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   Chapter 56 No.56

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The campaign had been a tremendous success, and most Japanese started to believe that a victory was possible now. Schools, kindergartens and even universities should be named after the "Hukushuu unit" in the following years. The Japanese propaganda knew no more limits and it was quite successful - on the psychological front.

Meanwhile, Frank and Alfred had been brought back to the Taishis. But it was just some kind of furlough, because after a month, they should return to the Japanese army as soldiers to support the counteroffensive in the south. The Taishis were more than proud of them, but the veil of mourning for their son was still under the surface.

?The Japanese high command can kiss my ass!", Frank was lying on his bed and was sipping a cold beer.

Alf grinned. "Tomorrow we will disappear. Forever! No southern or norther front will see me again – never!"

"We have fulfilled our mission. And it was not in vain. Thank God! And I'm sure, that I have shot Williams", said Kohlhaas proudly.

"Ha! I think it has been the Japanese soldier, you have already talked about. He has also fired at that group of fleeing officers, right?", teased him Alf.

"No, I'm sure! They already lay in the mud, when the Japanese shot at them!", returned Frank.

"Anyhow, then carve another notch in your rifle butt, superman!", answered B?umer and laughted.

"Never mind. The main thing is that we are still alive...", said Kohlhaas and fetched another bottle of beer.

"Wilden is overjoyed because of that "Hukushuu thing". Now he jumps through his house, all day long - like a kangaroo. What do you think?", remarked Alf and smirked.

"He bounces from Lithuania to Siberia!", laughed Frank. "And I will bounce too – when I see Julia again!"

They packed their bags and watched TV or played cards for the rest of the day. Tomorrow the would leave this country forever. The Japanese army could look for other heroes now.

While the two men enjoyed their rest, the southern invasion army of the GCF descended into chaos, just as the Japanese high command had hoped it.

The multinational army was totally confused for several days and its soldiers on the battlefields were often confronted with contradictory commands. Suddenly the successful advance in the south of Japan stopped.

Furthermore, president Matsumoto proclaimed the "great counterattack" on national television and masses of young Japanese marched to the southern front to drive the wavering GCF troops back. New tank divisions and aircrafts supported the huge assault of the Asians, while the war propaganda stylized everything to a "Japanese awakening". Within just two weeks, the defenders repulsed the GCF in the south of the central island of Honshu and drove their enemies out of the most cities. Finally, the highly motivated and self-conscious Japanese soldiers defeated the GCF in a great battle near Hagi and took

Honshu back. Shortly afterwards, the Japanese counterattack reached the two southern islands of Kyushu and Shikoku - with great success.

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese soldiers flowed to the fronts and a wave of euphoria seized the whole country. Meanwhile, Sapporo was fallen and most of the defenders had been killed or had died of hunger, like the biggest part of the civilian population too.

Nevertheless, the brave city which had held out for so long, became a national symbol of resistance against the World Government and was transfigured to a "monument of Japanese heroism" by Matsumoto's propaganda.

In the end, the willingness to make sacrifices of the defenders of Sapporo inspired the Japanese soldiers that much that they even started a second counterattack in the north.

In return, the GCF tried to break the Japanese morale with several air raids which devastated large parts of Tokyo and Yokohama, but that was not enough anymore.

At the end of March 2032, the World Government had to admit that the invasion of Matsumoto's Japan had failed. Nevertheless, the battles in the bombed out cities of southern Japan and on Hokkaido went on for several months – and countless soldiers still died.

Frank and Alfred still burst with pride when somebody talked about the operation on Okinawa. But now, the others should fight. They were sick and tired of the endless killing and dying. So they just left the Taishi family and thanked them for everything. Shortly afterwards, they disappeard from Japan - with a foreign trading ship. Frank and Alf were brought to the Philippines and flew back to Vilnius as harmless tourists. John Throphy finally picked them up at the airport.

"Holy shit!", said Frank, when he recognized the Irishman at the main entrance. At that moment, Frank realized that they had survived hell...

New Plans

If Wilden had a great talent, apart from explaining world politics, then it was to get on the nerves of other people. He bombarded Frank and Alf with questions, again and again. They had to tell him everything about the Japanese war. After a while, they just hid from him. The other villagers were also proud of them and overwhelmed the two volunteers with praise and gifts.

Meanwhile, it was April and the Japanese war was slowly coming to an end. While the international media still reported about some minor victories of the GCF, the armies of the World Government left Japan piece by piece.

But the newscasters did not talk about casualties or dead civilians. Nevertheless, the number of them was high. It must have been millions and the war still raged in some regions. All in all, the Japanese were on the way to win.

Like Kublai Khan`s Mongols, who had ruled over a giant empire for centuries and had finally failed against Japan, the endless armies of the World Government had also been defeated by the stubborn island people.

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