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   Chapter 36 No.36

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Kohlhaas had a short look at the room and finally saw Mrs. Taishi, drowned in tears, in front of a photo of her son. Now everything was clear. Kazuko was dead. She noticed his presence and looked up at him.

?Come in, Frank!" she sobbed. ?He is dead. My son Kazuko is dead!"

Kohlhaas had no words, her voice sounded like a swarm of wasps, jabbing into his ears.

?I feel sorry for you, Mrs. Taishi!", said Frank and tried to find a better answer.

?Okay! It is not your fault!", whispered the mother. ?Please leave me alone, my friend!"

He crept again back into his bedroom and quietly locked the door behind him. Now he knew it. Alfred had already anticipated the harm yesterday.

In the next days, Frank and Alfred tried to help the family where they could. They washed up, vacuumed the living room and did a lot of other things. That was probably their way to show something like condolence. However, it helped not very much. The house was still filled with an enormous cloud of mourning and depression, and all their help could not change the cruel fate of this family.

Mr. Taishi had gotten the message of the death of his son one week ago. It had been inconceivably terrible and the Japanese family had almost lost the nerves.

Mrs. Taishi had broken down and since this terrible day, she took countless tranquilizers and pills, in order to get along. Sometimes, Frank and Alf heard the three Japanese argue, on other days Mrs. Taishi just screamed hysterically.

Even an emergency ambulance had to come once, because the woman had collapsed. This whole situation was worse than the Saporro front for the two Germans. Finally, Mr. Taishi asked them if they would prefer a hotel, but Frank told him that they could deal with all this.

Often Mr. Taishi said to himself that his son had fallen for a better Japan, but these slogans, even if they were true, could not take the pain from his soul.

?He was one of best students of Mathematics in university!", he told Frank, completely whacked and always crying.

"I just have no words...", answered Kohlhaas quietly.

"Okay!", Mr. Taishi wiped off the tears form his face and tried to hold his nerves. ?Today we all go to Tama zoo of Tokyo. The whole family Taishi and their guests Frank and Arufred!"

Alfred nodded and gave the man another handkerchief. Perhaps, it was no bad idea to concentrate the thoughts on that. The grief would still come to the Taishis - often enough. Frank Kohlhaas knew this feeling all too well. The holo cell and the following liquidation of his father

and his sister had given this feeling to him a million times.

?These rats, they just force this madness upon these good people. Just for money and power...", he hissed quietly. B?umer agreed.

"Do you think that dead people are still living in another form? You understand?", asked Taishi with a tearful smile.

"Well, I hope so. I hope that we will live on somehow after our death", returned Alfred. "Basically, I`m sure!"

?Then Kazuko is still here. He will also go with us to Tama zoo!", said Taishi, embracing B?umer with tears in his eyes.

The visit of the zoo brought them some kind of ?fun". At least, it drove the sadness back, for a short moment, and gave them some diversion.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Taishi still looked like a corpse, pale, with a bloated face, always close to another breakdown. Occasionally, Masaru Taishi had to give her some pills.

Nanami Taishi, the daughter, was silent and, so far, Frank and Alfred hadn`t seen her all too often. Except for a short welcome, when they had arrived, they had never talked to each other.

Meanwhile, she had become totally quiet and just looked around with her sad eyes. Actually, she was a pretty woman and probably about 20 years old. But now she appeared, as if all the pain of the world was lying on her shoulders.

Nanami was often at her boyfriend in the neighboring district, so that the two guests had nothing to do with her. If they had understood Mr. Taishi correctly, she also studied in Tokyo. Today, however, she was joining that strange trip to the zoo.


Mr. Taishi pointed at a group of gray giants behind a high fence. One of the animals, probably a bull, roared in deafening loudness and the other elephants went out of its way. Perhaps, this elephant was some kind of ?World President" in this compound. Shortly afterwards, they walked away and only Mr. Taishi talked to Frank and Alf. His wife and his daughter just trudged behind him, never saying anything. Sometimes Frank heard them cry quietly.

The Tama zoo was gigantic and impressive, all animal species of the world, at least those which had not yet been exterminated, could be found here.

Fishes, reptiles, mammals and multicolored birds en masse. The wolves with their shining white fur pleased Frank particularly well. He had never seen so many animals in his whole life before.

In his hometown Berlin were primarily rats which dwelled the garbage cans and the canalization. Those disliked creatures had followed the great decay of Germany`s former capital in the last decades.

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