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   Chapter 28 No.28

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?Yes, for sure! We have already talked about that topic with Wilden, for a million times!"

Frank sat down on an old can and let his fingers crack. "I`m just tired, man. This damn barrage. Boom! Boom! Boom! All day long. I think, I will lose my mind if it goes on in this manner. Do you really believe that we have a chance?"

?My nerves are raw too, Frank. But this is the usual tactic of the GCF. Don`t panic!"

?It is just a illusion to win this war, isn`t it?", asked Frank and appeared hopelessly.

?Do we have a chance? You ask, if we can really win? What chance did we have in Paris? What do you think, my friend? Did you really believe that the world system would collapse, only because of the fact that we have killed Wechsler?

Kohlhaas said nothing and stared sadly at the sky. Then he just walked away.

At the end of the camp was a telephone, and Frank thought about calling Julia, but in front of the phone was already a crowd of other soldiers.

The young man muttered a curse and went back to Alf. The friend clapped on Frank`s shoulder and said: "I prefer to stand here with you and all the others, to fight for our freedom. It is so much better than hanging around in that cage called "Central Europe", living a worthless life. Yes, I prefer to die here as a free man. This is far greater, than just vegetating as a slave with a citizen number."

"Maybe you are right, Alf!", answered Frank and sat down. "Have you heard something from the southern front?"

"Don`t ask, what I`ve heard is not very inspiring. Hofu and Yamaguchi, at the coast of Honshu, have totally been destroyed. And the GCF still marches on, towards Tokyo."

"Shit!", hummed Kohlhaas. "What may the others from Ivas do at the moment? Are they still alive?"

"Let`s call Wilden this evening", decided Alf and slapped on Frank`s shoulder again.

Shortly afterwards, they heared that Thomas Baastfeldt had already been killed in Kagoshima a few weeks ago. But Sven and the others seemed to be still alive. After the village boss had talked about his own "theorectical strategy" to win this war, unnerving Frank again, the young man asked for his daughter.

Julia was overly pleased, when she heard that they were well. Her voice sounded like the chant of a wonderful angel in Frank`s ears, and even drowned the terrible roar of the bomb impacts in Sapporo`s city center for some minutes. Kohlhaas felt inspired again and ended the conversation with the words: ?I think of you, Julia! Every single day!"

This was quite a unusual revealing of feelings for a man like him and Frank felt happy for the rest of the day. He was more than proud on himself, that he had finally dared to say these

words to Wilden`s daughter.

On the next day, GCF units tried to penetrate the northwest of Sapporo again. This time they came around midday. But the attack was half-hearted and probably just another test of the Japanese defense.

After one hour, the enemies backtracked with great losses of men and several tanks. The food supply of the defenders was still intact, but it would be only a question of the time until the supplies would be exhausted. Nevertheless, the moral of the Japanese and their allies was still high.

While the ruthless bombardment of the metropolis continued, gradually devastating the former beautiful city, the Japanese war propaganda still knew only one watchword: ?Holding out! Fight to the last man!"

The first period of the monsoon season had begun, on the jungle-covered islands of Okinawa, and it was raining all day long without ceasing. General David Williams stood in front of a big map of Japan and looked at the other officers in the conference room. Then he pointed at the map and said: ?I hope, that my colleague, Mr. Schwarzer, can soon accelerate his advance in the north. So far, the World President is still content with our military successes, but he just expects faster victories. We won`t disappoint him and have to reach the south of Honshu in time!", explained the tall man with the gray temples.

"The Japanese have heavily fortified Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka with many units. What would happen if we find there a similar situation as in the case of Sapporo?", asked one of the officers.

A murmur went through the room and general Williams seemed to be annoyed, because of this question.

?Nonsens! The situation can`t be compared with Sapporo. However, the morale and confidence of the Japanese still rises with every day, on which Sapporo withstands us.

Matsumoto`s war propaganda is better and more successful than we have imagined. We probably underestimated his talents in this context. Anyway, this will not save our enemies. Kobe will soon be bombarded as the first metropolis on the Japanese central island, and the industrial plants will be the most important targets for our bombers!"

Michael McBruce, a veteran officer of the GCF, raised his hand and Williams nodded. ?What is about the rumors that the Japanese war will probably exceed the costs, that have originally been budgeted by the World Government?"

General Williams harrumphed and some of the other officers stared at the asker. Actually, such questions should not be posed in this conference.

?Well, what do you want to hear? Am I the minister of finance? If no unexpected delays appear, or even military setbacks, then there is no reason to worry about such things.

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