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   Chapter 6 No.6

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"Terrorists? This reporter has said "terrorists"! That stupid bitch! Ridiculous! Only because they have smeared a wall, they are terrorists now!", ranted the village boss.

"They talk about this guy again, Tschistokjow. Can you translate it, Thorsten?, asked Frank.

The former businessman with the gray temples perked his eyebrows up and tried to follow the rapid chatter of the reporter.

Shortly afterwards he said: "The police suspects some members of the Freedom Movement of the Rus from Minsk. But they investigate in all directions."

"Ha, ha!", shouted Alf, scratching his dark beard and fetched another beer out of the fridge.

After the reporter had finished her speech, the police chief of Minsk was interviewed. He admitted, with an embarrassed face, that his men did not have a "hot trace" so far. Then the news showed a huge banner which strangers had attached on a motorway bridge. It was removed by some policemen.

"For an independent Belarus! Medschenko = Exploiter of the workers!", was the text on the banner. This pleased the three rebels from Lithuania and they started to discuss excitedly.

"A lot has changed in the last few months. Here in Lithuania and in Belarus, many people are more than dissatisfied. Thousands of them fume with rage. When I was in Vilnius, three weeks ago, I have noticed the increase of anger when I have talked to some citizens. Raising the tax for administration is another slap in the face of the people", said Thorsten Wilden and raised his forefinger like an university lecturer.

"Yes, a look at our Scanchip accounts tells everything, although they are just fake stuff and we luckily don`t have to work for our money. Thank HOK!", remarked Frank.

"Meanwhile, the situation really seems to become desolate. Belarus is still poorer than I have already expected it. I`m curious to see, when the first riots will breake out", came from B?umer, who appeared a bit tipsy now.

"Riots? You can`t foresee such things, Alf!", answered Wilden. "However, I like the organization of this Artur Tschistokjow. In the last days, the media have almost daily reported about the actions of these Rus."

"We should try to make contact with them. Maybe we can work together", suggested Frank.

"Hmmm?", muttered Wilden thoughtfully. "We could do it. Nevertheless, it is very dangerous. We just don`t know these people and I don`t want some GSA agents running through our village tomo


"I just thought...", returned Kohlhaas.

"If we would really contact them, for example on the Internet, we should do it together with HOK, because he knows the necessary security measures", answered the village boss and also took another beer.

"Well, I`m interested in this group too", said Alf with a grin.

"Damn! Just be careful! This can make us a lot of problems, boys. Let`s ask HOK", meant the former businessman with a serious look.

Three days later, in the last week of April, Frank and Alfred went to HOK, the computer specialist of Ivas. It was noon when they knocked on the door of the dilapidated house, in which the talented computer scientist resided, and it took a while until they heard signs of life from the hallway.

"Who`s there?", it resounded through the front door.

"It`s us! Frank and Alf. Hurry up, buddy!", called Kohlhaas and pounded against a shutter.

"Hach! Calm down, guys!", heard the two visitors. Then the door opened with a faint creak.

"What's going on, HOK? You have dark circles under your eyes. What happened?", quipped Alf.

The plump computer expert yawned and blinked at the two men.

"Oh, nothing! Yesterday, I just have been in front of the computer screen, for some hours. Can I help you?", huffed HOK.

"May we come in?", asked Frank demandingly.

"Oh, yes! Sure!", muttered the computer expert and went into the house.

Frank and Alf followed him. After a brief stay in the kitchen and a few cups of coffee, HOK accompanied them to his office which was traditionally cluttered with all kinds of stuff and numerous boxes. In the middle of the room was a table with a big computer on it. The two guests told HOK their wishes and the wayward man sullenly promised to help them.

"Okay, but I must eat something at first!", growled the fat guy and went into his kitchen, while the hum of the computer became louder.

A few minutes later, HOK jumped into the sea of datas, swimming like a happy fish from one illegal website to the next. The world of cyberspace was his element, and once he had entered it, he quickly felt well again.

"Look at this! Here they are!", whispered the freak, after he had found the website of the freedom movement.

A white flag with a black dragon's head appeared on the screen and the slogan "Freedom for Belarus!" lit up in big letters. Now, HOK`s fingers danced with breathtaking speed over the keyboard. Frank and Alfred were amazed.

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