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   Chapter 14 No.14

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5487

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"She is right, dad!", said Julia.

Her father looked at her insultedly, pushing his thin lower lip upward. For several seconds he hesitated and was silent.

"I fed up with your crazy ideas too, Thorsten!", hissed his wife Agatha in the background

"Well, I will go to the rally! Who is courageous enough to march through the streets of Nowopolozk for just one hour, might contact me. The others can pull up weeds in their gardens or scavenge the street in front of her houses! What has become of you? A horde of little Babbitts?"

Wilden left the barn, loudly cursing and ranting. The meeting was over.

But the former businessman was as stubborn as his new Russian friend, and it lasted only a few days until he started a new campaign to convince his fellows to come with him to the rally.

Again and again, the older man talked insistenly to the young men of Ivas and did not even stop in front of Frank and Alfred. He stressed the importance of a resistance on the spot, and advertised the Freedom Movement of the Rus as good as he could. Three long weeks, he laid siege to Frank and Alfred and finally he succeeded. The two men promised to accompany him to the demonstration in Nowopolozk. Annoyed and tired of the eternal arguing, they agreed and gave up. And now, still more young men followed the village boss to Artur`s rally. He had enforced his will with ruthless tenacity.

Rally in Nowopolozk

Artur Tschistokjow had expected about 1000 people, to come to his first public demonstration, and his men had drummed up business for the event for weeks. Already in the early afternoon of 26.07.2033, hundreds of mainly young people had come to Nowopolozk, in order to protest. Until the beginning of the event at 15.00 o`clock, finally over 4000 supporters and sympathizers joined the crowd.

Three days before the rally, the local authorities had received a message and had called together all available policemen in the inner city of Nowopolozk. When they saw how many men and women had come out of the trains, and what great number of people was still coming by car, they nervously called for back-up from Vilnius, Minsk and the other cities. It should become an eventful day.

Frank, Alf, Wilden and John, the Irishman, arrived at Nowopolozk at 14.00 o`clock. Three further cars from Ivas followed them, coming via other access roads to the city, so that they did not form a too long and conspicuous motorcade. The trip to Nowopolozk was uneventful and when they finally reached the city, they could already see a big crowd of people with flags and large banners from a distance.

The policemen, who had taken up position in some side streets, did not dare not intervene so far, to avoid an early escalation. Jo

hn Thorphy parked his car near the meeting point and Frank and the others walked fastly in the direction of the protesters. Then Artur Tschistokjow recognized them, waved them nearer and shook their hands with a broad smile.

"Welcome, my friends!", he said. "I am delighted that you are here. Come still more of you from Ivas?"

"Some more are on their way...", answered Wilden briefly and started to grin.

"You have said, however, about 1000 people would come today. But there are many more!", said Frank, looking impressedly at the Russian rebel and the crowd behind him.

"I did not think that so many people would come to Nowopolozk. And many more from my group will still come!", returned Tschistokjow proudly.

"Don`t be too enthusiastic, buddy! The number of cops around us seems to increase...", muttered Alf quietly.

"The whole thing will end at 16:00 o`clock. Until then, hopefully, there will be just these few cops in the side streets. And they won`t do something!", reassured them the village boss.

Frank remained silent for some minutes and watched the men and women, who had gathered here today. He had never participated in a demonstration and it was, although the young man had had a lot of excitement in the last years, a great feeling to be part of a protesting crowd like this. Kohlhaas looked forward to shout out his rage about the World Government, despite a subliminal sense of worry, that some legions of heavily armed policemen would suddenly pounce on them. Even if he had to shout in Russian, he would shout – at the top of his lungs.

"It`s better to mum!", advised Wilden. "The cops are making photos of us and will evaluate them afterwards. If they can`t hold us back today, they will try to identify and catch us after all this."

Frank, Alf and the others masked themselves with black scarves and put on sunglasses. Furthermore, they wore baseball caps or even balaclavas. Wilden was right, the rally would be filmed and photographed by the security forces, lurking in the side streets around them. Most of the others had already masked themselves too, as Frank recognized. There was no other chance for the protesters.

Who was clearly identified by the police as a participant of an illegal demonstration, could expect some really big problems in the near future. However, Artur Tschistokjow did not mask himself at all. His face was already well known, and he had moreover planned to deliver a short speech today. Apart from that, he even wanted to be seen. This rally was supposed to make him and his organization famous.

"Have you seen any camera crews or reporters?", asked Kohlhaas the village boss.

"Not yet! But they media won`t ignore this. Wait and see, my friend!"

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