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   Chapter 44 No.44

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5304

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?Heavens! Then we are in the "revenge unit". It becomes better and better", said Frank sardonically and Alfred shook his head again. The three soldiers still played another chess game, then Madsen went to bed. Alf fell asleep fastly – and snored loudly, as always. But Frank was not able to find sleep in this night. "Revenge unit" – this did not sound good...

The Jungle Calls

Firing practices and a revitalization of hand-to-hand combat skills determined the next four days in the military base, then the 500 soldiers were brought to the port. In this last night, before the beginning of the important mission, Frank had slept very badly again and had dreamed of all kinds of unpleasant things. So he was still bleary-eyed, when the trip started. Five smaller submarines of the Japanese navy which had had heavy casualties in the last weeks and months, during the sea-battles against the GCF in the Pacific, expected the elite soldiers at 6.30 o'clock in the morning, at the port of Toyohashi.

It was raining and a cold wind was coming from the sea, roaring over the coast. Meanwhile, the submarines were actually too old for the regular army and had only a transportation function. In the last months, they had brought food by the ton to regions that were blocked by the GCF fleet.

Now they should bring 500 soldiers to a highly dangerous mission on Okinawa. Frank and Alfred felt not very well, when they recognized the submarines in the harbor basin. Above all, since his captivity in the holo cell, Frank suffered under claustrophobia.

"Shit! No, I won`t go into that can!", whispered Kohlhaas and stared at the submarine in front of him, frozen in terror. Shortly afterwards, a hatch was opened.

"Get a grip, Frank! This mission will be much worse. Just keep cool", answered him Alf. A Japanese soldier crawled out of the submarine and waved the soldiers nearer. Meanwhile, Kohlhaas thought of running away for a second. He imagined to be in that narrow sardine can, surrounded by a bunch of crazy, aggressive Japanese with innumerable cubic meters of water above him. The young man broke out in a cold sweat and looked at Alf, seeking help. Then the first soldiers already flowed into the steel bellies of the submarines. Frank tried to switch off his mind and simply followed the other men. Finally he came in, sat down and held his breath. Now there was no more possibility to get out and the hatches were closed again.

Here they sat now, over 100 soldiers who hardly knew each other. Deep inside the guts of that terrible steel thing. Compressed, like cockroaches in a long pipe. The air was stifling, the light faint, F

rank felt like in a coffin.

However, Alf seemed to be much more calm, although he also could not hide all signs of tension and nervousness. Furthermore, the most Japanese soldiers felt the same. Some of them were ashen or even vomited.

It was strange, they all were on the way to a deadly mission, perhaps a suicide command, but the most soldiers here seemed to prefer a bloody fight at the surface to a trip through the dark depths of the Pacific. Shortly afterwards, Frank heard the engines hum and the submarine slowly started to move.

"From one pile of shit to the next...", moaned Alf and tried to make a nap.

"How can you think of sleeping – in such a situation? Are you not nervous?", whispered his friend with surprise.

At this moment, Frank had loved nothing better than smacking that tall guy from Dortmund in the puss.

?Well, I can nevertheless try to snooze. Why not?", said B?umer and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Frank was baffled.

?You would even snooze on the way to your own execution, right?", came from Kohlhaas. "Ignorance is bliss..."

Frank fumbled with the buttons of his uniform jacket and examined the Japanese full of sorrow. In situations like this, he just admired partner. The submarines were not the newest anymore, but they had nevertheless some kind of "cloaking device", that made it difficult to locate them underwater.

Hours passed and Frank believed that he would lose his head during the trip. He bit in his arm and tried to concentrate on nothing but the pain, in order to forget that he was in a submarine, somewhere in the depth. This almost drove him insane. Around him, the Japanese also became more and more nervous. Where were they now? Through which wet darkness did this submarine slide in this minute?

?That steel thing is like the holo cell. I am trapped here – forever! Want to get out, out, out, out!", he whispered quietly and stared at the hatch next to him. "Getting out! Hell! My arm hurts...bite in my arm...Shit!"

Now his friend prodded him. Frank turned around and his face was as white as limestone.

"I don`t feel...feel cooped up..."

?No problem, Alter!", said B?umer quietly. ?Just try to calm down!"

"I will walk...walk around...must move and walk...That damn sardine can, holo cell, coffin..."

The young man gasped loudly and struggled through a group of Japanese soldiers, while the Asians grumbled something in Japanese behind his back. It was all the same to him. Frank just had to walk, had to move his body.

It was so damn tight, narrow, cruel in this submarine. How long did this trip already last? Two hours? Three hours?

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