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   Chapter 45 No.45

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5693

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Now, Kohlhaas went into another part of the submarine and could recognize Madsen behind a steel ladder. Next to the Dane stood a Japanese officer who googled at Frank and the young man seemed to give him the creeps. No wonder, because Kohlhaas was walking around like a zombie, still with an ashen face.

"Madsen, are you okay?", stammered the claustrophobic volunteer. The Dane tried to smile and clapped Frank on the back.

"You look like dead, man. What`s up?", asked Madsen.

"I just...hate places like that...", complained Kohlhaas.

?I understand you. I also don`t like submarines. But we will get out here – soon!", explained the Dane.

Suddenly the submarine stopped and the light was immediately switched off. Even the monotonous noise of the engines abruptly became silent.

?What the hell is happening now ?", asked Kohlhaas and panic crept into his guts like a worm.

?I don`t know!", said the Dane. Some of the soldiers around Frank whispered secretly in the darkness, while a Japanese officer quietly snarled at them.

?Damn! Shut up!", he hissed.

This was a terrible moment. Kohlhaas believed to hear the quiet swoosh of the sea, but this could not be. Probably they had been located by an enemy warship, because now the submarine just slid through the water. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang while the submarine tried to reach a greater depth. At a single blow, it was perfectly quiet – and pitch-dark!

Only a few soldiers could still be heard somewhere, they were whispering something in Japanese. Alf came along the dark corridor and touched Frank`s shoulder. "Be calm!"

It lasted about twenty minutes and Kohlhaas felt, as if he would be strangled by this horror. He could hardly breathe and just huddled somewhere on the cold ground.

Shortly afterwards, another explosion let the submarine quake and Frank fell on his back. Some of the Japanese soldiers cried up and were thrown over the dark corridor. And the fright continued.


A further detonation shook the water at some distance and the submarine slowly crept deeper and deeper. Silence ruled again. The hull of the submarine began to creak and suddenly the scared face of a Japanese came out of the darkness, right before Frank`s eyes.

"They got us!", whispered the Asian, Kohlhaas winced.

"Depth bombs...", said Alf quietly and wiped off the sweat from his brow.

Another explosion resounded in greater distance, while the submarine increased its speed and seemed to rise upward. However, the light was not switched on yet.

Then it accelerated and Frank heard a loud crunch. Then the light came back and the soldiers exhaled. Frank thought that he had already been devoured by a terrible kraken, to be spit out again. It was over, as he hoped.

"We are still alive, my friend!", said Madsen and smiled.

They fina

lly crept through the narrow corridor back to their places and were totally exhausted. Around them, some Japanese had already vomited and an ugly stench stung into Frank`s nose.

It was more than unpleasant, down there in the deep sea. One of the GCF destroyers had briefly located them and had finally tried to hit them with depth bombs. What had happened to the other three submarines, they did not know at that moment. Nevertheless, Neptune had saved their asses this time.

The two men from Ivas could not remember, how many hours the submarine was already diving through the Pacific. Maybe it was late afternoon, at the surface. Meanwhile, the submarine had come closer to Okinawa in the greatest possible depth, and it was still underwater. Furthermore, it was possible that the GCF destroyers were still there – searching for them. But the biggest part of the GCF fleet was in the east and south of the Japanese islands, while there were only a few warships in the proximity of Okinawa.

However, endless hours in this submarine followed and the soldiers slowly became nervous and panicky. One of the men, already close to insanity, was beaten down by a Japanese officer, because he had attacked his comrades.

Who cried loudly or hammered against the steel walls in panic, got very hard punishments by the troop leaders. Kohlhaas pinched in his flesh until it hurt, or just bit in his arm if the fear threatened to explode. Alf tried to care for him and urged his friend to behave disciplined.

Finally, an officer came along, passing the nervous and sweating soldiers, and explained: ?We will leave the submarine in two hours!"

All men groaned. Still two more hours in that damn sardine can. Subsequently, the soldiers of the ?Hukushuu II" platoon should swim to the beach with rubber dinghies, at dead of night. Meanwhile, the time seemed to pass slowlier than ever before. At 2.00 o'clock in the morning, the submarine finally emerged and a wave of gladness seized the men inside.

The soldiers packed their bags, took their weapons and made themselves ready for the mission. The hatches of the submarine opened squeaking, while a beautiful starlit night sky appeared above the heads of the men. Frank and Alf were overjoyed, like the rest of the soldiers, when they could draw the fresh sea air into their lungs. It was like a rebirth. The dark coast could hardly be recognized and was still a few hundred meters away. Now the soldiers jumped into the dinghies and paddled as fast as they could. Soon they had reached the beach and finally felt firm ground under their feet. They were more than happy at that moment. No matter, what would expect them in the next days. The men who had reached the mainland at first, hopped over the beach, full of joy, and dug their fingers deeply into the damp, salty smelling sand.

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