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   Chapter 11 No.11

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For the rest of the day, Frank and Alfred sweared and cursed, because of Wilden`s recklessness and his eternal quest for self-glorification. They knew that this could lead to a catastrophe.

However, Artur`s visit could not be prevented anymore. The Russian came to Ivas, with three other men. Even Igor, a dark-haired, tall man with a beard in the mid thirties, who was introduced to them as the leader of the Vilnius group, was among them.

Wilden led his guests through the whole village and spoke smugly about "his base". Finally he started endless discussions with Tschistokjow, showing him proudly some of "his men" and already warranted an intensive cooperation in the name of the other rebels. Frank and Alfred angrily followed the older gentleman, seething inside like two glowing pots.

"This damn monkey!", thought Kohlhaas and pierced his eyes in Wilden`s back. The gray-haired man walked forward and led the Belarusian visitors to his house.

"My garden! It`s nice, isn`t it?", he said with a happy face. Now, Mrs. Wilden and Julia appeared at the front door.

"Artur Tschistokjow from Vitebsk and Igor from Vilnius and...", he explained.

"Anatoly and Leonid!", added the blond man, friendly shaking Mrs. Wilden`s and her daughter`s hands and bowing to them.

Julia stared at Frank with an annoyed glance and rolled her eyes irately.

"If a donkey feels too well, he starts running on ice!"*, whispered Frank to her in passing and she nodded.

Obviously, Wilden's wife and his daughter were also not all too pleased by the generous invitation of foreign people into their house. Anyway, it had happened. The former businessman from Westphalia led them all into the kitchen, where a steaming soup and a big cream cake were already waiting for the guests.

They ate in silence. Only Wilden and Artur Tschistokjow talked cheerfully, showing each other how much political background knowledge they had. A while later, they left Mrs. Wilden and Julia and went into Thorsten`s new library, where the landlord presented Artur his favorite books.

"This is incredible. These books are more than rare!", marveled Tschistokjow and browsed in an old tome. "I have the same book, only in Russian."

Wilden and the leader of the Rus talked for a while about their collections of literature, then Frank finally stepped in and asked: "Okay, now tell us about your great revolutionary plans, Artur?"

The blond Russian turned around and looked for a suitable answer.

"We have day...make a strike by the workers and make a revolution in Minsk!", h

e returned.

* Old German proverb

"Do you have weapons? Guns? Rifles?", questioned Frank, staring at Tschistokjow.

"Not so many...", replied the young dissident.

"Not so many?", aped Kohlhaas. "If we work together with your organization, we want to have a perspective!", "Yes, you can help us in Lithuania", answered Tschistokjow.

"This may be the next step...", grumbled Wilden who still wanted to show his guests some more of his books.

"Next step? Forget it! You are here and you know our village, Artur. Now, we will work together and I just want to know how!", said Frank.

Artur and his comrades looked around, apparently irritated by the angry atmosphere. For a short moment, there was silence in the library.

Tschistokjow was disturbed and stared at the ceiling.

"Now tell us about the situation in Belarus, Artur! Is it even realistic that there will ever be an uprising? Are the people really that poor and discontent?", asked Kohlhaas.

"Yes, it is getting worse. Fewer and fewer people have no more money, understand?", said the tall man in the trenchcoat. "In Russia are still more poor people!"

"Meanwhile, most people are poor, but nevertheless, they wouldn`t start a revolution!", remarked Alfred sardonically.

"You have a few hundred men, right?", commented Frank while Artur was browsing his dictionary.

"Yes, hundreds of men. In Russia, in Ukraine and in Baltic countries are members of my group", returned Tschistokjow and slowly seemed to become angry, because of Frank`s doubts concerning the chances of his revolutionary movement.

"You want to take over the power in Belarus? With a few hundred men?", joked Kohlhaas and grinned cynically.

Artur Tschistokjow gave him back a piercing look and snarled quietly.

"Yes, maybe...someday...I do not know what is in the future!", he replied, shaking his head.

"Do you have supporters among the Belarusian policemen and the officials? Or even in the administration?"

"Yes, but not so many..."

Wilden`s patience snapped: "This is a first meeting. We will talk about these things..."

Frank interrupted him. "No! We talk about it now, Thorsten! You have brought them to Ivas, without asking the rest of us! This was a mortal sin! You have told everyone to keep the mouth shut and now you have been the first one, who has broken this iron rule. Your own rule!", scolded B?umer.

"You have called these Russians. Now they are here, in our village! And now I want our new rebel friends to tell us about their great plans to take over Belarus!", added Frank angrily.

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