eager for new activities after the thrilling rally in Nowopolozk. The village boss really flourished in these days, and soon felt like a true commander. His organizational genius and his comprehensive knowledge helped Tschistokjow in many situations and when the month of August came to an end, the Freedom Movement of the Rus had become a much more "punchy" organization.

Moreover, Tschistokjow`s men had infiltrated a number of industrial complexes to prepare strikes and to raise the workers against the government.

The group of armed guardsmen for special events and rallies had been restructured and was much better organized now. Even more weapons had been stockpiled for the future.

In addition, the propaganda machine was running at full speed and Wilden was pumping a lot of money into it. A small "secret service" had lastly been established by Tschistokjow and him which kept an eye on suspicious and not trusty members.

Wilden, however, was some kind of "PR manager" and reformed the whole propaganda concept of the movement, changing the content of leaflets, newspapers and flyers in a way, that even the mass of the people could understand everything.

"Effective propaganda explains a difficult topic with a few words!", said the village boss.

Besides, he and Artur Tschistokjow wrote a varied program with clear claims and political goals for rebuilding the country and overcoming the social crisis, which had driven countless Belarusians into poverty. Matsumoto`s policy partly served them as a model.

Moreover, the village boss told his Belarusian friend that the supporters of the freedom movement would need some kind of uniform to give them a recognizable look at demonstrations and rallies. Finally, they chose gray shirts and black trousers.

The symbol of the organization, the black dragon`s head on a white background, was designed much more eye-catching and Wilden even changed the flag of the Rus by adding two red stripes at the top and bottom of it.

In the meantime, Artur Tschistokjow had written an open letter that was sent to all police stations in the country, in which he apologized for the riot in Nowopolozk, stressing that his movement would see "a brother in every honest Russian policeman".

On the new leaflets was basically a photo of him and he was introduced to the readers as the coming "liberator of Belarus" - or even as "last hope for the people."

It had been Wilden`s idea to build up some kind of "leader cult" around Tschistokjow, because the mass of the people did not identify with abstract political programs, but with a single person who represented them.

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