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   Chapter 13 No.13

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After two hours, Frank and Alfred went home, shaking their heads and leaving Tschistokjow alone with the village boss and the others. They just had enough of the crazy ideas of the Russian and promised each other to stay away from all this – in any case!

"Do not think that the cops let Artur and his men just walk through the city. He is nuts!", said Kohlhaas on the way home.

"Yes, certainly this city in northern Belarus is no fortress of state authority, but I don`t believe that we can make our enemies look like fools that easy. It all will end in riots, with deads and casualties. I don`t want to waste my health for such a nonsense", answered Alf and rubbed his dark beard, still brooding.

"Sure! But it seems, that Artur wants to attract attention at any cost. He doesn`t care about his own life and even of the lifes of his men. Well, I should not say something. I have been not much different from him – some time ago. He is a real freak", remarked Kohlhaas.

"Of that there is no doubt. This Russian is a true fanatic. Just like you, Frank!", returned Alf and trudged towards the house.

"If you say so, dude! Anyhow, we will stay away from Artur`s death rally, okay?"

"I don`t intend to participate in it. Tschistokjow`s freedom movement is still far too weak for such a provocative show of force."

The two men went into the house and talked till the evening. Kohlhaas was once more excited because of Wilden`s carelessness and Alf had to prove him right. But the village boss had already planned another surprise for them.

Two days later, Wilden convened a meeting of all the villagers in a big old barn. Some men and women were still angry, because of his behaviour, and boycotted Wilden`s showmanship by staying at home. Finally he had announced, that all young men had to go to the rally in Nowopolozk. Furthermore, he had already made an agreement with Tschistokjow, as he gruffly explained, and demanded that everybody should follow his orders without asking. Shortly afterwards, a minor riot broke out among the villagers.

"Who do you think you are, Mr. Wilden? You have just brought strangers to Ivas, what has been more than careless!", screamed an elderly woman through the barn.

"She is right! Suddely some unfamiliar faces walked around here, and no one of us knew who these guys were. Have you lost your mind?", added a bearded man.

John Thorphy, the Irishman, was fuming with rage and stood shortly b

efore going for Wilden`s throat: "You have said, no one shall know anything about Ivas. And now - this shit!"

Frank and Alfred nodded, mumbling to themselves and whispering to the other villagers. The leader and founder of the community of Ivas was now confronted with the discontent of his fellows and became more and more uncertain. He had not expected so much anger.

"First, you send my son to that damn war in Japan, and now you let these Russians into our village", he heard a stout woman shouting from the side.

"I have not sent your son to the front! He has volunteered, Mrs. Müller!", he barked back angrily.

"Yes! You have, Wilden!"

"Quiet, everybody! You can trust me. Have I ever deliberately endangered you? Artur Tschistokjow is an outstanding man and it is furthermore time, that we start to fight here! We can`t enjoy our hermit lifes forever!", hissed the village boss.

His daughter, standing next to Frank, shook her head: "My father is nuts, no question!"

"This rally is just crazy. What if some of us are arrested by the police or even shot down? Shall we risk our lives for a ridiculous demonstration in a dilapidated Belarusian city?", shouted one of the villagers.

"I don`t think that it will be that dangerous. Our Russian friends have professionally planned this rally and after one hour the whole thing will be over, got it? Apart from that, the police presence in Nowopolozk won`t be strong."

"Really? How can you know all this, Thorsten?", complained B?umer.

"This is no armed assault on a government building, but just a little demonstration which will attract some attention. Now calm down!", grumbled the village boss and stroked through his gray hair.

"Anyhow, you haven`t asked us, if we want this. And if we want a cooperation with that Tschistokjow at all!", said Steffen de Vries, the Belgian.

"Wait a minute! I bought this rotten, formerly deserted village and built it up! Do not forget that! Without me, there wouldn`t be a hiding place for all of you!", yelled Wilden in anger.

"Let`s see how long this hiding place will still be safe", said his daugther and looked in Frank`s direction.

"But you have not bought us!", growled Frank. "A leader is only proper in his position, when he shows responsibility for those who are led by him. But you have ignored that rule!"

"Apart from that, you can not force us to follow you to Nowopolozk!", said a woman, waving her hands.

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