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   Chapter 54 No.54

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Meanwhile, a great number of enemies returned fire from the watchtowers and billets. More and more Japanese were killed, but the rest of them still charged towards the main building, driven by fanatical hatred

Now the first GCF soldiers ran to their emplacements which were protected by sandbags, and started to shoot back. A Japanese officer shouted something behind Frank and a group of his soldiers attacked the opponents with machetes and bayonets.

"The main building!", roared Madsen and dodged a grenade.

A brutal shooting and stabbing broke out everywhere. Frank heard the war cries of some Japanese who slaughtered a group of enemies, dozily tottering out of their billet, with samurai swords. Meanwhile, they had to hurry up, because more and more enemies came out of the barracks and took arms.

The main building was already in sight and a terrible burst of gunfire came from the upper floor. The Japanese continue to rush forward, while many of them were torn by bullets. Officer Oda hurled a hand grenade through a window and a loud bang followed. Rubble and splinters rained down.

Frank and Alfred closed up to the others, firing wildly. Then they ran zigzag through the shadows between the houses to escape the hail of bullets, coming out of the main building.

Some of the Japanese ran fearlessly to the main entrance of the house and attached an limpet mine at the front door. Shots from all directions hit them and only a few of them survived this suicide action. Suddenly a loud explosion tore the entrance door and with it a part of the exterior wall of the house.

The Japanese stormed into the building and the first of them were shot down. Their comrades answered with an angry backfire and killed a few soldiers and a GCF officer.

Frank, Alfred and Madsen followed them and threw some hand grenades into the adjoining rooms.

"Where the hell is Williams?", shouted Kohlhaas and clutched his gun nervously.

"I don`t know!", screamed Madsen.

Meanwhile, the Japanese had reached the upper floor and suffered heavy casualties. Outside the main building their remaining comrades were massacred by an increasing number of GCF soldiers. Finally Frank came to the upper floor too. Officer Oda had been shot in the stomach and was screaming in pain, while the German tried to find general Williams.

The young man from Ivas ran through a cloud of smoke to a broken window and looked down. Below him, a group of officers tried to escape from the building and bolted towards an army jeep.

"I will get you!", yelled the volunteer and mowed them down with his assault rifle. Frank fired until he had no more ammunition. Then he left the room with a triumphant scream.

A moment later, a Japanese soldier jumped into the room, uttered a curse in his language, and also shoot at the already dead enemies.


e you hit them?", called Alf from behind.

"I don`t know, if it was Williams. But I think he was one of them!", answered Frank, pushing him aside. "We have to get out. The whole camp is awake now. If we don`t hurry up, nobody will survive this!"

The GCF soldiers had meanwhile killed almost all attackers, who had reached the main building, and now, they were in the majority. Some of the Japanese had already escaped, hoping to make it to the jungle alive.

"We can no longer get out through the main entrance. Follow me!", called Frank and jumped out of the window on a porch. B?umer, Madsen and some Japanese looked nervously after him. Finally they jumped too.

They ran with all their might. Behind them, the men heard the sound of rifle fire, while numerous searchlights tried to catch them. Alf got a shot in the upper leg and three Japanese were hit in the back. They did not return fire anymore and just ran with the last of their strenght. After a few minutes, the gate appeared in front of them. It was still open and nobody had closed it during the bloodbath, that was finally over now.

"The Jeep!", shouted Alf, pointing at a vehicle which was behind a hut near the exit.

They jumped into the jeep, and luckily the ignition key still stuck. Five Japanese followed them and climbed fastly into the rear end of the army vehicle to find cover.

Frank started the car and hurtled off towards the exit. Several bullets rattled against the rear and a Japanese was hit in the shoulder. The onrushing GCF soldiers who had already killed all the Japanese around the main building, did not get them anymore.

Frank raced with murderous speed over the muddy access road and after about two kilometers, they jumped into the thicket of the jungle. Meanwhile, countless enemies and even helicopters were upon their heels, while the sound of gunfire could still be heard in the background for a while.

B?umer limped with his bleeding leg and his friend tried to help him as good as he could. The Japanese spurred the two Germans to follow them faster into the dark undergrowth to escape the GCF soldiers.

One of the freedom fighters moaned quietly, clutching his shoulder. Who had survived the perilous assault on the military base and had left the scenario alive, Frank and Alf could not say at that time. Madsen seemed to be dead too.

The sun rose slowly on the horizon behind them and sent some of his rays through the treetops. Around them, they heard the animals of the jungle wake up, chirping, screaming and hissing everyhwere. This night had been a true horror and they just thanked God to be still alive.

"We have to make it to Arume! I hope that they really wait for us there", gasped Kohlhaas and ran through the thicket. He wished that at least the five surviving Japanese would know, where they were now at all.

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