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   Chapter 43 No.43

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Yes, I wish that he would be stupid enough to do us such a favor. That would be outstanding, because then, we could finally say to the people: "Look at this evil dictator! He is a danger for all of us!"

But Matsumoto is not naive, he is no little idiot, who would ever make such a strategic mistake. No, he is waiting for us. Nevertheless, even if he would drop his few atomic bombs, he wouldn`t have a chance against our arsenal of nuclear weaponry..."

The World President turned away from his guests and showed them the back. The meeting of the Council of the Elders was scheduled for 20.00 o'clock, and it would probably become very unpleasant for the leader of the World Union.

After a while, the guests left the room and only the World President remained in the dimness of the conference room, staring ruminatively into space.

?In not later than three months, I want Matsumoto`s head!", had been the last, his visitors had heard before they had left the conference room behind them.

Frank and Alfred had found an interlocutor. Carsten Madsen, one of the three foreign volunteers who had been assigned to the ?Hukushuu II" platoon. Madsen was accommodated in the neighboring billet and the two Germans visited him this evening to play chess. The soldier brought a small chessboard and had already defeated Alf for the second time. Now he was waiting for Frank, as his new opponent.

Madsen was a very tall, strawberry blond Dane from Varde. The former farmer who probably was around forty, was a little expert of the chess game, and also Kohlhaas had no greater chance against his skills. The Dane could speak German fluently.

?I have already been in Berlin many years ago", said Madsen to Frank and smiled.

"It`s a shithole, isn`t it?", answered Frank.

?Well, Denmark is a shithole too, like the rest of Western Europe!", returned the Dane and his bright eyes sparkled thoughtfully. ?Once, I have been a farmer in Denmark, but I had to sell my manor some years ago..."

"What has happened?", asked Alf and stared still brooding at the chessboard. Madsen scratched his head, then he returned: ?The politicians have the land economy…What is the German word?"

?Agriculture!", explained Kohlhaas.

?They made the agriculture broken. You understand? My family became indebted and finally we lost everything. I couldn`t survive any longer as a farmer. So I sold the house of my father and all my property", described the Dane. ?You understand?"

"Yes! And then?"

?Well, my wi

fe left me and my daughter came into a house for children without parents, because I was too poor…", told Madsen and seemed to fume with rage.

?Orphanage! Such a house is called orphanage, my nephew is in an orphanage too", explained Frank.

"Orphanage...okay...", said the Dane. "When this war started, I have immediately joined the Japanese army. I don`t have to lose anything, understand it?"

"Yes, sure!", returned Kohlhaas.

?These fucking bureaucrats made me finished! Laws against the farmers they have made!", vociferated Madsen.

While they talked, some of the Japanese soldiers examined them with distrust. Frank looked around and could recognize a man, who was playing with a knife, trying to cut himself on the arm.

"What`s up with that guy?", Kohlhaas pointed at the Japanese who was huddling in a corner.

Perhaps he is gaga!", said Madsen.

Now the Japanese started to hum a song and continued to cut himself on the lower arm, while blood flowed in thin threads down to the ground.

?I`ll have a look", remarked Alf and went to the soldier.

"What do you do with that knife, buddy?", he asked.

Suddenly the Japanese glared at him and muttered something in Japanese.

?Don `t hurt yourself, my friend!", said Alf, but the strange guy ignored him, still humming a song. Meanwhile, he had carved some characters in his lower arm. Then he jumped up, staring at B?umer.

?Kore wa watashi no ai desu!" The Japanese showed him a photo of a woman.

?Watashi no ai!", he shouted again. Finally he started to grin insanely and brandished his knife.

Madsen came from behind and Frank followed him, the other Japanese soldiers were silent.

?The photo, I think it is his wife, his love. Whoever! Maybe she has been killed", said the Dane and asked the two Germans to leave the man alone. "We can`t help him..."

?Kore wa watashi no ai desu!", screamed the Japanese and kicked against the wall. Then he jostled B?umer away, left the billet and howled loudly. Some drops of his blood had come on Alf`s uniform jacket. B?umer shook his head.

"This guy is freaked out. I hope that he won`t attack us one day..."

Madsen tried to calm his comrades and Frank finally asked him: ?You know some Japanese words, isn`t it?"

?Only a few...", answered the Dane.

?Do you know what ?Hukushuu" means?", inquired Kohlhaas.

Now the Dane took a small dictionary and looked for "Hukushuu".

Shortly afterwards, he explained: ?It means ?revenge" or even "retaliation"..."

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