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   Chapter 15 No.15

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Tschistokjow walked through the crowd again and shouted some instructions at his followers. Frank could recognize Peter Ulljewski between some young men and saluted him from afar. The sturdy Russian smiled, pointed at the pistol on his belt and appeared belligerent. Meanwhile, more and more people came from all sides and Tschistokjow started to convoke the clusters of people, standing around, to from a long line.

"I just hope that we come out of this city again, and everything runs smooth", said Frank, looking nervously at Wilden.

His green eyes carefully probed the vicinity, but it really seemed that no further police forces would arrive at Nowopolozk today.

"I think that Artur has planned this rally cannily. The Rus have posted scouts at the major access streets to the city. They will warn us, if more cops come from outside. He has at least explained it to me this way", answered Wilden.

Apparently, he was that impressed by the young Russian, that he totally gave him credit for the perfect planning of an illegal demonstration.

The rally started. A command was yelled and hundreds of men and women started moving forward. The rebels from Ivas remained at the end of the long line of protesters, marching through the streets of Nowopolozk. Alongside them were some tall Russians with guns, Tschistokjow`s new guardsmen. The leader of the Rus intended to lead his followers from the city center to a densely populated estate of prefabricated houses, about two kilometers away. There he wanted to deliver his speech.

The demonstrators walked slowly through the streets, waving a lot of Russia and dragon head flags which were officially banned by the Medschenko regime. Someone shouted slogans into a megaphone. Meanwhile, the dragon head had become the symbol of the freedom movement.

It had been designed by Artur Tschistokjow himself. A white flag with a black dragon`s head to commemorate the founders of Russia, the Varangians or Rus. The symbol was referring to the dragon heads of their Viking long boats.

The marching crowd repeated the slogans with a furious screaming. It was so loud, that Frank`s ears hurt after a while.

"What are they yelling?", he wanted to know from Wilden now.

"Freedom for Belarus! Down with Medschenko!", explained the former businessman and smiled at him.

"Okay!", muttered Kohlhaas and looked around. Finally, the men from Ivas joined the shouting and repeated the Russian slogans in a strange gibberish.

Shortly afterwards, they marched through a rundown shopping center and some citizens hailed them. More and more people came out of their houses and applauded loudly. They laughed and shouted something in Russian. Frank could only understand "Artur Tschistokjow".

A little later, they turned into another street and marched towards a gray estate of prefabricated houses. Frank saw the outlines of shabby, huge apartment blocks ab

ove the heads of the screaming protesters from a distance.

"God bless Ivas! This quarter is more than ugly", he said to Alf.

"What?", asked B?umer who could hardly understand his own word.

"Ivas is much more beautiful than this ghetto!", shouted Kohlhaas in his ear.

"Yes, you`re right!", answered his sturdy friend, looking around in disgust.

Then the demonstrators stopped yelling, while many people opened their windows and screamed something for their part. Some of them even hung out the Belarusian flag or joined the mass. The long worm of men and women had finally reached the second rallying point.

Ugly apartment blocks surrounded them now. The mass formed a giant circle, while Artur Tschistokjow gave some instructions. Frank, Alfred and Wilden made their way through the crowd and walked to the front ranks. The leader of the freedom movement took a bullhorn and started his speech with a booming voice.

"What did he say?", asked Frank the village boss again.

"He has introduced himself to the people as the coming liberator of their country", said the gray-haired man.

"That`s what I call pride...", muttered Kohlhaas.

"What did you say, Frank?"

"Nothing, it`s all right!"

"He promises the people to give them work!", thought Kohlhaas. "This must sound like music in the ears of these poor guys."

Tschistokjow`s voice surged like a hurricane through the streets and he passionately gestured with his hands, while his supporters cheered and applauded as loud as they could. Now dozens of people streamed out of their dilapidated apartment blocks and joined the crowd. The impassioned speech of the young politician lasted half an hour and finally ended with a thunderous applause.

Meanwhile, about hundred policemen had gathered at the end of the street. They behaved guardedly and Artur asked them to make the way free for the return march. Some of the Russians threatened them with pistols and rifles, but the officers just stepped aside and allowed the demonstrators to pass.

?He has said one hour! Now, it`s a quarter past four, Tschistokjow shall end this rally immediately!", nagged B?umer.

"Just wait and stay cool! He will end it in the next minutes", said Wilden annoyedly.

The procession of protesters marched slowly back towards the city center and their chants echoed from the dirty walls of the apartment blocks around them.

"Look! The number of cops increases", said Frank and felt his inner tension rise.

As the crowd reached a square with a big fountain in its middle, a murmur went through the ranks of the demonstrators and the long human worm suddenly stopped.

A group of policemen had surrounded the area around the square and further officers were waiting in some side streets. Slowly it became uncomfortable. Artur Tschistokjow yelled something from the front of the procession and his followers became increasingly restless.

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