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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Wilden gasped and apparently felt a bit ashamed. His Russian guests were silent and looked around in embarrassment.

"Well, then we want to make plans for political work", muttered Tschistokjow. "If you help us, I am very happy!"

"All right! We go to my office to talk about some things", grumbled the village boss and waved the rest nearer.

They went upstairs and sat down in Wilden's study. Frank immediately began to ask the rebel leader from Vitebsk further questions. Finally, they deliberated till the early morning hours. Then the guests went back home.

Frank Kohlhaas could hardly sleep for the rest of the night. Questions and concerns still bored deep inside his mind. Wilden had acted more than imprudent and had endangered the entire community of Ivas. But a spoken out secret could not be catched anymore, to lock it up again in a cage. This was a fact. However, the village boss had agreed to support the small gazette of Tschistokjow`s political movement with a donation, so that the Rus could increase its circulation. Frank had urged the Russians to build up an armed group of members, as some kind of security guard. Furthermore, the Rus should infiltrate production complexes, in order to organize strikes one day.

Tschistokjow agreed and promised Frank to work on all this. For the next weeks, the Russians had planned to spread their propaganda in some bigger cities of Belarus, even in Minsk. The distribution of newspapers and leaflets on a large scale, should be done by the younger members of the organization.

Frank and Alfred, who had already fought in the Japanese war and had killed the governor of "Central Europe", told Artur, that they would stay away from such "childish" actions. Moreover, there was a too high risk for them to be caught by the police if they walked around, spreading illegal pamphlets. Wilden promised, however, to recruit some young people in the village to distribute Artur`s propaganda material.

Apart from that, the village boss used the following days to re-establish several old contacts with some like-minded business partners and colleagues from his earlier days as an entrepreneur. These men should support him with some donations. And the results of his efforts were impressive. He "organized" several thousand Globes in only a few days. Frank, Alfred and Tschistokjow were stunned. About a dozen young men from Ivas finally joined the freedom movement and Wilden`s persuasiveness was once again successful.

Sven, the young man, who had returned with severe mutilations from Japan in the last year, led the group and seemed to be glad to have a new task which let him forget his constant depressions.

In the following weeks, the young activists from Ivas were "on duty" in the north of Belarus, where they spreaded immense quantities of propaganda material in the rural areas. The result was a hysterical outcry of the Belar

usian media which reacted with hate and slander on Tschistokjow`s newest "propaganda crime".

The heavily understaffed police in these regions did not came all too often to the sleepy villages and small towns near the northern boder. Aside from that, the newspapers and pamphlets were distributed by night, so the rebels hardly saw any cops on the dark streets of the small villages. This first action lasted until July 2033. Then Tschistokjow visited Wilden and the others again. This time, his longest and best friend, Peter Ulljewski, accompanied him to Ivas.

"We are planning a rally on 25th July with about 1000 men", said the leader of the Rus. "In Nowopolozk, near a factory! We are preparing it since one week!"

Wilden cleared his throat. "A rally? A march through Nowopolozk? Are you insane?"

"Insane?", asked Tschistokjow and scratched his head.

"Insane! Crazy!", answered Alf, tapping his forehead at the Russian.

"Ah, yes! No, I`m not crazy. In Nowopolozk we have many members and the citizens there are very angry against the government. There are many factories that make machinery, and chemical plants, and there are also other factories. Most factories will be closed at the end of the year and many citizens will not have to work any longer. The factory is going to Africa, where workers are cheaper to pay. Do you understand?"

"I don`t know this city at all. However, I`ve heard that there are some large industrial centers. Maybe the largest in whole Belarus", said Wilden, looking at the other young men from Ivas who had gathered in his living room.

"In Nowopolozk all people are angry and very poor. If the factories are closed, many people have no more Globes to live no longer", said the Russian. His friend Peter nodded and continued to stare at the wall.

"But you can`t simply march through the streets. What`s about the police?", asked Frank incredulously.

"The police has only one station in the city. There are not many police officers in Nowopolozk!"

Now Sven intervened, vehemently refusing Artur`s crazy plan and trying to calm the others. But the leader of the Rus remained stubborn and said: "If we make the demonstration, television and the newspapers will report about us. It will be on TV in whole Russia, you understand?"

Frank laughed scornfully. "Something like this is nothing but madness! It will end in a disaster!"

Meanwhile, Wilden`s eyes were shining and he seemed to have a fancy for Tschistokjow`s idea. Apparently, he was under the spell of the young rebel. The Russian finally continued with further details of his plan. The rally should last only one hour, then his supporters should leave the city and disappear on their own. Shortly afterwards, Peter Ulljewski explained that they would come to Nowopolozk with a few armed men, if more police officers showed up than expected. This all sounded like political frenzy.

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