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   Chapter 39 No.39

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5021

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Frank gasped and pressed the receiver against his ear, while Wilden continued: ?Japan is like a single viewer in a fully occupied cinema hall, during a propaganda film. This viewer suddenly jumps up in the last row and screams: ?This films doesn`t show the truth! It shows us lies! Don`t believe them! They lie!"

All the other viewers are just silent and believe everything they tell them, but this single man shouts out the truth.

Do you really think that we will be safe forever? In our nice, little Ivas? Do you really believe this? "

The young man remained silent and Wilden explained: "If Japan will be crushed by the Lodge Brothers, the most important fortress of rebellion will be destroyed too. Japan is a world power, it has a high technology and can achieve a lot. It points the way for others, it is our light, our hope! Never forget that!"

"But I can`t stand it anymore. My nerves…", said Frank.

?I wish, that I could help you, my friend. But it is your task to carry this burden – and I know, you will not break down!"

"I`m no hero, Thorsten. No, I`m just an ordinary, little human with a wasted life. From where shall I take the strenght for this eternal fight? Maybe I′m driven by hate, but hate is not the right motivation. The world system has murdered my father and my sister, and it has destroyed my own existence, but I`m full of doubts, Thorsten..."

Wilden tried to calm him. "My boy, we all have our hate. With good reason! But not the hate shall guide you, Frank. The faith shall be your leader!

But mind, Japan is our burning torch of hope. Soon our enemies will even come to Ivas, and they will strangle all free life under the sun in the long term.

What they plan for the future, is still more terrible than our present. They will increase the surveillance and the oppression, everywhere! And finally, they will come to Ivas to destroy it too.

Those devils plan to brand humans like animals, with implanted chips. They plan to kill billions of people with hunger and epidemics, so that they can control and enslave the rest much easier.

Do you want that? If we don`t stop them, there will be no tomorrow for no one! I have told you, who they are, Frank. They are the children of satan! Just look, what they have done to Germany, and Europe, and the rest of the world. But this is just the beginning of that hell on earth the want to bring upon us!"

Kohlhaas groaned and said: "I just want to come back home. Maybe you are right, Thorsten, but Sappo

ro was a nightmare!"

?Today, the battle is fought in Japan, and tomorrow perhaps at another place, but we must fight it. There is no other way", answered Wilden.

?How`s Julia doing?", asked Kohlhaas now.

?Well, she is already standing behind me and is waiting for you", said the village boss laughing. ?Now talk to my daughter, Frank! I`m more than proud of you, bye!"

The young man still talked to Julia for almost one hour and her voice was like balsam for his maltreated soul. Julia told him, that they all already looked forward to Christmas.

They were baking cookies and even a Christmas tree stood in their living room now. For a short moment, Kohlhaas imagined to be at home, far away from this terrible war. But then he remembered that he was still in Japan – and here was no Christmas. And the only one who gave gifts here, was the Grim Reaper.

Special Mission

After breakfast, Frank and Alfred left the house of the Taishi family. Some soldiers of the Japanese army picked them up and brought them to an outlying district of Tokyo. Here, in an underground command post, they should receive the next informations concerning their special mission.

An officer with a scarry face welcomed the two volunteers at the entrance of the base, led them through a weakly illuminated tunnel, opened a steel door and said: ?Come on! Go in there!"

The soldier closed the door again from the outside, and the two Germans looked around in the half-dark chamber. Frank hated rooms with solid steel doors since his time in the holo cell.

In front of them was an empty desk, behind it was a map, which showed a group of small islands. Suddenly they heard steps and the door was opened again. A Japanese in the uniform of a general entered the room.

?I`m general Sasuke Tatemono from the army of Japan!", said the Asian and distrustfully examined the two foreigners. ?Frank Kohlhaas!"

?Alfred B?umer!"

After they had introduced themselves, the Japanese sat down behind his desk.

?You are here to take part in a very important special mission! Do you understand?" he explained and browsed in some documents.

?What did he say?", asked B?umer.

?Er sagt, dass wir an einer Spezialmission teilnehmen sollen. Sehr wichtig!", translated Frank quietly.

?The Japanese army command is looking for brave soldiers all over the country. We have chosen you, Frank Kohruhaas and Arufred Baumer!"

"Sie haben uns als tapfere Soldaten ausgew?hlt...", explained Frank and Alf nodded.

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