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   Chapter 33 No.33

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He often doubted in these days that Alf and he would ever come out of this hell alive. But their fate had planned another task for them. Frank should experience it in the course of this hopeless day.

It was after 18.00 o'clock, Frank and Alfred had just swallowed another slop, tasting like nothing, when their Japanese platoon leader came to them. The man looked for Frank Kohlhaas, as he explained in broken English.

"You!", he pointed at Frank. "You will coming with me, understand? General Takeuchi wants talking with you!"

The two volunteers from Lithuanias looked at each other and Frank followed the officer. They went through some devasteted streets and finally came to Takeuchi`s provisionally command post.

This was the residence of the Japanese general, that dirty, ruined house. Takeuchi already seemed to wait for his guest. When Frank entered the room, the veteran smiled and fetched a bottle of sake out of a wooden box, then he asked Frank to sit down. The general gave him a sip of Japanese rice wine, still smiling. Both men examined each other.

Some minutes later, Takeuchi began the discussion: ?One of the Japanese soldiers has told me that you have killed a high rank officer of the GCF!"

Frank nodded and showed Takeuchi the ID tag which he was carrying in his pocket since days - like a trophy. Kohlhaas put it on the table.

?I have killed this major general of the GCF!", he said. Takeuchi perked his eyebrows up and regarded the identification tag more exactly, then he grinned and gave Frank a wink.

?Major General Martin Chirac. He was an important man of the northern GCF army. Good work, soldier!"

?Thanks!", answered Kohlhaas, while the general gave him another glas of sake.

?You are Frank Kohlhaas?"

?Yes, Sir!"

?Where are you from, soldier?"

"Litauen...Lithuania...But I`m German..."

"German? Ah! German soldiers are brave!"


?Deutsche Soldaten sind gute Soldaten! Ha, ha!"

?In the olden days…", Frank smiled.

"Woher sie sind?"

?I`m from Berlin!"

?Berlin, nice city…", meant the Japanese.

?Not in our days!", said Frank with a shake of the head.

The third glas of sake followed and both men became even more relaxed. Takeuchi, that embittered veteran, was suddenly garrulous.

?What is your contact person here in Japan?", he asked.

"Mr. Masaru Taishi from Tokyo!"

?Okay, I will call him and ask him about you. Please come back tomorrow and we will talk again..."

Kohlhaas was more than surprised about that conversation with general Takeuchi. And Alf did not know, what to make of the whole thing too.

Finally, after a longer skat game, they went to bed. This night remained calmly, except for the usual bomb explosions that could be heard from a distance. On the next day, general Takeuchi let the young man call again. He seemed to be very excited and welcomed Frank with a broad grin. Again, he fetched his sake and gave it to his soldier. A moment after, he banged his fist on the table and laughed loudly.

?My God! You have killed Leon-Jack Wechsler?", he shouted and was all smiles.

Frank winced und just swallowed. Then he tried to grin.

?Yes! My friend Alf, and me!"

"You are Rambo, ha, ha!", returned Takeuchi. "Do you know Rambo?"

"!", stammered Frank.

The Japanese stopped him with a wave of his hand, grinned even broader and preked his eyebrows up.

?Doesn`t matter! This was only a joke! But who is Aruf?"

"Alfred B?umer...I call him Alf. He is my best friend and he also fights in the "Nihon no Yari" unit!"

"Oh!", general Takeuchi seemed to be delighted. ?He is also here?"

?Yes, Sir!"

?The men who killed Wechsler in Paris, ha, ha! Nice!"

Shortly afterwards, even B?umer had to come and the commander-in-chief of the Japanese army of Sapporo bombarded him with questions. B?umer drank some glasses of sake with the general too. Meanwhile, Takeuchi grinned from ear to ear.

?Ha, ha! Nice! Nice!", it resounded through his office.

Frank and Alf became a bit thoughtful. How could that Japanese know about the bombing in Paris? Who had told him, that they had killed the governor of ?Central Europe"? ?Wilden! It was Wilden!", it flashed through Frank`s mind. ?He had told it to Masaru Taishi, and Taishi had told it to Takeuchi on the phone!"

After some demands, the general confirmed that he had heard everything from Taishi. At that time, the bombing in Paris had even been on Japanese television.

Wilden had probably bragged with them once again. That was not the exemplary secrecy he always talked about. But Taishi had not said a word about the bombing in Paris. Frank slowly became angry. What had Wilden said to his Japanese friend?

Perhaps: ?Hey, Masaru! Ich will send you my little superstars!"

However, that general in Sapporo knew everything and was apparently completely enthusiastic. It would not have taken much for begging them for some autographs.

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