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   Chapter 57 No.57

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That all was a real disaster for the Lodge Brothers who controlled the world. The sole and unchallengeable authority on earth, as they believed, had accepted defeat.

And for a world power which saw itself as invincible, there was nothing worse than a defeat, that destroyed the nimbus of invincibility before the eyes of mankind.

It had been the same with the mighty Persian Empire, when the Greeks had stopped them at Marathon and Thermopylae. And also the nimbus of invincible Rome had crumbled after the defeat against the Teutons in the Teutoburg forest. And there were still more examples in world history. Japan`s survival was a great success, without doubt. And the aftereffects of this war were much more important. However, even the best propaganda of the international media had not the power to change the facts: The attack on Matsumoto`s Japan had ended with a defeat of the Lodge Brothers.

But the successful defense of the only state which had openly defied the rulers of the world, was accompanied by endless suffering and an never-ending procession of the dead.

Even in Ivas, there was not just cheering among the inhabitants. The Müllers had lost one of their sons in the Far East and the same fate had overtaken the Dutch family Baastfeldt. Their Thomas did not return too.

And Sven Weber? Frank and Alfred had not heard anything from him since months. His war fever had been the greatest, at the beginning of this conflict.

Sven returned to his home village not until May 2032, and was no longer the same man. The young man had fought in many battles on the southern front and had also taken part in the great counteroffensive.

One day, he had been hit by a grenade which had mangled a part of his face and had mutilated his forearm. Thereafter, he had been in a hospital in Kyoto for several weeks.

Ultimately, the medics had just patched up his face as good as they could, but he had finally lost his left eye and an ear. Furthermore, three of his fingers had to be amputated on his left hand. The proud, young volunteer finally came back to Lithuania, disfigured and crippled. Frank and Alfred tried to care for him during the first weeks after his return. Rolf Hugenthal had been stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet, but he had survived the surgery. The other son of the Müllers remained unharmed. The Far East had given him back to his lamenting family.

"I`m sorry, that I`ve come so rarely in the last days, but your father is getting on my nerves", said Frank.

Julia walked beside him on this sunny April day and just nodded approvingly.

"He lives only for his politics", she said. "So he is, but he means no harm."

"I know

that. I like him too, but sometimes he just sees it all too theoretically. It was horrible in Japan. Certainly necessary and meaningful, and whatever. But I didn`t want to stay just one day longer in this hell", answered Kohlhaas and sat down on the grass. Julia followed him.

"I have really missed you, Frank. And I was full of sorrow...", she remarked quietly.

"Oh, I`m the hero of Paris...and now...of Sapporo and Okinawa. I`m just hard to kill...", joked Frank and smiled.

"Idiot!", Julia smiled back.

"I have thought of you too - every day", whispered the young man and looked shyly at the treetops.

"But now you will stay here, okay?", she said.

"Maybe, but if another oppressed nation calls for me, I will have to go. Anyhow, or your father sends me to the next battlefield, ha, ha!", teased Frank the young woman.

"Then I will beat him with his favorite weighty tome about world politics!", said Julia.

"You were always my brightest the sky", murmured Frank quietly. Then he tried to behave like a real war hero again.

Julia blushed and smiled at him. Suddenly she put her arm around his shoulder and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. Frank cleared his throat and smiled to himself. Finally he got a grip on himself and kissed her too. This kind of "counteroffensive" had become strange to him in the last years, but now he just felt well and thanked God to be still alive. They stayed in the woods for a while and walked off then. Frank had missed her so incredible much and now he was with her. That was great!

The chairman of the Council of the Elders stared at him with penetrating eyes and his face changed to a mask of malevolence. The World President coughed slightly, trying to ignore the steely glance of his master. But he was not able to escape his look.

Some months ago, he had demanded Matsumoto's head, and now, his brothers in the Council of the Wise seemed to demand his own.

"There will be no nuclear strike against Japan. Our troops will just leave the islands in the coming months. A victory against Matsumoto is no longer possible in the present circumstances.

We won`t forget Japan and in the next years, we will start another, still greater assault. But at present, this war endangeres our further steps", said the chairman, while the World President frowned.

"And if the media just make a victory out of it all?", he asked then.

"Nonsense!", grumbled another member of the Council. "Our lies are good, but not that perfect that they can accomplish this. Japan is still independent and Matsumoto rules over the country. Well, these facts will remain. No matter, what we tell the masses..."

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