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   Chapter 49 No.49

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One of the Japanese googled at them and showed Frank a little bottle. ?No, thanks!", gasped Kohlhaas. He just wanted to rest for a while. Meanwhile, Takeo Oda instructed his men to stay at this place for the next hours. Many of them were totally exhausted, because of the eternal march through the jungle. They slept half of the day in the protection of the large trees and bushes. Not even the drizzle which came from the sky, could awake them. Some of the Asians played some board games which Frank and Alf did not understand.

The platoon leader announced that they would soon reach the communication station of the GCF and the southern part of Okinawa, which was much more sentineled. Meanwhile, the tension started to rise.

When the shadows of the night took the island under their safe wings again, the soldiers continued their march through the jungle. Once, Frank would almost have shot an animal, that had come out of the thicket next to him. He became more and more nervous.

Enemies were not in the proximity, just the other Hukushuu platoons, that followed them quietly at some distance. They always crept straightforward through the thicket for several hours. Finally, the platoon stopped and hid between the trees, till the dusk came again.

"Have you heard something from the others? Where are they now?", asked Frank his comrade Madsen.

?Oda has said nothing. But I think, that the other soldiers are somewhere in the jungle around us", returned the tall man from Varde.

?The radio station is still ten or fifteen kilometers away from us. Dawn is breaking, we should sleep now", meant Alf.

After some nervous hours, the morning sun rose up above the trees. A further marching was too dangerous now, because the hostile presence increased here, in the south of the island, slowly and constantly.

?We must do it all in one go! At first, we must destroy that radio station, and then we must attack the military base and kill general Williams", groaned Kohlhaas and yawned. Madsen still wanted to play another chess game, but Frank and Alfred rejected.

They were too tired to be able to concentrate anymore and just wanted to rest. Meanwhile, the glaring sunbeams got on their nerves and they tried to find a dark corner, somewhere in the undergrowth.

?Buah!", B?umer startled up and put his head to the side. Between some plants a large, twinkling millipede was crawling through the sand, refusing Alf a sleeping-place under its bush.

"These fucking insects are everywhere! Hell!", growled the man.

"This place is full of them", ranted Frank and stood up too.

Beside them some Japanese whispered and volatilely looked at them. Tonight, the bloody and dangerous part of this mission would start.

The enemy was already close. Now it was valid, to attack

fastly and to end the operation in the early morning hours. The other men made a nap or talked quietly, killing time till noontime. Finally, the scouts returned from the south. They told officer Oda that they had counted about fifty GCF soldiers around the radio station.

The platoon leader looked nervously around, took a silencer out of his backpack and stared thoughtfully at his MP5. Subsequently, he crept to his men and gave instructions.

?The radio station isn`t very well guarded, if I had understood that Japanese correctly. This sounds good to me. Nevertheless, there is a high fence which must be destroyed at first", explained Kohlhaas after he had spoken with the platoon leader.

"Yes, we will see, buddy", answered Alf and closed his eyes. Meanwhile, he had a headache, because of the sustained marching and the lack of sleep.

The soldiers tried to kill time. Many of them knew that these hours would be the last of there life. Death was waiting for them, deep in the woods.

Frank regarded his Japanese comrades. Most of them appeared tense and aggressive. But they tried to calm down. Some drank a few sips of sake which they had transported in small bottles in their backpacks.

Actually, alcohol was strictly forbidden and who was caught drinking, got a very hard punishment. But now, this order was ignored by many of the Japanese. Kohlhaas had also observed one of the Japanese who had emptied a bottle of sake, but he did not tell it to the platoon leader. No, he was just silent.

?Fuck it all!", he thought and looked at the cloudy sky which was filled by the afterglow. It was a strange horde of men that had been recruited for this special mission.

Next to Frank and Alf were some Japanese who quietly hummed like in trance, tieing scraps of cloth, which were painted with characters, round their heads.

Others murmured prayers in their alien language, while they rubbed their faces with dirt and mud, staring with hate-filled eyes into the jungle. A soldier came to them and grinned maliciously. He hissed something in Japanese and clapped Alf on the back. That sight, these 100 men, who lay in wait here in the thicket, gearing up for the fight, was really weird. Anger and despair ruled their minds.

The Japanese high command had selected a lot of men who had lost their relatives and friends during the bomb attacks of the GCF, beside the particularly courageous soldiers, who had been noticeable in the last battles. About 40 men were from Kagoshima. And these soldiers had only one thing on their minds: Revenge!

They had obviously already arranged with death. At that moment, Frank thought that he was not really different from these warriors, who were driven by hate and vengefulness. He was just one of them. A lost soul in a lost age.

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