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   Chapter 46 No.46

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Frank and Alfred did the same and lay on their backs for some minutes to look at the beautiful sky. It was just great! Countless shining stars could be seen at the firmament above the Pacific. Frank started to dream for a short moment.

The platoon leader finally came and restored silence and order. Whisper or even whoops were strictly forbidden, in order to safe the operation from any enemy attention. A Japanese soldier who had uttered a loud cry, because of his ebullient joy, was beaten down by the furious veteran.

Then the officer waved the soldiers nearer and let them hide the dinghies in the thicket of the nearby jungle. Shortly afterwards, everything was calm again. The submarine had meanwhile disappeared in the dark water.

?The submarine that has transported the ?Hukushuu IV" platoon has been hit by depth bombs, they had to return to Toyohashi!", told a Japanese. "Now we are only 400 men on this island!"

B?umer scratched his head and growled: "Okay, one of the submarines has been hit! More than hundred men less! Shit!"

?I hope for them, that they will make it to Toyohashi", said Frank.

The soldiers quietly followed the officer into the undergrowth of the jungle which covered this part of the coast. It was calm, nobody seemed to have noticed them. Only some birds could be heard in the distance. The platoon was now in the north of the main island of Okinawa, and advanced slowly into the deep jungle. After approximately one hour, they rested and ate. The platoon leader came to his soldiers and introduced himself to them.

?I`m Takeo Oda, your officier!", he told Frank and Alf, smiling coldly.

No one of the soldiers made a sound, most of the men just tried to sleep. Frank thought about all the little creatures which were crawling through the undergrowth in this jungle. After a while, he became nauseated. Nevertheless, he also made a short nap.

A few hours later, they continued their march. Platoon leader Oda sent out some scouts who told him in the early morning hours that Oku, a small town near the coast, was close to them. Again they rested in the thicket, while platoon leader Oda huddled under a big tree with a DC-stick in his hand.

The three other platoons of the "Hukushuu unit" had meanwhile also gone ashore and had disappeared into the jungle. ?Hukushuu I" and ?Hukushuu III" had come out of their submarines near the town of Bise. The ?Hukushuu V" platoon had entered the jungle of Okinawa near Kayo. The most important military base of the GCF was in the south of the island, therefore, Frank and Alfred had the longest way to go – directly through a large sea of trees and leave


The other platoons should wait for them and had to hide somewhere in the thicket until their comrades appeared. Many of the old U.S. military bases had been given up in the year 2015, and the jungle had already retaken these places.

Creepers were slowly growing over concrete walls and billets, covering everything with a green carpet.

Nevertheless, the GCF had built new bases elsewhere, that had to be vacated after Matsumoto`s takeover. Meanwhile, they were in the hands of the World Government again.

The current headquarter of the southern invasion army had been called ?Camp Foster" in former times, and had already been used by the U.S. army. The most important communication center of the enemy was just north of the main base, at the coast near the town of Kadena.

This target had to be destroyed at first. Over 60 kilometers of impenetrable jungles still lay before the men of the "Hukushuu II" platoon, however, they were relatively safe here, because the presence of GCF soldiers was small in this region.

In former times, there had been a wide training area of the U.S. army, where the soldiers had learned jungle warfare, but today, only a small GCF outpost had remained.

The scouts came back and were already quite dirty. Platoon leader Oda looked nervously at the thicket around him and tried to contact the other platoons with a coded radiogram. Finally, the soldiers crept on through the deepest jungle and disappeared.

It was relatively cool and it started to rain, but the muggy tropical heat of the summer months was not missed by the soldiers. Again the troop had a longer break and the soldiers made another nap. When it slowly became dark, they continued to march southward.

Frank was angry about the fact, that the platoon leader had forbidden them to make a little campfire. He crept back to Alf and waited again, while some Japanese sat down beside them.

?I`m Saburo!", said one of them and gave Alf a cigarette. B?umer smiled and was more than pleased because of this gift.

?This jungle is fucked up!", remarked Frank.

?Yes, in the Second World War, there was a great battle on Okinawa", told the man.

"I know!", answered B?umer and took another pull on his cigarette.

?How many GCF-soldiers are on this island?", asked Frank the Japanese.

The Asian cocked his eyebrows. ?I think about 30000 men!"

?What?", Kohlhaas seemed to be shocked. ?30000 GCF-soldiers?"

?Commander Oda has told me that!", said the Japanese and sorrowfully looked at Frank.

"If the whole thing ends in a disaster, we can try to swim back to Lithuania with a damn hooker!", muttered Alf cynically.

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