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   Chapter 3 No.3

Prey World - Organized Rage By Alexander Merow Characters: 5568

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"My dear comrades! I welcome you warmly to this meeting of the Freedom Movement of the Rus, our organization, which opposes the ruling system with all its limited resources.

There are some new men and women here today, some unknown faces, I don`t know yet. This is the way it should be. I hope that the coming hours will be peaceful, and no policemen will disturb us.

Today, we are about 200 people in this dilapidated old building. It is no great number, but it is better than nothing. You all risk your heads, when you come to us and join the fight against the exploitative system of global governance. I admire your courage, my comrades. And we will need brave men and women in the coming struggle for freedom.

But what else remains for us in these days? Shall we better continue to keep quiet? Shall we just try to survive by crawling from one bad paid job to the next? Trying not to become one of the homeless, by keeping our mouths shut in front of our masters?

No, this can not be the right way! We must defend ourselves and we will defend ourselves. Last week, the lackeys of the World Government in Minsk have started a new raid against our people. Raising the tax for administration, increasing the prices for electricity, even lower wages for those who still have some kind of work, and so on! They leave us no more air to breathe. They draw the noose tighter and tighter, squeezing the life out of our people. We should remember the old, better times. Times when a farmer could live from his yield, and a worker from what he has earned. Times when we had something like an own culture and were free men and women. Now we are slaves, and our land goes, slowly but surely, down the drain. Meanwhile, the Russians have just a few children, because it has become to expensive to raise a family.

Today, our young people have to emigrate to other countries to find work at all. Anyone who loses his job and doesn`t find a new one in time, ends as a beggar, becomes homeless – just dies.

In return, this government brings hundreds of thousands of foreigners from Asia and the Orient to our country, in order to get rid of the old Russian population. If you walk through some parts of Minsk, Moghilev, Grodno, Gomel and so on, you no longer believe that you are still on Russian territory.

They want to create here a patchwork of different nations, races and cultures, because this patchwork won`t resist them anymore.

We, the Russians, shall die out and disappear, if you listen to the speeches of Medschenko and his bunch of traitors. Television pollutes our minds with lies and all the meaningless entertainment, every day. They want to brainwash our nation and distract us from our misery.

But a small group of people here in Belarus is not poor, no

t at all! I`m talking about the group of collaborators in Minsk, the group of betrayers. They have a good life by squeezing out their own people! Sub-governor Medschenko is such a tick, and his whole staff of helpers too!"

"This son of a bitch should be hanged!", shouted one of the men through the hall.

"Medschenko and the rest of that traitor scum must be killed! Put them up against the wall!", screamed a young man, raising his fists.

The other people yelled and applauded. These words were like balm for their frustrated souls.

Artur Tschistokjow continued and slowly all the fear was falling from him. He seemed to become a giant, speaking with passion and gesticulating wildly.

"We demand that this country shall be independent again. Free from the global system of enslavement! We demand, that this country shall be governed only by Russians who serve their own nation!

This land belongs to the Russians, not the occupiers, the World Government or other foreigners!", he shouted and his supporters cheered.

Tschistokjow banged his fist on the desk and gave his men a determined look, his narrow face quivered with excitement.

"But we should not fool ourselves. Those who oppress us, will continue to serve the exploiters and won`t become reasonable or sensible tomorrow!

They won`t use the few Globes, they can still squeeze out of us, to build new schools, kindergartens or to generate more jobs. No! They will only give us more cameras, more paid informers, and will even call more GCF soldiers to our land, so that we can feed the oppressors with our money!

Furthermore, our country is totally indebted by the "Global Bank Trust", but there seems to be still enough money to finance this system of surveillance! We can still dwell in the dirt, while they tell us that the coffers of Belarus are empty, but this is a lie! They have money, but not for the people of Belarus. However, for GCF soldiers, for monitoring and for the foreigners who live on social welfare!

"Right!", yelled an old man, clapping his hands. Others also applauded and nodded at Artur Tschistokjow. He continued.

"When I decided, some years ago, to resist the destruction and looting of our fatherland, it was clear that I would soon reach a point of no return. Back then, I swore, I would make this country free and independent and give it back to its rightful owners - and that`s the people of Belarus!

I`m often scared that they find and kill me one day, but we all should not fear our enemies, because we are the fighters for the future of our children!", he called.

"Our movement will not rest until this country is finally free, and our countrymen shall no longer fear hunger and misery. If we die trying, then it shall be. What do we have to lose?

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