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   Chapter 42 No.42

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?We already exceeded the budget for this war with nearly 20 billion Globes, three weeks ago. I ask to consider this!"

The World President sullenly declined and looked again at the GSA boss: ?Mr. Sandler please!"

?In the north of Japan, Sapporo stands shortly before the fall. They can`t resist us any longer, and when this important city is taken, our armies will march on to Honshu, Sir!"

?How is the morale among the soldiers?", asked the World President now.

Sandler took another document out of his briefcase, then he waited for some seconds.

?Well, internal GSA studies unfortunately speak of a sinking morale. The forced recruitments in China and Korea don`t bring us much sympathies in these regions. Furthermore, the new troops which we have recruited in Africa and Russia are quite undisciplined and their fighting spirit isn`t very high too."

"Despite our daily war propaganda?", asked the World President with surprise and narrowed his eyes to slits.

Shortly afterwards, the media tycoon Zacutoni from Italy tried to describe the situation more exactly: ?Mr. World President, it is not easy to induce men from Africa to die for us in Japan? Or also men from Russia? Why should they give their lives on the Japanese battlefields for our interests? We can`t do more, than sending war propaganda all day long..."

"Increase the propaganda!", hissed the World President and banged on the table. "Make a great victory out of everything! Preach them that Matsumoto wants to destroy the whole word, including fucking Africa and everything else!"

?However, many people just don`t believe our propaganda anymore. No matter how often...", answered Zacutoni.

?Bullshit! These animals believe everything if we scream it into their ears. We just have to scream it often enough!", grumbled the leader of World Union and slowly became angry. "What shall I tell the other members of the Council of the Elders, Mr. Zacutoni? That the masses don`t believe us anymore?"

"It seems to me that some mistakes have been made during the preparation of this war", remarked a subordinated Lodge Brother now.

The World President stood up from his place and his face became a malicious grimace. He stared at the man with growing anger, while the Brother winced and immediately became silent.

"Mistakes? Are you serious?", he inquired spitefully.

"Well...", returned the man, but he was interrupted.

?Mistakes were made? Do you really want to say that the Council of the Elders is able to make mistakes? What do you think, brother?", hissed the World President, being cl

ose to a tantrum.

The subordinated fellow started to sweat and asked his master for forgiveness, but the World President was still staring at him with an evil eye, and finally chucked the man out. The other guests were silent now. After a while, the GSA boss was requested to continue with his report.

?If no unexpected incidents appear, Japan will be smashed in a few months. Nevertheless, there are signs of a counterattack in the south of the archipelago", said Sandler.

?Counterattack?", asked the World President doubtfully.

"Well, it seems to be so. If the informations of our agents in Japan are right. But we don`t know anymore details yet…"

Now GCF general James Bright added some informations: ?In the next days we will start with our bomb attacks on the region around Tokyo. Furthermore, our fleet will bombard this area with missiles. It is only a question of time until Japan will be defeated. Don`t worry, Mr. World President!"

"I hope so!", murmured the man behind the desk. "I give you the order to destroy the Japanese armament industry as fast as possible!"

"Thus, many arsenals are already subterranean. It is just a fact that Matsumoto`s preparations for war are better than we have thought in the beginning. But Japan will fall, there is no doubt about it."

The World President closed his eyes and breathed deeply, then he said: ?We won`t take prisoners anymore! Liquidate every Japs! All you can get! Everyone - even civilians! If necessary, we will exterminate that damn folk!"

?As you please, Sir!", answered the general baffledly.

"Yes, as I please, general! We won`t play games anymore. I don`t have to tell you the consequences if Matsumoto really wins this war. We have said to the world, that we will make an example of Japan – and now, we have to make it! You got that?"

"Why do we still avoid the use of nuclear weapons?", asked one of the other guests.

"Not because of any - humaneness!", snarled the leader of the World Union. "But we have to make the next important step of the Great Plan, and the use of nuclear weapons just doesn`t fit to this step. The next step will be the implementation of the implanted Scanchip. We have an image problem and nuclear weapons are just not the right thing to solve it!"

?In addition, Matsumoto has nuclear weapons too!", said Scott Cohen, the banker from Miami.

?Pah! I just wish that Matsumoto would be that stupid to attack us with some atomic bombs! This would be great! Then we could make some nice compassion propaganda out of all this. Crying children, the whole program.

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