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   Chapter 29 No.29

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So far, we could keep the schedule for the most part, and if Sapporo can`t be taken by Mr. Schwarzer, we will still overrun the Japanese defense in the south – in the long term. We have enough "human resources" for this war, don`t forget that!"

"What is with our great casualties, Mr. Williams?", McBruce pumped Williams.

?Mr. McBruce...", replied the general annoyedly. ?Our human resources are still big enough! Believe me!"

Shortly afterwards, the critical officer raised his hand again, but general Williams just ignored him. Finally, the meeting continued with some strategic explanations.

At the same time, the presidential palace in Tokyo was abuzz with excitement. Haruto Matsumoto had already a screaming tantrum behind himself, after one of his advisors had revealed him the military situation in the southern part of Honshu. Once again, his foreign minister, Akira Mori, had to help his best friend to calm down. He showed him some facts which the very emotional man had probably ignored.

?I don`t want to blandish the situation, Haruto. Because our situation isn`t good at all, and I still know that. Nevertheless, Kyushu and Shikoku are not representative for the rest of Japan. Our defense in Sapporo is still strong, furthermore, even in Kobe and Osaka. And these cities will still be in our hands for the next weeks – or even months!", explained Mori and gave the president a glass of water.

Matsumoto breathed deeply and emptied the water glass with a single sip. Then he walked nervously through the room: "Even if it doesn`t look catastrophic in the north so far, we must do something in the south. A counteroffensive! Otherwise, the GCF will win this war, even if we can persevere in some places!"

"The high command works day and night on a plan to retake the southern regions. But we need more soldiers – and more tanks and more artillery. We will be able to strike back in the next weeks, but I can`t tell you...", returned Mori.

?The counteroffensive will come? But when, Akria? I hear that since weeks!", screamed the president, while some of his advisors winced. But Mori remained rational.

Actually, Matsumoto was an emotional, but otherwise balanced and buoyant man. However, the months-long hate campaign against him, and finally this war, had made him to an exhausted and depressive person.

Meanwhile, folds had crept over his face and sleep disturbances seriously attacked his health. The foreign minister brought a second glass of water and answered in his usual, rational manner: ?I would say, that about two months will be necessary until we have the military strenght for a counte


"Two months, Akira?"

?Yes! At the minimum…"

?Two damn months?"

?And there is still something, I have already talked about with general Uesugi."

?What else, Akira?"

?That counteroffensive would be much more effective if the southern GCF army would fall into confusion..."

?What do you mean by that?"

?We should just try it. Let`s talk about this tomorrow, in confidence!"

"To hell with that nonsense! But if you mean...", growled the president.

Haruto Matsumoto emptied his glass with a single sip again, and finally left the room. He went to his bedroom, drew the curtains and sat down in a dark corner.

?I should have become a little employee, like my father. Yes, this would have been the right way. "The policy", she is nothing but the scummiest whore of all whores...", he said quietly to himself.

Some days had passed, and rain and cold weather slowly come over Sapporo. Yesterday, some GCF units had broken through the defense ring in the northeast of the city, and the Japanese had been driven back to the area in front of the university of Hokkaido. However, general Takeuchi`s soldiers had retaken the lost streets in a night attack, and the house-to-house fighting had lasted till daybreak.

At end of the month, the GCF made another great attack with over 400000 men. Frank and Alfred had entrenched themselves, together with other soldiers of the "Nihon no Yari" unit, in a destroyed house and had repulsed several attack waves of the enemy.

Four Japanese who had defended the emplacement with them, had been killed during the fight. Alf got a graze wound on the arm and had to be doctored, but it was, however, fortunately only a harmless laceration.

Now the constant attacks slowly increased. In the morning hours, the south of Sapporo had been attacked by GCF bombers and many houses were still burning. The two soldiers from Ivas had helped to bring civilians into the bunkers or metro tunnels. And they had seen terrible scenes. Women, who still held their children in their arms, lying charred and mutilated in the ruins of their houses. It had been another morning of terror, and many more should follow. On 26.10.2031, around noon, the sun tried to send a few rays through the gray cloud cover above the city, but only a few reached the humans down on earth. Somewhere, the enemy cannons thundered again, in order to lay the Japanese metropolis piece by piece in ashes.

Suddenly, the alarm sirens started to howl because the enemy artillery began to shoot at the northwest city. All soldiers immediately ran under cover, while another great assault followed.

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