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   Chapter 8 No.8

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 4658

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"Thank you for your message!

We are pleased that you are interested in the Freedom Movement of the Rus. Before we can meet, we ask you for a telephone call. Please call 0131/4458930.



A short silence followed and Wilden scratched his grizzled head - brooding. His guests looked at him quizzically.

"Well, can you establish an untraceable and secure telephone connection for us, HOK?", asked the village boss the computer scientist.

"Of course! This is my standard program!", replied the computer freak. "Just follow me!"

They went to the stocky man`s house and sat down in his office. Wilden grabbed the phone, because his Russian was the best – by far. HOK switched on the speaker.

For half a minute a monotonous hooting echoed through the untidy room, then they heard a voice at the other end of the line.

Wilden immediately started talking at breakneck speed and the two interlocutors exchanged their opinions about some basic things. The village boss did not tell the man at the other end, from where he was calling. After half an hour, they had finally arranged a meeting on 02.05.2033 in Vitebsk. The stranger asked Wilden to call him again in two days to get further informations. Then the conversation ended. Wilden briefly summarized the content of the call for the others and looked expectantly at them.

"And? What do you think?", he wanted to know from his fellows.

"Sounds good, Thorsten! I think, it would make sense to look for some allies in the neighboring regions. Belarus is not far away from us", said Alf.

"Maybe you`re right, but I`m still a little undecided. The name of our village must remain a secret! A top secret, got it?", stressed Wilden with a straight face.

"Yes! Sure!", answered Frank sullenly.

"Who of us will go to the meeting?", asked HOK and gazed at his guests.

"I will go! No question!", meant Wilden.

"Yes, and the whole thing is interesting for us too. After all, we`re not here for fun", said B?umer to Frank and nodded at him.

"Okay, I also want to meet those Russians", remarked Kohlhaas.

"Then we have to wait until they tell us more details", said Wilden. "This guy on the phone seemed to be all right – just a frist impression..."

Shortly afterwards, the men left HOK`s house and went back home. Frank and Al

fred were full of expectation, hoping that the meeting, if it would really take place, would not disappoint them.

"I just hope that these guys are not a group of teenage pseudo-revolutionaries", commented Frank at dinner.

"I don`t think so, because the reports about them on television were very encouraging", returned Alfred. "Finally we will see what happens. If they are idiots, we just walk off and they never see us again."

The next days passed fastly. Today it was Frank`s task to present Julia the promised dinner and the young man had to show himself from his best side. Moreover, he had finally decided to win her heart, although he was no expert for "women`s stuff" and love was still an unknown territory for him. Nevertheless, Frank tried everything to please his beautiful, female guest. He had cooked spaghetti and presented them his beloved with a big smile.

"Ah, that looks delicious!", said Julia and seemed to look forward to her meal.

Frank took a true mountain of noodles from the steaming pot in the middle of the table and looked shyly at the blonde woman.

"Does it taste good?", he asked a few minutes later.

"Yes, really. Very tasty!" Julia grinned.

Now Frank filled his plate with noodles too, and immediately started to smack. Shortly afterwards he noticed his loud smacking and cleared his throat. Julia just smiled.

"We can go to Raseiniai, if you like. It is not far from here. Eh, there is a cinema", suggested Frank.

"You`re welcome. The main point is that we get out of this boring village. Yes, a good idea. Do you want to watch a specific movie?", she asked.

"Uh...well...yes...don`t know. Any film is okay. There is a new film called "The Slayer – Angel of Death"...seems to be interesting...", murmured Kohlhaas.

"What`s that for a movie?"

"Eh, nothing, forget it. Maybe this film is nothing for you. We should watch another movie, Julia", diverted Frank.

"Sounds like some kind of horror film..."

"Well, probably a bit of horror..."

"I don`t like these movies, Frank! Let`s watch something else", said the blonde.


"Where is Alf tonight?", she finally asked.

Frank pondered. "He is in Steffen de Vries` cafe, together with Sven. I think, they want to play skat."

"Can I have a bit more salt, Franky?"

"Yes, of course!"

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