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   Chapter 47 No.47

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?After the operation, the survivors shall immediately return to Arume at the east coast. They will pick us up there!", said Frank. ?The Japanese have explained it in the camp..."

?I failed to hear that. Anyhow...", whispered B?umer.

The slit-eyed man listened to them with great interest, although he did not understand anything. Now he looked astonished and asked: ?Are you German?"


?What are you doing here in Japan?"

"Fighting for a free world! What else?", Frank grinned and showed the Japanese a victory sign.

Saburo began to laugh. ?In this force are the bravest or most insane soldiers of the Japanese army", said the man and pointed at some of his comrades. ?Do you know, what I mean?"

"Yes! I see that!", joked B?umer and looked around.

Indeed, some of the men here seemed to be the right personal for a suicide squad. Suddenly the officer returned and made a hand gesture. The platoon had to march on.

After a while, they stopped and waited again for the darkness. Officer Oda had contacted the other platoons and Frank heard his whisper somewhere under a bush.

?I hope they haven`t discovered our comrades yet. But if they creep through the thicket like swamp rats, as we do it, that whole operation should sail smoothly", said Frank to himself.

The advance was very slow and quiet. The soldiers cautiously moved forward and only the clamor of a swarm of birds resounded through the twilight. Mosquitoes buzzed around their heads, otherwise it was just dark and quiet. Shortly afterwards, they heard a quiet splatter in the distance, it was a river. The scouts had already talked about it.

?Damn! And now?", grumbled B?umer.

A black watercourse blocked their way. The other soldiers cursed in the worst Japanese.

?We will have to swim!", said Frank and threw his backpack on the ground.

Oda talked with some of the men and they slid into the dirty water and reached the opposite side of the river just barely. One of the Japanese was almost torn away by the stream, but his comrades could hold him.

"I don`t want to know, what ugly critters live in that swill!", remarked Frank and B?umer nodded.

Then they waded through the water too. A few minutes later, they reached the other side. The river had stopped the platoon for a long time, but finally all soldiers crossed the obstacle safe and sound. Now they were soaked to the bone. Meanwhile, the scouts had run ahead and came back to the platoon a little later. They were nervous.

?There is a small enemy outpost, one kilometer southward!", they told the foreign volunteers.

The platoon leader ordered his men to wait here at the river, while he studied a digital map. Then he said that they should bypass the outpost and creep along the river. The two me

n from Ivas ranted and Madsen came to them. They had marched for a while, when B?umer suddely felt a stinging on his lower leg. Immediately he pulled up his pant leg and Madsen borrowed him a flashlight.

?Igitt!", exclaimed Alf and saw a fat, black leech.

?I will do that...", said the Dane, took his knife and cut off the parasite. Alf shook his leg and was disgusted, while the blond man started to grin.

?Sapporo, submarines, jungles! What is next?", muttered B?umer.

Madsen laughed. ?Leeches always look for the sweetest humans..."

?Very funny!", replied Alf and plodded through the night. An hour later, they had bypassed the outpost and entered the deepest jungle again. About 15 to 20 miles still lay before them. Time passed and the monotonous march through a sea of bushes, leaves and trees began to debilitate them.

In the periphery of several kilometers, there was only wild nature, untouched and free from any civilization. Japanese settlements existed only at the seacoasts. The probability to be discovered by the enemy, under a close roof of leaves, was small, here in the north of Okinawa.

Nevertheless, they could not be careful enough. Meanwhile, many Japanese had rubbed their faces with black mud and looked like demons, lurking in the darkness of the jungle. Their clothes were still wet and they were sticking on their skin like the tongue of a slimy bullfrog. Fortunately, it was pleasantly cool and not like that sticky as in the hot season of the year.

After the soldiers had waited under some giant, old trees, they finally came to a glade. The jungle had probably been cleared here some years ago. Now they looked at a few barracks which were covered with creepers. A torn and rusty fence surrounded the rotten buildings. This camp had been a part of the test area of the U.S. army in former times, and served them now as some kind of landmark in the deep jungle of northern Okinawa.

Meanwhile, the other platoons of the "Hukushuu unit" had made their way to a near area, still waiting for their comrades who were wading through an endless appearing sea of plants.

?We are now near Higashi, the town is in the West!" explained Oda. "At Higashi there is a bigger GCF base. We must be careful!"

They waited for the dusk. From now on, as the platoon leader had decreed, they would only march in the blackness of the night. They finally reached a broad, muddy road which interconnected Ogimi and Higashi. The scouts disappeared between the leaves of the jungle plants and the rest of the platoon waited. After half an hour, the scouts returned and excitedly reported that the road was flanked by several watchtowers, which were posed in the distance of some hundred meters. Oda told the soldiers to crawl quietly forward.

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