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   Chapter 34 No.34

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Takeuchi slowly calmed down, stopped smirking and finally behaved like a real general again.

"The Japanese army wants you for a special mission. You will leave Sapporo and go back to Tokyo!", explained the commander-in-chief.

"What mission?", asked B?umer.

"They will tell you everything in Tokyo. You will leave Sapporo tomorrow! Good luck!", Takeuchi just said.

Then the conversation was over and the Japanese general looked authoritative again. He shook their hands and bowed out.

The two volunteers went back to the camp. Beyond doubt, hey were happy to leave Sapporo, but want meant Takeuchi with "special mission"? Frank mused, scratched his head and looked at Alf.

"That was strange, wasn`t it?", said Kohlhaas.

"This is true enough...", answered Alf.

Kohlhaas stopped walking. "Alf?"


"Who the hell is Rambo?"

"Rambo?", B?umer rejected the question with a shrug of his shoulders. "No idea!"

At this night, Frank walked through the streets of Sapporo for a last time. The soldier nearly reached the inner city. He just wanted to be alone for a while and had told his friend, that he would soon be back in the camp. It was raining and snowflakes already came from the dark night sky, while a cold wind was cutting through his clothes. Nevertheless, Frank always just walked straight ahead. Sapporo, the metropolis with its 2.5 million inhabitants, seemed meanwhile to be empty. Many of the beautiful houses were totally destroyed and somewhere, far away, he could hear the grumble of detonations. The young volunteer was depressed and wistful, in spite of the praise of general Takeuchi.

?What is the sense of all this?", he constantly asked himself. ?Holding Japan, holding Sapporo, holding any streets?"

At a house entrance, beside him, Frank recognized a Japanese woman who was wrapped in tatters, holding her child in her arms. She sang a beautifully sounding song in her alien language.

Frank stopped for a moment and considered her. The woman smiled, but her face looked sad and sickly. Kohlhaas just smiled back and finally walked away.

When he came to one of the larger shopping streets, he could recognize men who pulled corpses out of the mountains of rubble. They just piled them up like firewood, in order to burn these remains of human life.

The sight was terrible and Frank closed his eyes, hoping, that this horror would spare him. He had seen many dead men in the last weeks, but this sight was a much bigger torture for his soul.

?It is worth it?", he whispered quietly and went back towards the


?Would this world be a better place, if I could rule it?", it bored in his head.

It was gloomy what had happened to this former beautiful city. Everywhere lay rubble, debris and corpses. And there was no end of this insanity in sight.

?Just because the Japanese wanted their freedom? All that bloodshed, that pain, that destruction for the interests of a small group of greedy devils…", he mused.

?And I don`t know if I really want to stop you anymore. I can`t suffer this any longer, I don`t want to fight, to kill, any longer. If I am a hero, then a hero is just pathetic! I would say to my son: Become everything in your life, but never a hero!"

Even the Maruyamapark was lonely. There was nothing here, nothing but dark trees without leaves and rain-soaked meadows. Frank sat down on a bench and stared at the ground.

?This horror eats up my soul. I want to get out…", he whispered. "Out of this dying city, out of this doomed country."

A little later he went back to the camp, where Alf was still waiting for him. He said nothing, just crept into his sleeping bag and stared at the concrete wall next to his head.

One hour later, finally, Frank fell asleep. But another weird dream was waiting for him in the depths of his mind…

Frank hoped that it was no dream, because it was great! He rode on a wonderful, white horse, dressed in a noble garb, towards a wonderful shining castle of pure ivory. Around him, the people cheered.

Men, women and children worshipped him and called his name full of joy. The girls, at the side of the road, were beautiful like angels and threw multicolored flowers at him. ?Frank Kohlhaas! You are our deliverer! You are our king! God bless you!", they shouted.

The young man proudly looked at the people and waved his right hand which was in a fine velvet glove.

?Crown him! Our deliverer, our hero! Frank Kohlhaas!", shouted the girls and threw more and more flowers at him. The horse carried Frank nearer to the wondrous castle and dignitaries, wearing velvet and silk, finally opened the gates.

"Come in, great king!"

All bowed to Frank and one of the servants said: ?Welcome to your coronation, Sire! Mankind has never seen a greater hero than you!"

Frank grinned and just nodded. The man was right, thought Kohlhaas. Honor to whom honor is due!

Then the young man strutted over some long stairs which led into a splendid throne room.

"You are our redeemer! Let us crown Frank! He shall be the king of the free people!", he heard the damsels and servants call everywhere.

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