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   Chapter 9 No.9

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Kohlhaas jumped up immediately and hurried to the cupboard. Then he desperately looked for the small salt jar.

"Wait! It must be somewhere here...", he muttered quietly.

Julia opened her beautiful eyes and giggled. "Yeah, all right! Don`t panic! It`s not that important..."

"Damn! It is Alf`s fault that I can`t find this stupid salt jar. That idiot!", growled Frank silently and came back to the kitchen table.

They chatted for a while and he enjoyed the nice evening with Julia. She apparently liked his spaghetti – more or less. A few days later, they drove to the cinema in Raseiniai and watched a "weepie", as Frank called it. But the content of the movie interested the young rebel not very much. The main point was, that Julia was sitting next to him. From time to time, he looked at the blonde woman with a hasty glance, admiring her beauty. After the film, she gave him a farewell kiss on the cheek and Frank walked back home with a happy smile and even dreamed of her in this night.

Artur Tschistokjow stared at the screen of his laptop, which illuminated the otherwise dark room a little bit.

"Group from Lithuania? Thus...", he muttered, narrowing his eyes to slits.

"What do you think, Peter?"

"I`ve never heard of such a group. Sounds strange!", replied his friend suspiciously.

"We have had so many new members in the last months, but an entire group has never made contact to us before", said Tschistokjow quietly.

"Do you really want to meet them? Maybe it`s a trap!"

"What`s the worst that could happen? Yes, perhaps it is a trap - or not. We are always in danger of being trapped."

Peter took a deep breath and seemed to be not very enthusiastic. Then the strong man with the reddish-blond hair answered: "But most of the new ones come to us after they have been recruited by men we already know. This thing is much more different, Artur!"

"I know that too. But I think, we should risk it. We need many more supporters, otherwise the movment will always crawl around on our current level."

"Okay, then let us meet this "group". But I will come with you – and some armed men too!"

"No, you`ll lead the movement in my place, if it is a trap and they catch me! Got it?", hissed Tschistokjow.

"Don`t say such things...", muttered Peter testily.

"One of them has called me yesterday, and we have chosen a meeting place, I will tell him now, that we confirm!"

A minute later, the leader of the underground group sent HOK a short email and finally informed

the recipient that he was definitely willing to meet them. Then the rebel from Vitebsk turned around and stared at his longtime companion.

"You know, old boy, we are following a path that will bring us either victory or death one day. They can catch us every day. I don`t want to lead a small group of malcontents. I want to build up a revolutionary mass movement.

We have big plans, and have to reach the workers in the factories, the officials and even the sane policemen. If we want to do this, the eternal game of hide and seek will become more and more difficult anyway. Let`s hope that the social situation in this country will bring us the chaos we need. This is our only chance to succeed."

Artur`s best friend puffed quietly and twisted his mouth. He did not give an answer and stared vacantly into space. Tschistokjow was right, and Peter Ulljewski knew it.

Conspirative Meeting

Frank Kohlhaas, Alfred B?umer, Thorsten Wilden and two other men from Ivas were waiting on a secluded parking lot. Meanwhile, it was 22.00 o`clock and it was getting dark. They had driven to the outskirts of Vitebsk in the northwest of Belarus, and had parked their car next to an vacant building. The men peered across a long road which led directly to the parking lot.

"Well, it`s 22.00 o`clock now – these guys are not punctual", growled Wilden, staring at his digital watch.

"I just hope that the are okay, that`s the main thing", said Alfred.

Martin Steinbacher, one of the two young men who had accompanied them as an escort, gasped nervously and moaned.

"Stay calm!", whispered Frank, looking at him and fumbling for his gun which was in the pocket of his coat. "It must be them!"

From a distance, they saw the headlights of a car flashing in the night. Someone was driving in the direction of the meeting place.

"Ah!", said Wilden and seemed to become fraught.

The vehicle came nearer with a quiet hum. It also seemed to transport five men, whose outlines could be recognized behind the car`s windows. Then it finally stopped and a tall, blond man with a long gray trench coat got out first. Four other men followed him, looking grimly around. They were dressed completely in black.

The blond man, Artur Tschistokjow, came to Wilden, after he had correctly identified him as the leader of the five strangers, and shook his hand.

"Menja sawut Artur Tschistokjow", he said with a smile.

"Priwjet, Thorsten Wilden!", answered the village boss and looked friendly at the Russian.

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