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   Chapter 48 No.48

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5477

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?There are two men on that tower over there!", whispered Alf and pushed some leaves to the side.

?We must somehow cross this road, without being noticed", said Frank nervously.

Madsen came from behind and stared at the watchtower. Officer Oda finally instructed three Japanese to kill the guards on the nearest sentry tower. The soldiers immediately crept away and stalked up on the enemy.

"Shit! There are a lot of these damn towers. If we use our guns, we will warn the whole GCF in the periphery of several kilometers", hissed Kohlhaas and clenched his teeth.

From the corner of his eye, he could see the three Japanese comrades as dark points between the bushes. They carefully crawled forward and crossed the road, about fifty meters behind the watchtower.

It was quiet now, only the distant roar of some jungle animals could be heard. The platoon remained nervously in the wet thicket, between bushes and trunks. The sentry tower was about fifteen meters high and under its roof, Kohlhaas could recognize two GCF soldiers. One of them was smoking and his cigarette glowed as a tiny reddish point in his dark face. Smoke clouds blew away under the roof.

"They climb up the ladder. I hope that they make no mistakes", whispered Madsen quietly. Like creeping cats, the three Japanese came out of the forest behind the watchtower and started to climb up the ladder with supple movements. They made no sound. All the men stared unstrungly at the scenery.

?The first one is already there...", said B?umer silently.

Frank hold his head and felt the excited pounding of his heart. The three Japanese had also rubbed their faces with black mud, what made them look even more scary. Now they had finally reached the top of the sentry tower. Knives were twinkling between their teeth, otherwise their faces were as black as the night. There was no more room for mistakes at that point. They crept nearer, nearer – and attacked.

The first GCF soldier was torn backwards and got a stab in the neck, his comrade turned around with a loud cry and tried to pull his gun. One of the Japanese shot him in the head and the GCF soldier tumbled over – that was not planned. Platoon leader Oda swore quietly. The operation had been much too loud and he had actually forbidden the use of guns.

Shortly afterwards, the three Japanese threw the two GCF soldiers from the tower, climbed downward and pulled them into the jungle. Then they disappeared again.

?Fuck! Just stay down!", hissed Frank at the other men.

Some minutes later, a light cone could be seen, accompanied by the hum of an engine. Finally a jeep approached and calls resounded from a distance. The vehicle stopped and five GCF soldier jumped out of it, t

hen they looked up at the sentry tower.

?Hey, guys! Are you shooting at birds? Are you okay?", shouted one of the soldiers.

Some of the Japanese got ready to attack even these soldiers, while platoon leader Oda brandished his gun and tried to stop them. He was close to a tantrum.

?Iie! Iie!", he whispered and pointed his pistol at the group of undisciplined men.

?Where are you?", came from another GCF soldier who fetched his flashlight and entered the nearby jungle. The silent hissing and whispering in the bushes had made him wary.

?Maybe some animals. Where are the others?"

Now they looked for their two comrades. The soldiers still talked for a while, after they had unsuccessfully tried to establish a radio contact to the two men from the sentry tower. Frank and Alfred could only understand, that they probably assumed, the men from the tower had gone somewhere into the forest. They finally talked about reporting the incident and drove away.

Takeo Oda breathed again, strained his brawny body and told his men to cross the muddy road, quietly and carefully. The platoon crept slowly forward and the three Japanese joined the group again.

?God! That was close! I hope that the other GCF soldiers hadn`t smelt a rat", said Alf silently, follwing the rest of his comrades. Frank and Madsen nodded. The platoon disappeared again into the dark forest.

On the Warpath

The other platoons of the "Hukushuu unit" were already waiting in the thicket since over one day. A bright, thick moon had illuminated the jungle above the elite soldiers till dawn, now she slowly vanished to make room for the coming day.

The ?Hukushuu II" platoon was still in the deep jungle and after a laborious creeping through the undergrowth, it had finally reached Arume. Now the fighters were lurking in a safe place in the thicket, while platoon leader Oda tried to contact ?Hukushuu V" that was hiding in a small forest south of them. After a while, the connection was established and Oda was informed that also the other two platoons had reached the center of the island.

The Japanese high command had arranged that every single platoon had to advance to the main base on its own. So far, this tactic had been successful.

Accordingly, Frank and Alfred were already exhausted and grateful, when they finally got the permission to make a longer rest.

?This damn jungle drives me insane", groaned Frank, unrolled a dirty cover and crept under a bush.

Some ants had been startled because of his unheralded visit and ran confusedly over the sandy ground. B?umer followed his friend and said. ?Thank God, that we have officer Oda, otherwise we would get lost in that jungle. Everything looks similar here..."

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