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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Kohlhaas inquired: ?Why did you choose us?"

The general just simled. ?You have made the bomb attempt on governor Wechsler and general Takeuchi has told us that one of you has killed a high rank GCF officier!"

"They even know us here!", said Frank to his friend.

?The special mission is very important in this war. You will go with 500 other men to the islands of Okinawa..."

"To Okinawa?", Alf was surprised.

?Yes, to Okinawa!", repeated general Tatemono und pointed at the map behind him.

?Why shall we go to…", Frank was just disturbed, but the Japanese cut in.

?On Okinawa is the headquarter of the southern GCF army. Your mission is to attack this headquarter and to kill general David Williams."

"What?", B?umer gaped.

?Yes! You and 500 very brave soldiers of the Japanese army will do this special mission! Have you understand?"

The Germans nodded, and Tatemono slowly became more exact. He explained that the front in the south of the central island of Honshu was at the point of collapse. Hiroshima had been conquered by the GCF and soon probably Kobe would be besieged.

Matsumoto`s high command planned to start a counterattack in the next weeks. At present, more soldiers were recruited and the Japanese arm industry worked at full speed.

The counteroffensive in the south of Japan had to be a success, as the Japanese explained, because a failure could lead to a military disaster. Shortly before the start of the counterattack, the commander-in-chief of the southern GCF invasion army should be eliminated by a special unit. The Japanese hoped to bring thereby confusion into the chain of command of their enemies.

"This mission is very, very important!", stressed Tatemono and stared at the two Germans with a serious look.

Shortly afterwards, he explained that time was pressing and extensive bomb raids of the GCF, on the densely populated area around Tokyo and Yokohama, would destroy the most important armament factories in the long term.

So far, the GCF had just attacked this region with their missiles from the warships and apparently the enemy had planned to start the great land invasion on Honshu with massive airstrikes.

Furthermore, Sapporo was close to capitulation and in the south were Kyoto and Osaka, likewise important centers of the Japanese armament industry, the next targets of the aggressors. Frank and Alfred just listened. That mission seemed to be, more or less, a suicide command, but ?Kamikaze" had already a long tradition in Japan.

?My men will bring you to the military camp Toyohashi! Good luck!", said the general before he left them al

one again.

Frank and Alf got into a jeep and were brought to Toyohashi. Their Japanese driver immediately started a conversation.

?Are you from Germany?", he asked.

?Yes!", answered Alf.

?Don`t worry. Toyohashi is a more or less safe place. Not many GCF bombers there", said the soldier, turned around for a second and smiled.

?I hope so!", whispered Kohlhaas.

?My name is Gosho, ha, ha…", said the Japanese.

Now the two volunteers from Ivas introduced themselves too.

?Gosho, from Hitachi. Do you know where Hitachi is?"

"No!", responded Alfred irritatedly.

?North of Tokyo. North. I live there with my wife Yumi. She is very beautiful."

"Why can`t this guy just shut up?", muttered B?umer and nudged his partner.

?What is the name of your wife?", Gosho turned around.

Frank hesitated for a short moment, giving Alf a wink and answered: ?Julia! She is blonde and very nice!"

"Ah! Blonde! Good!", said Gosho from Hitachi.

?And your wife?" Now he talked to Alf.

?Eh…" B?umer pondered. ?Steffi, she is also very nice and has huge tits!"

The Japanese was puzzled: ?Huge? What is huge?"

?Big! It means ?big"!", explained Frank and grinned.

Gosho looked at the driving mirror and perked his eyebrows up, then he laughed loudly and the vehicle nearly span out of control.

?Steffi!", whispered Frank and clapped B?umer on the back. "Idiot!"

The little smalltalk about various futilenesses lasted the entire trip, and after a while they reached the military base. The garrulous Gosho laughted for a last time and finally said goodbye to the two Germans.

Now they had to report to commander Saito. The Japanese officer was very friendly and looked like an old samurai. His skin was fair and his face extremely thin. He just looked somehow European. Probably he even had some European blood, nevertheless, 3500 years ago, some tribes from Europe had migrated to Eastern Asia and had in fact reached Japan.

"He has Sakian ancestors!", joked Frank and examined the Japanese.

?Sakian what?", muttered Alf.

"A long time ago, several Indo-Germanic tribes came to Eastern Asia. The most important tribes of that group were the Sakians and the Tocharians. They were of European heritage and many of the nobles and kings in ancient China, Korea and Japan were Sakians or Tocharians. Even in old Mongolia. I have read it in one of Wilden`s books", explained Kohlhaas.

"You know a lot...", returned Alf and looked surprised.

The commander harrumphed and tried to listen to the coversation of Frank and Alf. But they talked German and so he could not understand anything.

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