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   Chapter 50 No.50

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5709

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?Here!", Kohlhaas pointed at a puddle in front of him and dug his hands deeply into the dark mud. Alfred bent down as well and began to rub his face with mud too.

After a few minutes, they looked like orcs, with scary faces and watchful eyes. The platoon still waited for a while until Oda gave the order to sally. Frank tried to heat up himself.

He remembered his father and his sister who had been executed by the rulers of this world, and he thought about his captivity in the holo cell. Slowly, he piled up his inner hate, piece by piece.

When he crept through the walls of leaves of the jungle, he blustered himself into anger. He had to do it, because without rage he was not able to fight.

Kohlhaas drowned his mind in all the bad thoughts and pushed his lower jaw forward, while his teeth twinkled like the tusks of a predator between the bushes.

?Faster! Come on!", platoon leader Oda propelled his men.

The scouts had told him about a small outpost behind the next piece of woodlands.

?Silencer!", whispered the Japanese officer, while Frank, Alfred and the other foreigners nodded and screwed their silencers on their weapons.

Shortly afterwards, they recognized the outpost. About a dozen GCF soldiers stood next to a few sandbags. Behind the emplacement, a small piece of jungle had been cleared and a narrow road was leading into the forest. The soldiers paused for a short moment. Oda gave further orders and his men swarmed out like a wolf pack, encircling the outpost within a few minutes. Frank gritted his teeth and waited.

?Uiek! Uiek! Uiek!"

What sounded like the call of a jungle bird, was the signal to attack. The elite soldiers jumped out of the dark thicket and pounced within seconds on their enemies. Completely surprised, the GCF soldiers emitted only some cries, then they were already perforated by bullets. They did not have a chance against the 100 men who attacked them in the rear. One or two Japanese took their knives to stab all those, who were not immediately dead.

Frank and Alf crept forward and saw a Japanese who tried to cut off the head of a GCF soldier with his machete, while he was snickering insanely.

This guy looked like an Uruk-hai, driven by bloodlust. Officer Oda finally kicked the man in the back and shouted at him. The soldier finally threw his machete away.

"What a psychopath...", commentated Madsen the scenery.

They pulled the bodies of the dead GCF soldiers into the undergrowth of the jungle and continued to rush forward. It lasted not very long until they could see the radio station.

High steel masts rose up into the night sky and the dark silhouettes of some guards appeared in the distance. The platoon stalked up on the complex and stopped then.

Officer Takeo Oda crawled behind a tree and whispered something into his radio. ?Hukushuu

V" probably lay in wait some hundred meters away in another part of the jungle. The attack had to be coordinated again, because it had to be fast, quiet and effective.

After a while, the assault started. Three men from every platoon crawled towards the enemy camp from different sides, in order to cut some holes into the high fence. They made no sound and soon the work was done. Frank believed to hear a quiet clicking in the darkness. A moment later, two big holes were cut into the protection fence.

?Move!", hissed Oda and shooed his men out of the jungle. Like slowly creeping shadows, they encircled the communication station. Suddenly a cry resounded.

Some soldiers of the "Hukushuu V" platoon had probably been discovered by a guard. Several shots followed.

?Shit!", whispered B?umer and scurried with the others through the hole in the fence.

Now the outlines of buildings could be recognized in the darkness and the guards also discovered the other platoon. ?Hey, there!", screamed a GCF soldier and fired nervously around. Officer Oda shouted something in Japanese, while his soldiers returned fire.

?Pttt! Pttt! Pttt!"

The improved silencers which had been developed by the Japanese, swallowed the noise of the fire hail to a great extent. Some enemies tumbled over, while the attackers rushed forward towards the buildings. The headlights of two watchtowers danced among them, then the enemy fired again. A friendly platoon had already reached the buildings and stormed inside. Frank heard cries and some of the men fell to the ground.

?We must reach the hall!", Frank jumped behind some barrels and shot an enemy in the back. Alf, Madsen and some Japanese followed him and the firefight increased.

Soon the main building of the radio station was in front of Frank and his comrades. They moved down a group of surprised GCF soldiers with their assault rifles, while the Japanese threw some hand grenades.

Several explosions followed, cries resounded and further men came out of the smoke, in order to be shot down in the next second. A bullet just missed Frank`s head and hit the chest of a comrade. The Japanese screamed and staggered against some barrels. Kohlhaas looked back in a blink of an eye, but the man was already dead.

?In there!", screamed Frank and shot at the entrance of the building. They killed the last GCF soldiers in front of the hall and finally recognized their comrades of the "Hukushuu V" platoon. Meanwhile, the remaining enemies had entrenched themselves in the rooms of the main building. The men of the "Hukushuu unit" swarmed out between the barracks in the protection of darkness and crawled forward.

Some of them were hit and broke down crying. Shortly afterwards, another volley of gunfire let the windows burst and the GCF soldiers in the main building hit the dirt.

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