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   Chapter 32 No.32

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5362

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Frank threw another hand grenade into a side room and jumped away. An explosion let the house shake again, while screams and shots resounded around him. A moment after, a Japanese with a flamethrower came through the front door and burned every enemy in sight. Suddenly, a wide-eyed GCF soldier with a dirty face staggered over the corridor and fired indiscriminately around. Frank and Alfred jumped sidewards, returned fire immediately and finally killed him. Shortly afterwards, the fight for the house was over.

B?umer illuminated the man with his flashlight. ?That was a GCF officer, look at the uniform! Perhaps, this house was something like a command post…"

Frank bent down to the dead soldier and took the identification tag from his neck. ?Major General Martin Chirac" was engraved in it.

?Maybe a bigger number!", said the young man and grinned proudly. He let the ID tag slide into his pocket and showed it later to a group of Japanese soldiers who admired him for his "kill".

Alfred finally became angry and meant, that this major could be "his shot" as well, because he had also been on the corridor and both men had fired at the same time.

The counterattack had been a success and the GCF troops had been blind-sided in the most parts of Sapporo. On the next day, the street fights still continued. General Daniel Schwarzer finally gave the command for an ordered retreat and the GCF left Sapporo again.

Now, the Japanese war propaganda made a mountain out of a molehill, because Matsumoto needed news about victories more than anything else.

The Japanese television averred that they had routed the enemy - like the mongols in the battle of Kyushu. They finally prophesied that Sapporo, the "fortress of freedom", would never fall.

"Sapporo: Great victory over the slave hordes of the Lodge Brothers!", headlined Matsumoto`s press on the next day. The reality was, however, far less spectacular. The GCF had been driven out of the city – that was all. Nevertheless, Sapporo was still under siege and the hunger slowly came over the whole city. Furthermore, the merciless barrage went on, day by day...

Leaving Hell

The northernmost metropolis of Japan had always been famous for its spectacular snow festival, where talented artists from all over the world had delighted the people with their artworks of ice.

Often, their skillful hands had let the visitors of the city be astonished. They had formed Japanese temples or enormous animals out of the material, what was distinctive for Sapporo during the winter months: Ice.

This year, the snow festival was canceled and the people of Sapporo had other things on their minds, for e

xample the question, where they would bring the countless corpses, covering the streets of the city. Furthermore, how they would safe the living from the coming hunger crisis.

For the next days, it was quiet again on the fronts. No attacks of the GCF, no counterattacks of the Japanese. Daniel Schwarzer, the commander-in-chief of the northern invasion army, was just waiting.

Then, it started to snow, became bitterly cold and the food supply finally broke down completely. For some days, the city center was attacked with chemical bombs which were much worse than every infantry offensive. Thereupon, some Japanese pilots tried to destroy the GCF artillery in the hinterland, but they were not very successful and most of them did not return alive.

General Schwarzer planned to burn his enemies out like rats in a dugout. If they would not surrender, Sapporo would become a city of death. Chemical weapons, even poison gas, had always been doomed by the international media and the World President. As ?great humanists", the polititians of the World Union, had nothing to do with such cruel weapons. But all that was not worth the paper it was written on. However, the media just hushed up the use of these bombs. Only the people of Sapporo knew the truth.

Frank Kohlhaas huddled in a dark corner and pressed the hands before his face. His friend, Alfred, was out to look for a telephone or an Internet access. Otherwise, nobody else was in the cold, destroyed house. The young volunteer withdrew into himself and still mused for some hours.

The hunger tormented him, his neck and head hurt, and in the early morning hours of this bleak day, he had already cried. He missed Julia Wilden so much and had her picture in his mind since days. Yesterday night, his dead mother had visited him in his dreams. She had told him that everything would be good some day.

?You will still live for a long time, my boy!", she had said to him with her tender voice. And finally, she had hugged him.

Occasionally, a Japanese soldier came into the bombed out house, in order to look for a comrade. Frank tried to behave calmly, and hoped that nobody would see him cry. He was anyway ?the hero" who had killed that GCF major. Meanwhile, even the Japanese talked about him, admired him.

The GCF artillery had already shot poison gas shells at the city center of Sapporo several times, what had caused a giant tragedy. Meanwhile, a yellowish fog had slowly spread out and some quarters had been evacuated. Cold and hunger were distressing the city like Kublai Khan`s hordes, and now there was that terrible barrage with chemical bombs. Soon, it would end. Frank was sure.

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