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   Chapter 4 No.4

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5678

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I prefer standing in front of you, just for an hour, as a free man, than living a hundred years as a supervised, soulless slave!

And from now on, there will be only one rule of us all: Spread the word! Carry our fight to all parts of Belarus! We have to go to the agency workers in the remaining production centers of our country!

We have to go to the countless, homeless people who have already lost all hope!

We have to go to the families, to tell them about the political goals of our movement!

The people of Belarus are becoming more and more desperate and we need to show them that there are other options, than just being enslaved!

We must bring the good news to the masses, tell them about the coming liberation. Our brothers and sisters out there are waiting for a change, they are waiting for us, my comrades!"

Artur Tschistokjows speech still lasted for two hours. He spoke about global policy, the Japanese war of independence, the economy of Belarus - shouting his claims through the meanwhile half-dark hall.

Finally, the young man presented some of his own concepts. He talked about how he wanted to make Belarus free and independent again, how to give the masses work and how the old Russian culture could be reborn.

In the end, he was only content with some parts of his speech, but his followers adopted him with triumphant cheers and adored him literally. Tschistokjow could not deny that he enjoyed this moment and for some minutes he became euphoric. Finally, his supporters besieged him, trying to talk about everything again, praised him.

Shortly afterwards, Artur Tschistokjow discussed the next steps with his group leaders. One of them proudly told him that he has even won a high-ranking official of the civil service as a sympathizer. The event which had taken place far away from any nosey eyes in a little village near Vitebsk, ended calmly and all the guests went back home, unnoticed and safe.

The leader of the Freedom Movement of the Rus finally ordered some further actions and asked his supporters to distribute the newspaper of the organization. Then he sat in Peter`s car for a while and talked with him about his plans to edit new illegal websites, and even to establish an underground radio station, somewhere in Belarus.

Exhausted, but inspired by the encouragement of his men, he returned to Vitebsk in the early morning hours, and disappeared in his drab apartment block for the next days.

It was a dreary evening. Outside it was pouring with rain and the waterdrops pounded relentlessly against the window pane. Frank felt dull and tired, but his mind still refused to sleep.

"29...30...31", he was counting silently, counting all the men he had killed.

He reckoned up those, he could remember - in Paris, in Sapporo and during the mission in the jungles

of Okinawa.

Surely he could still add some more, especially since the Japanese war, when he had often fired at shadows in the darkness, never knowing who had been hit by his bullets. Kohlhaas had thrown hand grenades into rooms and trenches, and had no longer checked, how many people had been torn to pieces by them.

Meanwhile, they called him a "hero", but he did not feel like one. An awfully big burden of guilt and doubt was lying on his soul. He looked out the window and thought about the great warriors of history, those, who were celebrated and honored as heroes in the memory of posterity. Those men with the magnificent shrines and the great monuments.

"How many people may king Leonidas have slain at Thermopylae?", he asked himself and looked thoughtfully at the old tree in front of his window. "Has he ever thought of them?"

The young man cursed the world in which he was born into. This world in which he had no other choice, as he assured himself.

"I have always been a happy child. Naive and clueless, but happy. But after a few years, I had to realize, in what cruel age fate has thrown me", he whispered to himself.

"It`s not your fault, Frank! You would save every little animal, help every poor old lady across the street. That`s you, Frank! A man with a very good core. Nevertheless, you have killed so many people..."

Kohlhaas sat on his bed, breathing heavily and clutching his head. Outside it began to rain harder.

Two years ago, the new tax for administration had already been introduced by the World Government in all sectors, including "Eastern Europe". At that time, a big wave of discontent had even shaken Belarus.

Today, on 15.04.2033, the TV stations and newspapers had announced that the hated tax was raised again with over 50%, while the media tried to tell the people, that it was necessary - and moreover a "great progress".

Medschenko promised to use the money to support an "improved Scanchip management", but the most Belarusians who got more and more problems to get along with their low wages, did not believe him. Therefore, great parts of the population were indignant and ranted in secret.

The strongly indebted sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic" tried to fill up its empty coffers with this new measure, because the "Global Bank Trust", the international financial authority, put it increasingly under pressure. Meanwhile, many Belarusians knew about this and called the tax for administration "another brazen raid".

The media claimed, however, that more officials were neccessary to ensure a better service and a faster processing of Scanchip matters. Nevertheless, many people of Belarus knew that the Scanchips were almost exclusively managed by automated computer systems. Furthermore, the bankrupt sub-sector had no money to hire new officials at all.

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