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   Chapter 16 No.16

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"What`s up now?", shouted Frank, while Wilden grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"Artur has just said that the rally is over! All shall go home now!", translated by the village boss. "And he has asked the police, to allow his men to leave the city in peace..."

Suddenly, a police officer shouted a response into his megaphone. Artur Tschistokjow answered him in the same way. Meanwhile, Frank tried to look at the front rows and was bouncing nervously up and down.

Finally, the crowd moved on and reached the police cordon. A police chief shouted some warnings at the protesters, while more and more of his colleagues appeared in the side streets.

"They should let us go. Otherwise, some people will die today!", muttered B?umer.

Frank told his comrades from Ivas to prepare for a possible confrontation. Wilden had already become pale. His trip to Nowopolozk seemed not to be that funny as he had thought at first. A group of young Russians roared something at the police, then the situation got out of control. Weapons were drawn and Artur Tschistokjow gave his guardsmen the order to attack the policemen, because they still tried to block the way of the demonstrators.

Some shots could be heard and the crowd ran forward with a loud scream. Frank and the others could hardly stay on top of things in the outbreaking chaos. Screams resounded around them and the outnumbered policemen started to flee. Some of them still fired a few shots at the demonstrators, but finally they withdrew.

Over 4000 people rushed forward now, completely disorganized and some of them ran into the side streets as fast as possible to get away. The rebels from Ivas struggled through the crowd and tried to identify Tschistokjow somewhere in the excited mass, while Frank heard several shots in the distance.

"Let`s get away from here, run to the cars!", shouted Wilden nervously and hurried past a group of Russians.

Frank and the others turned into a side street and took their weapons. There was nobody. Apparently, the policemen had fled and were waiting for reinforcements. The Russian rebel leader had already disappeared in the crowd and had probably taken a different escape route.

Soon after, Frank, Alf and the rest reached their cars and drove away with roaring engines. Behind them, they saw a group of protesters, also jumping into their vehicles.

"Damn! These motherfuckers are waiting for us!"

B?umer pointed at some policemen who were standing on the street, excitedly waving their hands.

"Stop! Stop!", they yelled, while John Thorphy stepped on the gas.

"Drive on!", shouted Frank at the Irishman, who raced towards the officers with screeching tires.

Wilden tried to keep his head down and was gripped by sheer panic. Meanwhile, Kohlhaas had rolled down th

e window and fired several shots at the cops. One of them collapsed with a loud scream. Then the enraged officers fired back, while the shabby car came nearer and nearer.

"Down!", shouted the Irishman and two bullets hit the windshield above their heads and shards of glass rained down on them.

But the car did not stop and was still dashing straightforward. Suddenly the police officers jumped to the side with a loud cry. Some bullets banged against the rear of the vehicle, while it shot across an intersection at full speed.

"Shit! We must get out of this damn city now!", grumbled Frank and wiped off some small flinders from his pants.

Wilden fumbled on his DC-Stick with sweaty fingers, while John Thorphy hit the gas and drove at breakneck speed across a wide main street, ignoring several red lights.

"Now right, and then there must be a feeder road out of Nowopolozk!", groaned the former entrepreneur, whose nerves were raw.

They finally reached the feeder road, left the city and drove away as fast as they could. After they had left Nowopolozk behind themselves, the came to a larger freeway. Roadblocks had not been set up by the police yet, because the most cops were still in the inner city.

"Give it to me!", said Frank and grabbed B?umer`s machine gun. He loaded it, while a cold wind whistled through the broken windshield.

"If the cops try to block the road somewhere, I will give them some little gifts – some bullets!", muttered Frank, staring at the street.

But nothing happened anymore, on that day. Outside of Nowopolozk, the underpaid local police officers had just been overwhelmed by the whole situation. They had not had enough time to block any streets or to roll back the protesters.

As Frank later learned, about 200 demonstrators, who had not left the city center in time, had been arrested. Three police officers and about a dozen protesters had been wounded or even killed after the rally. All in all, the demonstration had been a success, and the reinforcements had finally come almost two hours too late. Furthermore, Artur Tschistokjow and the other rebels from Ivas had escaped the police. The leader of the Rus had disappeared in the chaos and some of his supporters brought him out of Nowopolozk a few days later by night.

"Ha! That was brilliant!", said Wilden and enjoyed a sip of vodka.

"Well, I don`t know. Artur`s demonstration of power has been successful in any case, I have to admit", returned Frank and looked thoughtfully at the village boss. "Nevertheless, five protesters have been shot by the cops!"

"Nobody has dared to do something like this in the last years. No doubt, it was a great thing. I`m curious what the news will show us", said Wilden proudly and seemed to feel like a young revolutionary again.

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