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   Chapter 51 No.51

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The Japanese finally destroyed the front door and hurled hand grenades into the entrance hall. Now also the rest of the unit rushed forward.

A short fight followed, then the central complex was taken. The Japanese searched the building for enemies and killed everyone to leave no witnesses.

"I hope, that nobody had escaped us. Otherwise the main base in the south will be warned", imagined Frank and looked out a broken window.

Officer Oda and the leader of the ?Hukushuu V" platoon conferred in a corner, then they went into the room with the computer systems for the radio station. They destroyed everything and came out again after some minutes.

?We have 30 dead men in both units!", explained Oda with concern.

Some of the soldiers who were already pronounced dead by him, were just heavily injured. But here, in the middle of the jungle, nobody could help them anymore. Time pressed and they had to reach the main base as fast as possible. So the poor soldiers were just left alone – dying. Officer Oda uttered a curse under his breath and finally gave the order to march off.

Frank and Alfred gasped, totally exhausted, and listened to the desperate wailing of a comrade who was lying badly wounded on the ground. There was no more help for him, he would soon be dead – as Frank hoped.

Meanwhile, Kohlhaas tried to think about nothing, because the really bloody part of this operation would start now. He tried to switch off his mind like Oda had done it with the computer system of this radio station. But it did not work...


?Hukushuu II" and ?Hukushuu V" left the radio station, leaving their dead and wounded comrades behind. Meanwhile, the strategic main base of the southern invasion army of the GCF was only five kilometers distant. Everything had to go fast. The two platoons rushed forward and tried to hide as good as they could. ?Hukushuu I" and ?Hukushuu III" had already followed them.

?A large GCF airport is nearby the radio station. I`m sure that they have heard us", worried B?umer.

?We are surrounded by outposts and camps. This is nothing but a fucking suicide command, Alf!", whispered Frank and continued to creep forward.

They entered a narrow piece of woodlands, while they heard a helicopter roaring above their heads. From a distance, they heard some screams too. Platoon leader Oda had meanwhile become ashen and appeared very nervous. Nevertheless, they steadfastly groped forward through the jungle. Madsen came from behind now and clapped Frank on the back.

?We can still play another last chess game. Maybe you will win this time...", he tried to joke.

Kohlhaas just gave him a tormented smile. They needed two further hours to reach the big military base. Finally they could recognize a true fortress.

"Look at this! Killing genera

l Williams? What a nonsense!", ranted B?umer and crawled behind a bush.

"How shall we get in there? And how – get out again?", growled Frank.

They huddled in the morass and it started to rain heavily. B?umer pushed a few leaves to the side and examined the

Military camp. His heart missed a beat, when he saw all the fences, gates and sentry towers in front of him.

"The Japanese high command doesn`t care, if we survive that mission. They just want us to kill general Williams, so we don`t need to get out of this camp again", said the tall man from Dortmund.

Frank had to admit himself that Alf was probably right. The military base was surrounded by a high fence which was additionally secured with barbed wire. Furthermore, it was an electrified perimeter fence with an infrared scan zone of 100 meters. Whoever came into this zone from the outside, caused immediately alarm.

Nevertheless, most of the soldiers in this camp seemed to sleep and only a few guards were outside the large barracks. Apparently, the GCF calculated on its hightech security system.

In the meantime, platoon leader Oda was talking with another officer and appeared quite helpless. It was 3, 38 o'clock in the morning and still dark.

But what should they do now? Just jump out of the jungle and shoot?

That was no good plan. So they just waited in the thicket, while more and more soldiers started to become nervous. Behind them, officer Oda slowly became louder and tried to explain something to a group of Japanese.

?The main building, where general David Williams is sleeping, is in the center of the camp - according to Oda", said Frank and scratched his head.

?The planning of that operation is nevertheless fucked up. What`s up now? ", whispered B?umer angrily.

Shortly afterwards, the Japanese platoon leader came to the foreign volunteers and examined them. Then he said: ?We need non Japanese soldiers to infiltrate the military base. One of you must get in there and get a GCF uniform. Then you must open one of the gates!"

Kohlhaas and B?umer did not trust their ears. He actually wanted that one of them crept somehow into the camp and opened a gate! Oda showed them a layout of the base and pointed at a red spot.

?Someone has to open it! Understand?"

?Damn! What is with that infrared scan zone?", hissed Kohlhaas.

The officer tried to explain it. He talked about a small stream which was supplying the military camp with fresh water from the outside. It was at the other end of the camp and the electrical fence was not charged up there.

Someone had to dive through the water to destroy the underwater barrier. The infrared system could not function under the water surface, as Oda assured. Meanwhile, also Madsen and four other foreigners had gathered around the officer.

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