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   Chapter 41 No.41

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5632

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Now he smiled and said: ?Welcome here! I`m Isamu Kaito, the commander of this army base! From this place we will bring you to the special mission on Okinawa islands!"

"Okay!", returned the two volunteers. Then the talk was over and the Germans were brought to the barracks. About a dozen other soldiers were also there. They just nodded briefly and ignored the two new ones.

The next day, they were woken up, together with 498 other elite soldiers, by loud screams which came from the drill ground. Most of the men were Japanese, some of them looked like dangerous criminals, staring at everyone with a sinister eye.

These soldiers were another kind of men, as the Japanese in Sapporo. Now an officer ran over the drill ground, positioned himself in front of the unit and roared something in Japanese. Finally, the English translation for the 20 foreign soldiers followed: ?You are now a soldier in the Hukushuu-unit! Follow me!"

The soldiers were brought to another part of the large military base. Shortly afterwards, the men sat down on in a big hall and saw an enormous screen in front of them. The officer immediately began with some strategic instructions, first always in his own language which could be understood by over 90% of the unit.

Then briefly in English: ?Hukushuu-unit! We give you now the orders for the special mission!"

A map appeared on the screen and the officer explained: "This is Okinawa!", he said. "Our Okinawa!"

The Japanese shouted something like a battlecry, the officer nodded and smiled defiantly. Now he spoke Japanese again, and forgot to translate it. But it must have been no important things, as Frank thought.

"How shall we come to those islands?", whispered Frank.

"Search me!", hissed B?umer back and tried to understand something.

?This is the headquarter of the Southern army of the GCF!" The officer pointed at a red point on the screen. Then he continued with his explanations.

?What did he say?", asked Alf after a while.

?He said that our unit will be devided in five smaller platoons of always 100 men. Moreover, every platoon will be brought to another place of Okinawa", told Frank, while the Japanese in front of him turned around and signaled that the whisper went on his nerves. So the two Germans were just silent and listened.

?There are a lot of small GCF camps all over the main island, so be careful!", they heard.

Meanwhile, Kohlhaas examined the other soldiers. This unit seemed to be more than weird. Maybe some of the guys here were the best soldiers of the Japanese army, but others just looked totally desperate. One or two appeared even psychopathic.

?We will bring you to Okinawa with submarines!", elucidated the officer now.

"With submarines?", Frank was astonished.

After that lecture which had l

asted about one hour, the Hukushuu-unit was finally divided in five platoons.

Frank and Alfred were now a part of ?Hukushuu II", that should destroy an important radio communication system, apart from the attack on the military base. The two men looked at each other, when the lecture was over. This all sounded extremely dangerous. And it would be another trip to hell. Frank was sure about that.

Only a weakly shining office lamp sent some light through the conference room, where the World President was waiting for his guests, otherwise it was dark. The leader of the World Union sat behind his desk and played with a gold-plated ballpen. Sometimes he briefly looked out the window of his splendidly equipped mansion in the south of Washington, just counting the minutes.

For this evening, the Coucil of the Elders had cited him to a discussion – about the Japanese war. The politician was also one of the 13 members of the highest committee of the hierarchically structured worldwide organization, but today, he had to explain himself in front of the 11 other gray eminences, whose names the publicity had hardly ever heard.

In the reason, only 12 persons were present at these meetings, and were "real" persons, because one chair always remained free for ?him", the symbolic and spiritual master of the organization.

However, the World President waited and became more and more nervous. What would the other Elders want to hear from him today? Were they still content with his work? He played the serene man, when the door finally opened and his guests entered the large conference room, welcoming him submissively. As usual, he just showed them his cold smile.

These men brought the newest messages from Japan. They took place and Ben Sandler, the boss of the GSA, finally started the conversation: ?Mr. World President, I would like to begin with the official casualties of our armies!"

The World President interrupted him immediately. ?Well, Mr. Sandler, please don`t waste my time with this stuff. I`m not interested in that, and the Council of the Elders isn`t interested in that too. So just tell me the important things!"

Sandler looked up, opened a briefcase and fetched some documents, then he continued: ?Hiroshima could be taken this morning. General David Williams assured me that also Kobe will fall in the next two weeks. Subsequently, our troops will besiege Kyoto and Osaka.

Osaka will be completely destroyed, not only the numerous factories of the Japanese armament industry, but also the rest of the city. Moreover, general Williams plans a similar destruction as in the case of Kagoshima."

?Nice!", muttered the World President.

?I would like to add something...", remarked Theodor Newman, one of the most powerful bankers of the sector "North America".

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