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   Chapter 52 No.52

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5382

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?We need a foreign soldier, who does not look Japanese!", explained the platoon leader. Alf groaned and let his head sink downward. The Japanese sharply looked at him and finally pointed at Frank.

?You must do this job!", he ordered.

Frank winced and was not delighted by this idea at all. He stared at Oda and asked: "Why me?"

?Because you are the hero of Paris. I know about you!" answered Oda vigorously. "This is an order! Kill a GCF soldier and take the uniform. Then open this fucking gate!"

"Hero of Paris...", whispered Kohlhaas to himself and cursed quietly.

But he could not ignore this instruction. Moreover, Oda held a gun in his hand and seemed to be ready for everything.

?This is an order, soldier! You must obey! You are part of the Japanese army, understand?", hissed the officer and gave Frank a bolt cutter. "Follow me! Now!"

Takeo Oda crawled away, huddled briefly behind a tree and finally crept through the jungle. Frank followed him.

The rest of the unit slowly moved afterwards and hid in the deep thicket. Time pressed now, because the enemy soldiers were still in their beds, except for some guards. But all this could change from one minute to the next.

After half an hour, they had reached the small river which flowed under the fence into the camp. On the way they encountered another platoon, that was already waiting tensely for the attack. Now they had to improvise.

?Demn?chst plant ihr eure Aktionen besser, ihr d?mlichen Reisfresser!", scolded Frank quietly.

Oda turned around: ?What?"

?Nothing! It`s all good!", returned Frank and rolled his eyes.

His heart hammered and the inner tension increased with each step. Now they stood beside the stream which gurgled between some big jungle plants. It was pitch-dark here.

Frank took the bolt cutter and the flashlight and finally jumped into the water. His weapons, except for a knife, he had given to Oda.

?Good luck!", he still heard from his platoon leader, then the Japanese disappeared again.

?Hero of Paris? Fuck you!", thought Frank and swam towards it.

The electrical fence was still over hundred meters away, enemy soldiers seemed not to be in the proximity of the small river, which was surrounded by high plants and trees. This part of the large military camp was probably an "outlying district" and was not sentineled all too well. Frank took a deep breath, dived and was totally desperate. Only the glow of his flashlight could betray him now under the water surface, but he had not yet seen any watchtowers or guards in this area.

Kohlhaas recognized dirt and rotted pieces of wood before his eyes, otherwise the water was just a brown swill

. He was careful and tried to stay underwater, because at some places the dirty water was hardly a meter deep.

The current helped him to get faster into the proximity of the fence. But then it was necessary to take breath. Frank pushed his mouth only a few centimeters out of the water and drawed the cool air into his lungs. At this moment, he was close to lose his nerves.

"Control yourself!", he thought and dived again.

The infrared scan system did not react on him. So he moved forward and finally reached the barrier, which was covered with creepers and mud. Again, he briefly cut surface, in order to breathe, while he hoped that nobody would see the glow of his flashlight underwater. But the jungle plants protected him with their broad, green roof of leaves which was expanding till the electrical fence.

It took some minutes, then he had cut a hole into the barrier and dived to the other side of the fence. Now the was inside the military camp and crawled out of the river. His head pounded and Frank felt dazed.

Shortly afterwards, he heard voices. Two GCF soldiers approached and walked toward the fence. A tall, dark-skinned man called something at his comrade, then they disappeard again.

Now he had reached the outermost part of the camp and hoped that nobody had seen or heard him. He did not know it and became more and more nervous.

?Where can I get a GCF uniform?", he asked himself, whereby the answer was already clear. He had to kill someone. Oda had meant nothing but that. So he crawled under a big wooden pallet with some crates on it. Frank felt that an insect was crawling over his face and tried to shake it off somehow. Finally, the two soldiers came back and were still talking. They spoke a strange language which Frank couldn`t understand, although, it was actually only allowed to speak English in the GCF army.

The young volunteer waited. He had no gun anymore and felt quite helpless under the wooden pallet. Kohlhaas just cursed the whole situation.

The two men stopped and one of them laughed loudly, then they came still nearer to the pallet and started to smoke. Frank confessed himself, that this opportunity was not too bad and crawled loudlessly out of his hiding place. He looked around, carefully, like a predator, otherwise he could not see any other enemy soldiers somewhere.

Meanwhile, the two men, probably Africans, chatted ever louder, while the German took his knife and jumped out of the shadows.

The first soldier got a stab in the neck and roared out loudly. His comrade was paralysed with horror, and the cigarette just fell out of his mouth. A few seconds later, Frank attacked the other soldier.

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