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   Chapter 53 No.53

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A hard strike hit the second man under the chin and he tumbled back. Kohlhaas kicked his opponent in the head with all his might and the soldier became silent. Meanwhile, his comrade tried to pull a gun, but Kohlhaas jumped at him like a panther, ramming his blade deeply into his chest. Finally the GCF soldier collapsed. The young man cut his throat and the dark-skinned man gasped quietly.

A moment later, Frank`s face petrified, because he heard further men, shouting from a distance. He pulled the two motionless enemies into a dark corner, whereby he suddenly heard a quiet, painful moaning. His first victim was still moving and tried to grab his leg with his bloody hand. Kohlhaas stabbed again in his neck until the man made no more sound.

Once again, soldiers came along and crossed the place, where Frank had attacked their comrades. But they did not notice the blood-soaked grass under their boots. They had probably heard wrongly or one of the guards had just made a joke by crying through the night, he heard them say in English. Finally the voices vanished, and Frank breathed again.

"Sorry guys...", he said softly as he took one of the uniforms and a gun. "What have you done here in Japan? These rats of the World Government have just wasted you..."

After several minutes, he left his hiding place in the clothing of the international forces. Now he had to find the gate in the northern part of the camp.

Some soldiers passed him and greeted him in bad English, Frank just nodded and tried to smile. His heart pounded and he clutched the Scanchip of the dead GCF soldier in his pocket which would allow him to open the gate.

The military base was really large, two tanks and several jeeps stood a few meters away from him in the shadow of a big building. Soon, huge billets surrounded him and Frank felt safe for a few minutes. From afar, he saw the main building of the military camp, where general David Williams was probably sleeping.

"All hell will breake loose – in some minutes...", he said quietly to himself.

Frank finally reached the northern entrance of the camp, where about a dozen soldiers were standing in front of a gate. He walked quickly in their direction and said gently: ?We must open this gate! It`s an order of the leading officier!"

The soldiers hesitated and looked at him: ?From which unit you are, soldier? What order?"

?I`m from the…", he paused. "A jeep has to leave this camp...through this gate. Open it!"

Without thinking, he went to the gate and pulled the Scanchip of the dead soldier through the laser scanner. The gate opened immediately. At that moment, two of the soldiers came to him.

?What order? We don`t know anything about such an ord


?An order from general Williams himself! He has sent me!", Murmured Kohlhaas, becoming increasingly nervous.

Frank thought about running to the nearby forest, but the soldiers had already surrounded him and one of them quickly grabbed him at the shoulder.

?What jeep? What order?", asked the man, still staring at Kohlhaas. ?Give me your personal number!"

Frank's anxiety grew more and more. Presumably he was mentally disturbed, in the eyes of the guards, who stood around him. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers had gone to the gate and wanted to shut it again. But he still hesitated, turned around and looked at Frank, waiting what would happen next.

"Give me your personal number, soldier Mgabe!", growled his comrade and pointed at the nameplate on Frank`s uniform. Another soldier stared puzzledly at the traces of blood on the collar of his uniform jacket.

Kohlhaas reacted within seconds. Like a flash, he pulled his gun and shot the men in front of him in the head, then he fired wildly around. The GCF soldiers jumped screaming to the side and tried to find cover. Frank ran toward the jungle, while some bullets flew after him.

?It is open!", he roared at the top of his lungs.

A moment later, he saw many dark shadows, jumping out of the thicket and running towards the gate that was still open. The Japanese came and immediatley opened fire on the group of GCF soldiers in front of them.

?Pttt! Pttt! Pttt!", it hissed through the night, while the first GCF soldiers were hit by bullets. This was the start of the attack.

The "Hukushuu unit" stormed through the open gate and killed the small group of enemy guards within seconds. Kohlhaas could recognize Oda`s black face in the distance.

The 370 men swarmed out and infested the still sleeping camp like birds of prey.

However, they had triggered the infrared alarm and a loud howling tore the silence of the night. The order of the Japanese high command was clear: The elite unit had to move straight towards the main building to kill general Williams, every other enemy should be ignored.

Now the lights were switched on in the barracks, while Frank tried to follow his comrades. B?umer recognized him and waved him nearer.

Within minutes, a wild chaos broke loose. The Japanese fired at everyone in their way and killed numerous enemies. The searchlights of the surrounding guard towers were turned towards to the mass of the attackers and the first bursts of fire came from above.

Frank, Alfred and a little later even Madsen stayed together as a group and hurried from one cover to the next. Some GCF soldiers in front of them jumped into a jeep and tried to start the engine, but B?umer`s MG mowed them down.

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