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   Chapter 5 No.5

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But what the people thought, was not important in the eyes of Medschenko and his staff. From 04.15.2033, every citizen had to pay further 57, 99 Globes a month now – for the new "fake tax"!

Nobody could do anything against this deception, because the World Government had decided and the rest had to obey...

Making Contact

"The displeasure is boiling at every street corner!", said Artur with a sardonic undertone, staring at his eight comrades who had met him in Gorodok.

"Yes, that`s right. If you hear people talking, you could think that they will soon go on the streets to protest", replied one of the men.

"People talk a lot today, and tomorrow they are lethargic again", moaned Peter Ulljewski, Artur`s loyal follower.

"But I think, we will become even more popular for many Belarusians. Now we have to improve the structure of our organization and a public campaign has to be started!", said Tschistokjow and folded his arms across the chest.

"You wanted to show us your new "cell system" today, right?", remarked Igor from Orcha.

"Yes, I will! In the last weeks, I have brooded a lot about the question, how we can make our movement more effective and safer. Let me tell you my ideas.

We found sub-groups in every important region of Belarus which can operate independently from each other, with only one single leader, who is moreover the contact person. This man will be the only one who has contact to the other groups from outside and to the command. Furthermore, this leader has the only authoritiy and the right to give orders, and he will be the one who gets instructions from the command or directly from me. I will choose the leaders of the local groups in the next days.

Apart from this, we can concert actions in secret forums or on our own websites. Anyhow, we will organize our men only in local groups and cells – from now on!"

Peter took a laptop out of his bag and put it on the table. Artur told more details and his comrades seemed to be pleased concerning his plans.

The blond man added: "We have to avoid the mistake to allow any so called "democratic structures" in our organization. This would just be the thing, our enemies are waiting for. No! The movement will be build up with a strict military hierarchy – like a revolutionary army."

"So if cell or group "X" in city "Y" is uncovered and smashed by the police, the authrorities will have much more problems to finde traces to the rest of the organization", remarked Peter and scratched his belly.

Dimitri, a 20 years old man from Slonim said: "If we really build up such a big movement, the cops will try to infiltrate our groups with informers."

"Who is spying for the cops and gets caught by us, gets a bullet in his head!", hissed Tschist

okjow. "We have to become tougher. In the last weeks and months, the police had got some internal informations, what can only be explained with spies in our ranks. Now it is necessary to keep a sharp eye on our own people. Informers who tell the authorities things for a few Globes, endanger our lives and we will show no mercy with them."

The other men nodded and Artur Tschistokjow stroked through his blond hair. Then he grinned and continued with the presentation of the new organizational structure.

"All members of the Freedom Movement of the Rus will have to swear by their lives, that they keep silence!"

"And I will ensure that all Rus will stick to these rules, Artur!", growled Peter and clenched his fists.

"What`s about weapons?", asked one of the men now.

"It`s all in progress. However, I still see no reason to use violence – so far. We will only use it, if the cops openly attack our comrades. Otherwise, we continue to make effective publicity campaigns. We are no guerillas, but want to become a political mass movement one day", preached Tschistokjow with a clear vision.

"Well, all right. In the coming days, we will begin with effective campaigns from north to south and across the whole country. The last event has inspired me, we are on the right way!", said the rebel leader to his followers.

His men murmured their approval and the young leader gave instructions for further actions in the bigger cities.

They still talked for a while and Artur`s fellows really seemed to believe that their small group could start something like a revolution one day. But Tschistokjow, who outwardly looked so determined and strong, had a lot of doubts concerning his political underground struggle. If he was honest to himself, this all was just ridiculous. But what should he do? He had no other choice than going on tilting at windmills.

"Ha! Great!", Thorsten Wilden slapped his thighs and laughed. He almost fell out of his chair.

"Okay, who can read this?", he asked the others.

Frank tried to decipher some Cyrillic letters on the screen: "Attention, citizens! This paper..."

"Attention, citizens! This newspaper is lying to you!", exclaimed Wilden, laughing again.

"True words!", muttered Alfred B?umer and sipped his beer.

Wilden was amusing himself magnificently. The three men sat in his living room and watched the news on Belarusian television. During last night, some strangers had decorated the white facade of the editorial building of the "Belorusskaya News Gazeta" in Minsk with a few antigovernmental slogans in huge, blood-red letters. Employees of the newspaper hastily tried to whitewash the unpleasant messages, while an excited reporter was talking with a squeaky voice.

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