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   Chapter 38 No.38

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 4668

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Those who had still remained in the city, had to stay in cold house ruins or had fled into the endless metro tunnels, which were soon overcrowded with freezing and hungry people. Now the high command of the GCF had arranged, that all life in Sapporo should be wiped out with more and more chemical bombs. General Takeuchi already knew that the end was near.

He thought about hara-kiri and said to himself, that he had lived long enough. There was no more hope for him and the rest of his army. His old samurai sword which he had once gotten from his father, was always lying at hand, beside his bed. And it was only a question of the time until he had to use it.

?Frank, nice to hear you! How are you?", Wilden was beside himself with joy, when he heard Frank`s voice on the phone.

"I`m not dead – so far!", answered Kohlhaas soberly.

?What`s up with Sapporo? Things look black, right? I have seen a report on television...", said Wilden, but he was interrupted.

"Things look black! Right!", returned Frank. "But Alf and me are back in Tokyo. Thank God! That was like hell, and it is even worse now. All are hungry and freezing. The city will fall – soon!"

"You are at Masaru?"


"How`s he doing?"

"How? He feels like shit, his son is dead!"

The older gentleman at the other end of the phone line was quiet for a short moment, Frank heard him inhale.

?That`s terrible. I don`t know, what to say..."

?Another fallen hero!", said Frank cynically. "Anyhow, Taishi`s son is but one of many. Now, I`m waiting, when death finds me..."

"Don`t say such things, Frank! God, I`m so happy to hear your voice, boy!"

"What`s about the rest of our men from Ivas? Have you heard something, Thorsten?"

The village boss was silent again. This augured ill. ?After Baastfeldt, also Dennis Müller has been killed. His brother got a shot in the shoulder and lies in a hospital in Matsue. His wound became inflamed, but he will probably pull through. The others are still alive. Sven wrote me that his unit has withdrawn to Honshu and is in Hiroshima now. There are still heavy fights, as he says!"

?Dennis Müller is dead too?", inquired Frank again.

?Yes, unfortunately… "


?He also wrote me! Rolf was evacuated from Abashiri and is now in Morioka!"

?Okay! Now tell me, Thorste

n, how could Taishi know about that bombing in Paris?"

Wilden hesitated and seemed to look for an answer. "Well, Frank...I just told him some...I'm sorry!"

?Pah! You have probably boasted with Alf and me, haven`t you?"

?I'm sorry!", returned Wilden, somehow embarrassed.

"Shit, but we can`t change it anymore. In the future, I expect a bit more discretion from you!"

"Okay! Sorry again..."

Frank said nothing for half a minute and looked around in the dark living room of the Taishis. The family was not at home on this evening, because Mr. Taishi had suggested a trip to the cinema, hoping that his wife and his daughter would get some more diverson.

?Thorsten, now explain to me again, what we do here in Japan! But in an understandable way please!"

At the other end, Wilden brooded and looked for a suitable answer. ?Why do you ask me that now, Frank?"

"Why? Because I`m only surrounded by death and pain, since weeks. We kill them or they kill us. We defended any streets in Sapporo, in a city...Shit! I have hardly heard of this fucking city before all this insanity. Now tell me! What is the sense of all that fucking killing in that fucking doomed country, Wilden?"

The village boss paused and listened to Frank`s silent wheeze. ?Do you like to live a free life in Ivas?", he finally asked.

?What has Japan to do with Ivas?", grumbled Frank nervously.

?Well, just think, if you defend the street ?X" in Sapporo, Tokyo or somewhere else in Japan, you would fight for Ivas, for Berlin and for the whole world!"

"I shall think that? I shall think that, when I`m surrounded by dying women and children? When I shoot, stab and slay people? When I look into the glassy eyes of my comrades who got some bullets in their heads?"

"Frank, Japan is not "any" country, it is "that" country! It is the only country on earth which has freed itself from the World Government. It is that bulwark of freedom. If Japan falls then all our hope falls too.

All people who are pursued and tormented by the henchmen of the World Government look at Matsumoto and Japan in these days.

They think to themselves: ?The Lodge Brothers are strong and have all the power in their hands, but they will fail against Japan. Japan will defeat them, because they are no gods, they can also bleed, fail and die!"

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