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   Chapter 37 No.37

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5711

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After a while, they came to a terrarium full of little rodents, lying everywhere behind the pane. The animals had large, yellow teeth and a rough brown fur. They dozily looked at the visitors, giving them not too much attention.

How relaxed these little things were, as if there would be nothing evil in the world! The rodents looked just nice, and even Nanami had to smile for a short moment.

Subsequently, they went to a cafe in the center of the zoo and tried to relax too. Mr. Taishi brought Frank and Alf a hot cocoa.

?Will Sapporo be conquered by the GCF?", he asked Kohlhaas after they had drunk up.

?Things look black... ", remarked B?umer, while he was hit by the venomous look of Mrs. Taishi.

She said something to her husband in Japanese and was again close to tears. Masaru stared at his German dictionary and was silent for a second.

?Please, say nothing more about this war, okay?", he whispered. Afterwards, Mr. Taishi tried to direct the attention on other things, the Tama zoo was big and there was still a lot to see. They stood up silently and walked to an enormous hall full of colorful, loudly screaming birds. And there were insects too: Ants, hairy spiders, millipedes in considerable sizes and so on.

Thereupon, they went into an enormous complex with large aquariums. Sharks stared at them through the thick panes and swarms of multicolored fishes passed by. Mr. Taishi told Alf something about fish species and tried to find the right German words.

?When I was a child, I have fish with my father often. Understand?", said the Japanese

?Fished…You have fished...", said Frank.

"Fished!", explained Taishi. ?Japanese fish much!"

"Something like that...", Kohlhaas smiled.

A moment after, Avaka took her husband to the side and walked away with him. She was crying again and her husband embraced her. ?We must go now home. Avaka does not feel well!", said Masaru and waved his guests nearer.

A new week began and a officer of the Japanese army asked the Taishis about Frank and Alf. The man explained that the two men should be brought to an army base in Chiba till the middle of December. But he still didn`t talk about that "special mission".

In the evening, they all got a good message, that even pulled Mr. Taishi out of his state of mourning and lethargy for a short moment. Another revolt against the World Government had started on the Philippines. In the most important city of the country, Manila, a large crowd had besieged and finally attacked the seat of government.

Police and military could just barely quell the riot. Even some GCF units, had to be withdrawn from the south of Japan, in order to restore order on the Phillipines. Apparently, the population was also there no longer content with the policy of the World Government. The Japanese media spoke of an "open rebe

llion against the slave owners" and declared their solidarity with the rebels.

In the following weeks, there was even a bombing at a GCF base in Manila, with several deads. The Japanese television glorified the revolt to a "great victory", while the international press spoke of "terrorism" and "fanatics".

However, it was a fact that the GCF had big problems to find new recruits in China and Korea. Meanwhile, the World Government pressurized the sub-governors of the Asian regions more and more. Finally, a forced recruitement was commanded, what led to public protests in some parts of Asia.

"This rebellion is a great success, even for Japan!", called Mr. Taishi and stared at the TV screen. His wife hissed something in Japanese and left the living room. The two guests didn`t say anything.

Then, Masaru looked at them and turned the television off: ?Avaka says, it is my fault that Kazuko has gone into war! But it is not true! I did not want that!"

?Which mother ever wanted that?", answered Frank quietly.

Mr. Taishi started to cry and brought a bottle of sake from the kitchen. "Perhaps, my wife is correct. However, my son Kazuko wanted to go to the army!"

Masaru`s wife finally returned and started a loud controversy with her husband. She seemed to be close to another emotional outbreak and was still streaming in tears. Avaka Taishi had not understood anything of the conversation in German, but she just knew that the had talked about this bloody war again.

Frank and Alfred went out of the room and left Masaru and his wife alone. Shortly afterwards, they heard the couple screaming and crying below. The two volunteers stayed for the rest of this day in their rooms. While the hours passed in depression and hopelessness, and Frank also mused about the sense of all this, the GCF started another great attack on the meanwhile flared out and tired Japanese soldiers in Sapporo.

Hardly 200 men of the "Niho no Yari" unit were still fit for action, the rest was dead or was lying heavily injured in the overcrowded military hospital barracks of the destroyed city. Frank and Alfred were glad that they had escaped the hell of Sapporo. Nevertheless, this war had already prepared the next bloody nightmare for them.

It was on 14.12.2031, when hundreds of thousands of GCF soldiers overran the outlying districts of Sapporo, and drove the defenders back to the inner city. It was a disaster. Now the Japanese entrenched themselves in the ruins and were waiting for the end.

Meanwhile, the food supply had completely broken down and an icy winter tormented the soldiers, while the shadow of death came slowly over them. Parts of the civilian population tried to flee to Honshu, through the few gaps in the circumvallation of the GCF. But the were massacred in great numbers by general Schwarzer`s soldiers.

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