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   Chapter 31 No.31

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5777

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?If the GCF will use as many chemical bombs as in the case of Wakkanai, Sapporo will finally become an enormous mass grave", added Frank. Alf just swallowed and turned his head to the side.

It still became colder and darker. Frank looked at his watch: 22, 30 o'clock. Suddenly the radio crackled and general Takeuchi gave new orders to all units. The rest of the "Nihon no Yari" unit should start their counterattack at 4.00 o'clock in the morning, together with their Japanese comrades. They had to assault the GCF emplacements near the Maruyamapark.

The two volunteers from Ivas and ten further soldiers huddled in the dirty living room of a bombed out house. There had been a little dispute concerning the question, who had the privilege to sleep on a dusty sofa.

Finally, a volunteer from Iran, Nirwan, could succeed and fell immediately asleep. One of the other men made a campfire on the ground of the room which had a collapsed sidewall. It was a strange sight. They lived like rats here. Even Frank and Alfred snoozed for a while, in the cold darkness of the night.

At 3.30 o'clock, the Iranian woke them up and they talked for a short moment. This soldier looked like the picture of an old Persian warrior: He had a brownish beard, bright green eyes and was amazingly tall. Nirwan hated the World Government from the bottom of his heart, because his parents and the rest of his family had died, when the GCF had attacked the rebellious Iranian state with nuclear bombs. It had been in 2019. At that time, Teheran had been devastated by three atom bombs. Nirwan had never been able to forget this horror.

?We must regroup with the other squads at Toroshi Street!", he explained and Frank and Alfred followed him.

Tired, hungry and freezing, they recognized about 200 comrades who had gathered between the ruins. Some fixed their bayonets, others loaded their weapons or counted their hand grenades. Many of the young men seemed to be scared of the coming fight. It was dark, cold and an icy rain came down from the sky. All lights had been switched off and the soldiers were just silent. At 4.00 o'clock, the unit started moving, slowly, some new orders were whispered, while the soldiers looked around.

"Welcome to Japan!", said B?umer cynically and stared nervously in Frank`s direction.

The soldiers crept through the dark streets and walked loudlessly towards the Maruyamapark - its trees and bushes looked like dead spiders.

Soon they had reached the area which was occupied by the GCF troops and still more Japanese soldiers came out of the dark streets around them. It was silent for a short moment, nothing could be heard. Nothing but the pattering of the rain drops on the roofs of the houses.

From a distance, Frank could see some sandbags and the helmets of GCF soldiers behind them. Finally, general Takeuchi`s voice came over the radio a

gain, just ending the sinister stillness. It was 4, 00 o'clock: Attack!

?Banzai!", yelled the Japanese, rushing out of the darkness, wildly firing and screaming. For a short moment the GCF soldiers were surprised, but then they returned fire.

The first Japanese were mowed down by machine-guns. Frank and Alfred charged forward, trying to find cover between the wreckage that was covering the street. Then they shot at the GCF soldiers too.

Soon the enemies were close. They screamed and pointed their weapons at the Japanese and the volunteers. B?umer shot one of them down, while Frank came from the side to stab another with his bayonet. Meanwhile, the other volunteers killed the GCF soldiers behind the sandbags.

"Go in there! Hurry up!", hissed Alf and some men followed him into a drab apartment block. Here they discovered a few GCF soldiers who were still drowsy. Some tried to get out of their camp beds, when a hand grenade rolled into the room and detonated immediately. Cries resounded, stabbing and shooting - then the house was finally taken.

From here, they had a good strategic position to open the fire on the next group of GCF soldiers, that ran across the street in front of the house. Now Frank crept to the other men and took his assault rifle. Down on the street, their comrades ran over the asphalt and came upon some enemies at the next corner. Both groups nearly collided and the men slaughtered each other without hesitation. Frank beheld a Japanese soldier who slayed an enemy with his samurai sword. He raged like a berserk in his fearsome frenzy.

"Okay, the street is ours!", shouted Kohlhaas and raised his gun. ?On the street! Follow us! Go! Go! Go!"

The remaining men ran down the stairs and tried to reach their comrades. Frank took the weapon of a dying GCF soldier and fired at some black shadows in a dark side street. Then he continued to rush forward.

Soon, the killing was out of control and the soldiers could not make out friend or foe. They just fired at every man in front of them without thinking. They finally came to a house, that was brightly illuminated, but the enemies immediately switched off the light, when they saw the Japanese. Then they opened fire on the attackers. Frank dragged Alf to the ground.

?Give me covering fire! Shoot at the windows!", shouted Kohlhaas and crept towards the house under the veil of darkness.

The other men still shot at the windows and pieces of finery and concrete rained down on the wet asphalt. Kohlhaas was already close to the entrance now and suddely threw a hand grenade through one of the broken windows. A deafening explosion let the house quake and smoke clouds poured out of the upper floor. Then the soldiers jumped into the entrance with a loud roar. The first attackers were hit by a terrible burst of gunfire, but the rest still tried to storm the house.

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