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   Chapter 7 No.7

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?Contact…register…login", he whispered.

HOK registered at the Russian website and explained: "I log in from Korea, he, he!"

"Have fun, buddy!", remarked Frank, perking his dark eyebrows up. B?umer just grinned.

?Send message!", said HOK silently to himself and a second later, the email was on its way.

?Hello, We are a political group from Lithuania that also fights against the World Government. Please answer us, so that we can arrange a meeting."

?Okay, now we`ll wait…", spoke Kohlhaas.

"Very good, HOK! Thank you!", said Alf. "We will only communicate with this organization from your computer, everything else would be a too high risk."

"Security on the Internet and elsewhere in the vastness of cyberspace is uncle HOK`s specialty!"

The portly man smiled proudly and turned the computer off.

"We go now. Call us, if you have received an answer", Frank told him. Finally, he and Alf left the house.

"Yes, all right!", gasped HOK, shuffled into the kitchen, ate some bread and read a thick book full of science fiction stories which he had ordered on the Internet, for the rest of the day.

The prospect to meet some rebels from the neighboring regions and the thought of working together, spurred Frank and Alf to learn some more English and Russian. For things like this, there was only one truly competent partner in Ivas, Thorsten Wilden, the village boss. On the next day, Kohlhaas got up early and immediately went to Wilden`s house. In addition, there was also Thorsten`s daughter Julia, who Frank wanted to invite for dinner in the next days. Actually, she was even a more important reason to show up at the Wildens. The leader of the rebel base was proud that his extensive language skills were on demand once more, and immediately started to teach Frank in Russian. After the lesson, they talked for a while.

"I'm not sure, perhaps these Rus are just a bunch of idiots", said Wilden.

"Well, I don`t think so. We`ll see whether there is a response to our email. What`s the worst that could happen?", returned Kohlhaas.

"Anyhow, let`s wait and see", said the village boss and waved his young friend nearer. "Have I already shown you my new library, Frank?"

The young man shook his head and followed Wilden into an adjoining room which had obviously been renovated only a few weeks ago. Large bookcases were everywhere around him. The gray-haired man rummaged in some boxes that were stuffed with books to the brim, and put a few more titles to the others.

"Not bad!", said Frank, still surprised, and gaped. He had never seen so many books in his whole life, because people of his generation did not read very much anymore.

"If you want to borrow something, you just need to come and ask", spoke the village boss. "The books are even ordered by topic. History, politics, economics and so on..."

"That`s exactly the right thing for the cold winter months in Ivas. I will remember your offer. However, when it gets dark that early, I sleep worse", told Frank.

"Oh? Really?", asked Wilden and was puzzled.

"Yes!", returned his young pupil. "I think, it`s probably the aftereffect of my captivity in that holo cell. Nightmares, sleep disturbances – all that kind of stuff."

The head of Ivas looked around quizzically. Now he had no longer an appropriate answer.

"You will survive it, my boy!", he just said.

"Where is Julia?", asked Kohlhaas then.

"Probably in the living room, with her mother. I have been in the office or in the library all day", explained Wilden.

"Well, see you tomorrow!", replied Frank, turned around and went downstairs to find Julia.

The young man smiled and cleared his throat, as the blonde woman came towards him.

"Hi, Frank! I can`t believe it – my father has let you go", joked Julia with an astonished look.

"So to speak! He really has a beautiful book realm!", said Kohlhaas, searching desperately for a good topic to talk about.

"Yes, Mom and me see him even more rarely now", muttered Julia.

"I can imagine. Eh, I must go back home, Alf is waiting. We have to repair something. I just wanted to ask if you would visit me for lunch?", remarked Kohlhaas.

"Sure! Why not? Nice idea! And when?"

The young man hesitated, while Julia looked at him with an expectant look, starting to grin. "On Tuesday. Towards evening. I will cook something..."


"Eh, yes..."

"Okay! I will come at 19.00 o`clock!", answered the daughter of the village boss with amusement and seemed to enjoy Frank`s nonplus. Kohlhaas left the house and was glad, that his beloved had accepted the invitation.

On the following day, Frank and Alfred visited HOK again. The email had been answered by a "Sergei". Presumably, this was not his real name. A little later, they went to Wilden with the printed out message. The village boss fetched a Russian dictionary from the bookshelf and prepared himself to translate the short text. Finally, he read aloud, while his younger friends listened eagerly.

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