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   Chapter 10 No.10

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"Could we speak English, Mr. Tschistokjow?", asked Wilden and nodded.

Meanwhile, the other men had come closer and introduced themselves too. Frank and Alf had calmed down and welcomed them.

"Speak English? Yes, all right!"

"Thank you, Mr. Tschistokjow!", said Wilden, while the blond Russian suddenly grinned.

"Tij njemez?", he asked then.

"Da, ja njemez!", replied the village boss, grinning too.

"Choroschow! Then I will try to speak in German!", returned the leader of the freedom movement and perked his eyebrows up.

"Good! I`m pleased. You can speak German, Mr. Tschistokjow! I haven`t expected that", remarked Wilden and was amazed.

"I can talk a little bit. It will be enough to conversation!"

Wilden seemed to like his new interlocutor and started to laugh loudly. Artur`s comrades were just silent and stood behind him like statues.

"Why have you learned German?", asked the head of Ivas.

"Well, I`m a big friend of the German culture. Then I have learned as a hobby German language", explained Tschistokjow and gave Wilden a wink.

"I`m sorry, that I must meet you at such a place, but it is because"

?Safety!", said Frank.

?Yes, because of safety!", added the blond man, smiling at Kohlhaas.

The conversation lasted almost two hours and soon it was dark. Finally, only the headlights of the cars gave the ten men some orientation. The rebels from Ivas and their new acquaintances from Belarus were on very good terms with each other and had similiar political ideologies. Wilden showed his great world knowledge and was quite amazed, that Artur Tschistokjow could answer him on the same level, despite all language difficulties. Deep in the night, the men said goodbye to each other and drove back home.

"We will stay in contact. I`m looking forward to join forces with you!", said Wilden euphorically and clapped on Tschistokjow's back. Then they disappeared.

On the trip home, the village boss was effusive and seemed to have found his old zest.

"Tell me, what you think about him?", he asked the others.

"He seems to be a honest man!", said Frank.

"And he knows about the backgrounds of world policy. This is important today", remarked Alf.

The two younger men from Ivas just nodded and remained silent.

"In Lithuania, there are also some members of Tschistokjow`s organization. We will immediately get in touch with them. This would be great, right?", said the village boss.

"But we won`t exactly tell them, where we come from. Even this Tschistokjow must not know our home village. You always tell us to keep

our mouths shut, Thorsten. And secrecy is the most important thing of all!", replied Frank, trying to cool down Wilden again.

"Yes, yes! Of course! We tell them nothing. But I`m just glad to have such an organization in the proximity of Ivas. We can achieve a lot, if we fight together with Tschistokjow and his men!"

"What doesn`t mean that we become blabbers!", growled Alf and Kohlhaas agreed.

They drove through the night and reached their home village in the early morning hours. Frank and Alfred sneaked home and immediately went to bed. This day had been exhausting, and now they had to wait and see, what would happen next. Wilden visited HOK several times in the next days, and used his well-encrypted phone connection for long conversations with Artur Tschistokjow. The young Russian with his resolute character and the amazing world knowledge had already fascinated him, and while Frank and Alfred worked in the garden or renovated their old house, the village boss just invited his new acquaintances from Belarus – to Ivas!

Wilden had not talked about this with the other villagers and had acted on his own. Soon, Artur Tschistokjow was on his way to the little Lithuanian village.

"What?", screamed Frank with darting eyes and winced, almost falling from his chair.

"He comes to Ivas?", ranted Alf and banged on the kitchen table.

The village boss made a step back. "Oh, don`t lose your heads. My guts tells me, that Artur Tschistokjow has a pure heart. I can`t imagine that he is an informer."

"You can`t imagine? Fuck!", shouted Kohlhaas and briefly thought about smashing Wilden`s face.

"Ivas is a fucking taboo! You have spent years in building up this community, Thorsten. And now, you want to endanger us all just to show those fucking Russians your damn books?", roared B?umer.

"I will take the full responsibility. Eh...Artur also wants to bring three of his men from Vilnius. For example, the leader of the Lithuaninan section...", explained Wilden slowly and became more and more insecure.

"The full fucking responsibility? We won`t have anything from this if the cops come here tomorrow, idiot!", hissed Frank in anger. Then he left the room.

"You bring the hangman to our village. Have you forgotten that the GSA is searching for that Russian?", yelled Alf, standing menacingly in front of the village boss.

"Well, I`m going back home now. Don`t worry, nothing will happen", muttered Wilden and seemed to be offended.

"Damn! Think about your responsibility for all the inhabitants of Ivas, Thorsten!", grouched Frank after him from the living room.

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