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   Chapter 58 No.58

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"Is the Great Plan in danger?", enquired a Lodge Brother with concern. "What do you think?"

The Chairman shook his head and replied with obvious anger: "No! Of course not! This defeat won`t influence the Great Plan. We will just go on as before!"

"We should focus on the implanted Scanchips! This is the most important step of all. Japan will remain isolated, for now. This is all we can do at the moment!", remarked a gray-haired man at the end of the large table.

"I agree...", muttered another.

"And we should just accept this defeat? Why don`t we conscript another, greater army?", asked the World President who was getting angry.

"No! The war is over! Our new strategy should be to ignore Japan basically. We won`t mention this country or Matsumoto in our media again. Now, it would just be foolish to call this state back to the minds of the people.

If we can`t destroy it, then we pretend that this state has never existed. In a few years, we will prepare another attack", explained the chairman and straightened his tie.

His cold eyes stared out of his old face, fazing the World President again.

"Our perseverance has brought us global dominance, and also in the case of Japan, we will prevail in the long run", he assured.

"Nevertheless, it doesn`t alter the fact that our brother has made a lot of mistakes in the last months. He has harmed our image and we have to talk about that!", hissed a bald gentleman in a fine suit and pointed at the World President.

His fellow gave him an angry look, but he swallowed his rude answer like a sip of poison.

Then he twisted his mouth and said: "Well, I would like to come to the next item on the agenda."

The chairman of the Council of Wise nodded and looked around. Then he played with the golden ring on his finger and waited for the reaction of the others.

"We will still talk about some things, brother!", snarled one of the councilors and gazed at the World President.

"That`s enough!", said the chairman and banged on the table.

The head

of the World Government was seething inside, still staring at the documents before him. His hand gripped some of the papers, while he tried to suppress a tantrum.

This conference was more than unpleasant for him and he cursed the Japanese in his mind with all his malice. The secret meeting continued, because there was still much to discuss. The next steps for the total enslavement of mankind had to be well prepared.

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