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   Chapter 35 No.35

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Finally, he sat down on a golden throne which was adorned with diamants and ornate images. One of the servants came to him and said: ?Noble gentleman, great hero, welcome to this place! Today we will crown you, as you deserve it! You are a true hero, a benefactor and liberator for all human beings!"

Now the others began to cheer again and called his name. Kohlhaas smiled proudly – and a bit arrogant.

Meanwhile, even more dignitaries came from the rear part of the hall, in order to give Frank his regalia. One servant carried a sceptre, wrapped up in a cloth of silk. The other dignitary had something roundish in his hand - probably the orb, but it was also covered with a cloth.

Two other servants followed. One man had a meal tray in his hand, covered with a golden cap, while the other one raised a royal crown.

The servants came to the golden throne, bowed again, and one of them said: ?Noble Mr. Frank Kohlhaas, today we want to celebrate your coronation! You will be the king of the free people!"

Then the man beside him added: ?You are a liberator of mankind, a heroic warrior, a messenger of the coming, golden age!

"Now you are the king of the free people, Sire! Are you glad?"

Frank nodded and spoke: ?I am happy and I will be a worthy king to you! And now, give me the regalia which are entitled to me and let me taste from the meals which you have prepared for me!"

?As you wish, Sire!", answered the servants and the first of them came up the stairs. He pulled the sceptre out of the silk cloth and said: ?Sire, this shall be your sceptre! It is made of the bones of your unborn children. They could never be born, because you had no time for a family. Only war has ruled your life!"

Then the second man followed: ?Sire, here is your orb! It is the skull of Julia Wilden, that woman who has loved you a whole lifetime. Unfortunately, you had never had the time to answer this love, because only the eternal fight has ruled your thoughts!"

Finally the third servant came to Frank and showed him his crown. ?Your crown is made of the bones of those who have followed you into battle and have died in your name!"

In a final step, the last dignitary lifted the golden cap from the meal tray. Frank frightened, because a heart and a brain were lying on it.

The servant smiled and explained: ?Eat these tasty meals, because they have already been a part of you, Sire! You have given them to us, many years ago, so that we can crown you today!"

The young man jumped up from his throne and called: ?What is that? What`s about all these terrible things you show me here? I thought, that I would become the king of the free people..."

A loud murmur went through the spectators of the ceremony and many of them looked at Fr

ank with a lack of understanding.

The dignitaries finally chorused: ?Sire, did you really believe that you could become a king without making sacrifices?"

Kohlhaas woke up, startled and looked around. Nobody was there, except for Alf and some snoring soldiers. The young man left the tent and ran through the cold night. It was still raining and Frank felt alone...

Grief and Doubts

On the next day, Frank and Alfred were brought from Sapporo back to Tokyo with a transport aircraft. The flight was smooth and nothing happened. The airplane flew over one of the few places in the south of the Sapporo which were, more or less, still safe.

The two men had a last look at the destroyed city and were just glad to leave this hell alive. General Takeuchi had finally said goodbye to them, as well as many other comrades. Furthermore, Takeuchi had thanked them for their valor in the fights for Sapporo.

Bravery medals decked their uniforms now. Both men were just silent and thanked God that they were allowed to leave Hokkaido behind them. Frank was so tired that he snoozed during the flight and only woke up, when they were near Tokyo.

The Japanese high command had arranged that they could stay again at the Taishis for the next month. Afterwards, that so called "special mission" was planned, but the whole thing was still top secret and they got no further informations.

The former businessman picked them up in the city center of Tokyo, shook their hands and drove home with them. But Masaru was taciturn and appeared depressed.

?Are you all right, Mr. Taishi?", asked Frank.

?No!", returned Taishi and quietly stared at the street.

The Japanese accompanied his guests into the house, briefly explained the fact that they could stay from now on in two rooms on the upper floor, and just walked off.

Frank and Alfred went up the stairs and didn`t see Mr. Taishi for the rest of the day. Taishi`s wife had also just briefly welcomed them, and had finally disappeared too. Something was wrong.

On the next morning, their host hardly said a word during the breakfast and also his wife and his daughter were silent. They wished the two volunteers a nice day and drove away with their car. About noon, the came back again.

Frank asked Alfred to stay in his room, because the Taishis obviously wanted to have their peace. They behaved very strangely. Frank furthermore assumed, that Mrs. Taishi had cried before the breakfast. She was, like the rest of the family, apathetic and depressive.

Frank and Alf did not ask, but already had a bad boding. The former child`s room of Kazuko, the son, was directly next to Frank`s bedroom and in the evening hours, the German heard a quiet sobbing, when he was on the way to the toilet.

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