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   Chapter 55 No.55

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There and Back Again

In the next hours, the seven men hid again, when the voices of GCF searchparties could be heard from a distance. Even one of the helicopters had flown above their heads and had tried to discover them in the jungle.

The Japanese soldier was still bleeding and already deathly pale. In broken English, or even with hands and feet, the two volunteers from Ivas communicated with their Japanese comrades, who told them that they should march along the east coast northward, to reach Arume.

Alfred had snapped a thick branch from a tree and used it as a crutch. He contorted his face with pain and was moaning quietly. Frank tried to perk up his friend, and told him that they would immediatley return to Ivas, when all this was over.

"What`s about the officiers of the platoons?", asked Frank one of the Japanese.

"I think they are all dead", replied the Asian, and seemed to be sure.

"We should pray, that the submarines are really waiting for us in Arume. This is our only chance to get away from this fucking jungle island!", cursed Frank and Alf nodded.

They waded through a small river, and finally reached the deep jungle of the central part of Okinawa. Here they felt safer. Meanwhile, the heavily wounded Japanese had lost a lot of blood.

He bit on a piece of wood in his pain and was at the end of his rope. His shoulder was already bandaged with a blood-soaked piece of his uniform. Eventually, they reached the coast and had something like an orientation.

Slowly the dusk returned, but they had no time to rest. So they trudged almost the entire night through the jungle until they were totally exhausted. Finally, the wounded Japanese collapsed and sat down under a tree. He told his countrymen that they should leave him alone and said goodbye to them for the last time.

Meanwhile, Alf was also weakened and limped over the muddy ground of the jungle. Sometimes, Frank had to trail him. But the young man tried to help his best friend with all his might. Without B?umer and the rebels from Ivas, he would have already died a long time ago. Frank knew that, and now he had to help Alf.

"One hand washes the other!", he said quietly to himself and heaved up the tall, hulking B?umer. Occasionally, he also helped one of the Japanese.

After a short nap in the morning hours, they finally struggled through to Arume and arrived at the meeting point. They were just in time and about two dozen Japanese welcomed them enthusiastically. But Madsen, the Dane, however, was not among the men.

"Even the Viking has been killed...", snorted Frank. "And I was already looking forward to another chess game."

"I just feel sorry for him, he was a great guy. Fuck it all!", added Alf and looked sadly across the sea.

Some small boats were waiting for t

hem in the jungle, under some big plants at the beach. Far too many, for that little bunch here, because Frank counted 32 men who had survived the operation.

"It was all in vain! Perhaps we haven`t killed general Williams, just a few unimportant officers", wailed B?umer, clutching his bloody leg.

"To hell with all this!", hissed Frank and sat down.

"I just want to go home. I won`t lift a finger for the Japs army anymore, or for the fucking freedom of the world or whatever...", muttered Alf resignedly.

They went to the boats and swam a few hundred meters out on the open sea. Then they waited for half an hour and trembled. Meanwhile, it had become dark again and the sea looked like a scary, impenetrable abyss.

"How long shall we still float around on the open sea like a target?", growled B?umer, staring at the sky.

"Don`t worry, Alf! The submarines will come! But I hope, that some GCF helicopters doesn`t find us before them...", said Frank full of sorrow.

Suddenly they saw flashing lights below them. They breathed again, because it was a Japanese submarine. It rose slowly upwards and came out of the water with a loud splosh. The Japanese cheered.

Shortly afterwards, two more submarines appeared in the distance. The soldiers crawled into the iron vessel and this time, Frank was not afraid of claustrophobia anymore. He was just too exhausted for it.

The young German fell asleep, after he had sent a prayer to heaven. A Japanese medic doctored Alf's injured leg and finally gave him some painkillers. Maybe, that whole mission had been a flop, but they were still alive and this was not nothing.

The two other submarines disappeared in the depths of the Pacific again, without taking any elite soldiers on board. One sumarine was enough to transport the pathetic rest of the "Hukushuu unit" back to Japan.

The hours-long diving trip was peaceful and without any incidents. The submarine dived down to a greater depth and evaded the enemy warships, which still plagued Tokyo and the other major cities in central Japan with massive missile attacks. Frank just let the time pass and slept. They finally reached the port of Toyohashi and were afterwards brought to Tokyo.

Two days later, a cheer went through the headquarter of the Japanese high command. The international media had reported that general David Williams had fallen victim to a terrorist attack.

Matsumoto`s war propaganda spoke day and night of the "heroic attack on the fortress of the international mass murderer David Williams" and preached the Japanese, that the war had already reached a turning point.

"Now, the world sees the true heroism of Japan, and now, our entire nation shall rise to drive the slave hordes of the World Government back into the sea!", said the propaganda.

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