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   Chapter 30 No.30

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5908

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Dozens of heavy tanks moved over the line of sight on the horizon and started to fire. Behind the terrifying vehicles a swarm of GCF soldiers was spreading, using the tanks as cover. Their number appeared enormous.

?You, come on!", roared a Japanese officer and waved Frank and Alf nearer. They scurried into a bombed out house and ran over some concrete stairs to the upper floor. A group of volunteers from Canada and a few Japanese soldiers already huddled there.

Terrible noise came from outside, gunfire, screams and detonations. An incredible din. The Japanese artillery answered and let a hail of shells go down on the tanks and the infantery of the GCF.

Some of the steely beasts exploded, but most of them still rolled unwaveringly forward, spitting their projectiles on the Japanese lines. After half an hour, the enemy infantry attacked with loud yelling and drove the Japanese units out of their emplacements.

General Takeuchi had relocated the front line some hundred meters backwards, that his soldiers could entrench themselves better in the house ruins.

?They will soon be here!", shouted B?umer and fired from a window. Meanwhile, the first frontline was already overrun by the enemy. Many Japanese fled or were just shot down in their trenches. Frank turned around and crept under the window. Beside him was a young Japanese who began to quail, when he recognized the GCF tanks, breaking through mountains of rubble and coming nearer.

?Give me your bazooka!", screamed Kohlhaas and tore the panzerfaust out of the boy`s hand.

A tank cannon hit the already half destroyed roof of the house and ripped it off. Frank looked out the window and targeted one of the enemy tanks, a next hit could completely destroy the house and no one of the men inside would survive this.

Frank shot at the tank and the missile bored itself through the side of the vehicle. Instantly, the tank turned its gun barrel towards the ruin, from where the shot had come, but then it exploded with a loud bang.

?Die, bastard!", hissed Frank quietly and crawled back over the dusty ground.

?We must get out here! The next tanks are already coming!", shouted B?umer and stared at his comrades. ?Come on! We must get out or we will die!"

The men ran down the stairs and hid behind a concrete wall in a side street. Beside them, some houses already blew up and they heard loud screams. More and more enemies appeared and now even the Skydragons came from the sky.

?Brrrrrttt!" This terrible sound made the men`s blood run cold, because it was the sound of a gatling autocannon. Dozens of military helicopters opened fire on the fleeing Japanese soldiers, and one of the Skydragons tried to target Frank and the others. It shot and his salvo hit the concrete wall, while the horrified soldiers hit the dirt. Then they tried to run to another house.

Above their heads, the Skydragon flew away, turned around and the next volley of g

unfire came from the sky. Two young Japanese were perforated by bullets and broke down. Finally, the Skydragon pointed its terrible weapons at another target.

"Hurry up! In there!", roared B?umer and jumped into the house ruin. The rest followed him, while more and more tanks could be heard in the proximity.

Frank still carried the bazooka and destroyed another tank with a well-aimed shot. The others fired at a group of enemy soldiers and killed three of them. Then they tried to find a safer place. In the chaos of the battle, Frank had already lost his overview. Meanwhile, his only thought was to survive.

Shortly afterwards, they got the message that the Japanese had given up their emplacements and were on the way to the city center. Now the enemy was already close to the Maruyamapark. Even the camp had totally been destroyed. This day ended with a defeat.

The defenders had fought bravely, but the sheer force of numbers of the GCF soldiers had decided the fight for the benefit of the attackers. Nevertheless, the casualties of the enemy were very high again. However, 46 GCF tanks had been destroyed and thousands of soldiers had fallen.

The strength of the "Nihon no Yari" was now at 477 men, what meant that over 500 soldiers were already dead or were lying in one of the military hospitals, somewhere in the city. Even at other places, the GCF had won ground. General Takeuchi still mused about the new situation and finally ordered a counterattack – tonight! In his eyes, it was important that the GCF could not use the conquered places as bridgeheads for further attacks on the inner city.

B?umer smoked one of his cheap cigarettes which he had won in a poker game.

?Counterattack? Tonight?", he groaned.

?Yes, as officer Kan has already explained it. It`s an direct order from the general...", said Frank and held his growling stomach.

?Counterattack! Deep in the night! Shit! Starving and fighting, that`s all they can give us!", grumbled Alf.

?In one hour, we will get emergency provisions, if I have correctly understood that message", answered Kohlhaas. ?I could just eat up the Japanese islands..."

Meanwhile, Alfred made a mental trip to a luxury restaurant, where he solemnly swore to devour everything he could get.

"The meal rations have become smaller in the last days", remarked Frank and his growling stomach seemed to agree. His friend nodded and leaned against a concrete wall.

?It looks terrible in the city center. Everywhere, corpses of civilians, en masse, they already rot. The Japanese burn them as huge piles to prevent epedemics", said B?umer quietly.

?I know, I have seen it too!", answered Frank. ?We can`t hold the line forever. Soon the big hunger will come over us all, over soldiers and civilians. The leaders of the Japanese army don`t say it openly, but meanwhile we are low on everything", whispered Alf quietly and closed his eyes, in order to make a nap.

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